Media & Brand Assets

We're glad that you're excited to talk about Corilla. The assets below are designed to help you quickly and easily use our marks and language in your work.

Technical writing and content strategy are the passions that drive Corilla.

We believe that the current documentation process behind technical writing is difficult to maintain at scale. Especially in large software teams that businesses today require.

Our solution focusses on version control, team collaboration and the mobile experience. These are the three main friction points enterprise suffer from, on a daily basis.

By addressing these at the core of our product, we can not only provide a structured authoring experience for technical writers, but it can also be used for entire content team, anywhere on any device.

Our Colors

The core Corilla palette covers four main colors. Brand Yellow and Dark Blue are easily our most used, with smaller accents in Yellow Accent and Bright Pink being used on rare occasions only.

  • Brand Yellow
  • Yellow Accent
  • Dark Blue
  • Bright Pink

Product Screenshots

We have a range of product screenshots to use at your convenience. This pack is regularly updated as our product grows over time.

Contact Corilla

If you have any media related questions don't hesitate in reaching out to us. We'll be happy to talk in more detail about our product and our goals for the future.