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Admob Test Ads Not Showing

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After integrating Admap into Firefox browser, it tops Google Ads. But I haven’t seen any real ads yet. I’m baffled because I missed getting the app to play real ads on my iPhone.

Admob Test Ads Not Showing

If I remove the line to set up the test device and use the test ad unit ID I have on the Google website, will it work?

Solved) Mobileadvert Not Showing The Admob Test Ads

To receive real ads from Google, you must register and create an account on the Google site. You need to register your app in the dashboard and create spaces for interstitial ads, banners or whatever you want. Once you do that, you will get the ad unit IDs of real traffic and real income. From there you can monitor the income for each site on your Google Dashboard.

Applications – Your application – Application settings Your application is connected to the App Store. You forgot to contact me and that’s the problem for me.

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