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Apple Music Not Showing Up On Iphone

Apple Music Not Showing Up On Iphone – Missing your Apple Music collection? Read on to check your iCloud Music settings and restore your Apple Music collection.

Apple Music is a great streaming service that allows users to save and upload music and videos to their personal collection. However, if you’ve signed out of your iTunes/App Store account or set up a new device, iCloud Music Library isn’t turned on by default.

Apple Music Not Showing Up On Iphone

Follow the instructions below to find out how to restore Apple Music Library on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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Starting a run but can’t get your mind around it? Or trying to pump up the jams at a house party to silence Apple Music?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Apple Music is a well-made app, but there are rare bugs where the app just won’t play music.

There are a few simple fixes you can use to restore Apple Music. Follow these steps to repair Apple Music on iPhone or iPad.

First, make sure you have a good connection. Ideally, you want to connect to a strong Wi-Fi signal, but a stable mobile data connection will also work.

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Check your Internet connection through another program. For example, if Safari pages load quickly, your Internet connection is fine.

If your iPhone or iPad can’t connect to an internet signal, try putting your phone in airplane mode and disconnecting. If that doesn’t help, restart your device. If even that doesn’t work, you should reset your device’s network settings.

On your iPhone or iPad, open the Settings app and tap General, then tap Reset at the bottom of the next page. Now tap on Reset Network Settings and enter your password.

Try force closing and reopening the Apple Music app. This refreshes the app and forces it to reload all temporary data, which can fix common errors.

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To do this on an iPhone or iPad without a home button, slowly swipe up from the bottom of the screen until you see a list of all recently opened apps. With the Home button on an iPhone or iPad, you simply double-click the button. When you get to this screen, swipe up on an app you want to force close, such as Apple Music.

If only one or two songs won’t play, try deleting the song and downloading it again.

To delete an Apple Music song, open the app, tap Songs, find the song that isn’t playing, then tap and hold it. When the menu appears, click Remove from Library.

If all else fails, the last step is to sign out of your Apple ID before contacting Apple for help.

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Open the Settings app and tap your name or photo at the top of the menu. On the next page, scroll down and click Sign Out and enter your Apple ID password to confirm.

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