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Best B2b Lead Generation Strategies


Best B2b Lead Generation Strategies – Building and growing a sustainable lead pipeline is what keeps the best B2B marketers and business owners up at night (our team included). Leaders are the life force, engine and fuel that drives the health of your business Without leads, there are no sales, no profits, or no business growth

Every “marketing expert” has an opinion on how B2B should work While some ideas look good (looking at you, Neil Patel), most are expensive or require completely specialized staff.

Best B2b Lead Generation Strategies

The good news: I’m here to tell you that growing B2B leads isn’t as difficult or expensive as you think—if you choose the right strategy.

Best B2b Lead Generation Ideas To Boost Your Marketing In 2020

Three years ago, Blue Corona launched a review of our lead generation strategy We dedicate most of our money to our customer service, so we have a marketing budget and (about) three people dedicated solely to our marketing efforts.

This article will show you exactly how we did it and how you can use the same strategy to skyrocket your leads. Finally the question? We contact form

Picture this: You’re traveling on a budget You have two options – choose a solar electric car that works independently or a diesel car that needs to be powered. Gas every two hours

Inbound marketing is like a solar powered electric car You can get big returns with a small budget Outbound marketing is like a diesel engine – you have to give a lot to get a little

What Are The Most Effective Lead Generation Strategies?

Ultimately, inbound marketing is driving content people want to see, read and act on Outbound marketing advertises a product or service to consumers with an advertising restriction

To generate B2B leads, the first thing we do is identify our target audience’s buyer personas and map their customer journey. This is an important step that cannot be skipped for three reasons:

There are many knowledgeable stakeholders in the modern B2B buyer journey A typical buying team consists of 6-10 members, each doing their own research Instead of following a predictable, linear path, 90% of them take turns through the sales funnel and go back and repeat at least one or more steps.

Most people go 57% of the funnel before speaking to a sales representative, so you need to make sure you’re their best option before they call you.

Best B2b Lead Generation Strategies: That Actually Works In 2022 (not Long List Of Useless Strategies)

When I ask B2B marketers this question, 9 times out of 10 they focus on industry, company name, job title. Great – but that’s not your target audience Industry, job title, or professional role won’t tell you how they behave, what motivates them to buy, and how they respond to content marketing.

You need to capture your buyer personas so that everyone involved in your marketing campaign is clear about who they are targeting.

Here’s how you can do it To ensure your marketing strategy connects with all decision makers, create customer avatars for each decision maker within your target audience. Then the document:

Once you do this, you can dig into their specific needs and provide them with valuable tools Preview and download buyer persona templates for your business on HubSpot (registration required).

The Most Effective B2b Lead Generation Strategies

We looked at our website from the customer’s perspective and chose where our website could create friction in the customer experience. This includes upgrading our site’s technical capabilities, focusing on mobile site speed, securing our site, integrating instant messaging, and adding calls to action that resonate with our audience.

What is SEO? Search engine optimization is the process of modifying your website’s code and content to rank higher on search engines like Google for specific keywords and phrases. This is how SEO works: Google and other search engines collect all web pages, classify them, and index them in the largest library in the universe. When you find something, you ask the library Google then decodes your search terms and adds them to useful web pages for you However, the search engine – our hypothetical library – speaks a different language than we do – HTML Therefore, they need more help to identify the content of web pages so that they can be indexed properly. SEO is like adding crawler-friendly headlines

Over the past three years, 73% of our leads have come from SEO efforts alone, and it costs us nothing to continue.

After cleaning up our website and taking care of technical SEO, our first mission is to reach the first page of Google for all of our top converting target keywords – 19.3% of clicks to the first Google listing and over 90.% of clicks. will appear on the first page

Best B2b Lead Generation Strategies In 2020

To do this, we have created and improved all of our service pages by checking Google ranking factors:

We then use our content marketing efforts to create high-quality, in-depth pieces that meet our buyers’ needs (more on that below).

The best thing about SEO is that once you get the ball rolling, you’ll see an increase in leads

Here’s the secret (OK, it’s not a secret. It’s a well-known fact in the marketing and SEO world): Update and optimize all your content for consistent SEO results.

Everything You Need To Know About B2b Lead Generation

We split our time between updating/optimizing old content and creating new content, and then we wait. SEO typically takes 4-12 months to show results, and in the image above you can see the actual results of our efforts in the fourth quarter of the year – nine months after we officially launched.

Nothing can be optimized just once, and I’m talking about constant re-optimization. We try to update our best content at least once a year, sometimes more See how we did it:

I mentioned above that content marketing is our next priority after cleaning up our technical SEO We create quality content that our target audience wants to see, read and watch A big part of that effort is updating our blog

I’ll admit it – before the first year of our new strategy, the blog was one of our low-quality resources Three years later, we’ve turned our blog from a bad lead generator to a great one See – 60% of our SEO leads came from blogs in the last three years:

Lead Generation Process: The Simplest Flowchart For The Most Effective Results

First, we identified six actions or tasks that all B2B customers must complete during any B2B buying process. We then publish high-quality, SEO-optimized content that addresses and facilitates each step:

B2B companies need to create “buyer engagement” content – content that makes the complex buying process easier To create this type of content, marketing managers must:

Currently, about 20% of the information on B2B websites shows the nature of openings for buyers – which means you have a great opportunity to get ahead of the competition.

In addition, it must meet Google’s quality page standards as set out in the Google Webmaster Quality Guidelines.

B2b Lead Generation Strategies And Tools For 2021

Side Note: Social Media for B2B Lead Generation Although not our main strategy, you can use social media to generate B2B leads. In particular, you can use LinkedIn LinkedIn is our most active social media channel and the channel you should be most active on Here’s why: 80% of LinkedIn members make business decisions, and LinkedIn audiences have twice the buying power of the average online audience. 91% of executives say LinkedIn is their first choice for relevant content 80% of Social Media B2B Leads Come from LinkedIn 59% of B2B marketers say LinkedIn generates leads for their business. Step 5: Track everything and pivot your lead strategy if needed

In the SEO section above, I showed you how our continuous optimization significantly increases web traffic (and therefore leads).

For example, we monitor every optimization made, and if traffic drops, we find the cause and fix it.

In general, there are two camps when it comes to B2B analytics and monitoring – business owners and managers who don’t fully utilize analytics, and those who are overwhelmed by data and confused by key performance indicators (KPIs).

The Truth About B2b Lead Gen: What Really Works

While metrics are useful for creating specific campaigns, there are few that can help you refine and refine your business strategy.

Conversion rates, page views, time on page, new visitors and search rankings are all indicators You should follow them, but don’t make business decisions based on them

Here’s the difference between a lead and MQL: Anyone who downloads a resource is considered a lead They filled out the download form on your website and now have your contact information Boom Lead

A qualified marketing lead is one that actually has a better chance of closing They fill out a contact form on your website or service page or call you directly and are appropriate for your business

The Ultimate Guide To Best B2b Lead Generation Strategies |

You can get thousands of people to download the source We do Do all these companies need our services? No – and we’re fine with that Our goal is to deliver value and demonstrate holistic leadership

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