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Best Email Marketing Service For Small Business

Best Email Marketing Service For Small Business – With more than 376 billion emails expected to be sent per day by 2025, it’s clear that email marketing software will only become more essential over time. In fact, it’s an investment that every operation should already have in its arsenal.

We are here to help you find the best option for your business. In this article, we’ve listed the best email marketing services to consider in 2021, including:

Best Email Marketing Service For Small Business

If you’re looking for software that will give you comprehensive guidance, ActiveCampaign may be your best bet, as the vendor regularly emphasizes its unique commitment to customer success. By joining any plan, you get access to free hands-on training, community forums, support, registration, advice and more. Combine that with an enjoyable experience and you have a recipe for success.

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ActiveCampaign’s cheapest plan starts at $9 per month for 500 contacts (12-month contract), with various upgrades available if your business ever takes off and needs more marketing power.

As one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use email marketing software, SendinBlue is an attractive choice for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Once you’re done with the lengthy setup process, you’ll enjoy lightning-fast campaign creation features including drag-and-drop editing, custom HTML code, customization tools, and more. Whatever your goals, SendinBlue’s comprehensive approach is guaranteed to help you achieve them.

Try Sendinblue’s free plan for a short time or use the simplified plan for $25 per month and send 10,000 emails. If you need more marketing power, the premium package offers 20,000 emails for $65 per month.

GetResponse offers the easiest and most user-friendly campaign setup on our list, allowing you to start sending emails without any hassle. Quickly add the contacts you need using the toolbar, choose from pre-formatted templates (or create your own), and choose from thousands of free photos to bring your emails to life.

Best Crms With Email Marketing Automation

GetResponse starts at $10.50 per month (24-month contract) for a basic email list of 1,000 contacts. You can also opt for the Plus plan for $34.30 per month to sell products with your campaigns, build sales funnels, and more.

Offering another easy campaign creation process, Constant Contact takes a bit more getting used to than our previous efforts. However, it is a powerful email marketing software that packs tons of features including automation capabilities, drag-and-drop tools, and more to get you started.

Constant Contact offers two plans: Email for $20 per month or Email Plus for $45 per month, pricing depends on the number of contacts. You can check out its impressive 60-day free trial before committing – the longest of any provider on our list!

Another best email marketing service for beginners, ConvertKit has a very simple user experience that is limited.

Free Email Marketing Tools To Save Time And Money

Some simple tools like drag-and-drop editing are devalued for uncluttered presentation, which can be a drawback for some.

However, if you need the basics, ConvertKit is a great option starting at $25/month (12 month contract) for 1,000 contacts.

Another great option for beginners: Mailchimp’s user experience flows naturally and doesn’t intimidate users new to email marketing software. The platform probably has the best campaign builder of any program, as it guides users through the process and makes sure they don’t get stuck halfway through. Also, its intuitive built-in image editor ensures that you can display your emails without a headache.

Mailchimp has a free plan if you just want to get your toes wet, but its Essential plan is an impressive offering, offering 500 contacts for just $9.99 per month.

Mailchimp Vs. Convertkit Vs. Flodesk: Choosing The Best Email Marketing Service For Your Small Business — Cadence Copy Studio

With a unique design that stands out from the crowd, Drip offers an edgy approach to email marketing that may require some training for those coming off older programs. However, once you get over these differences, you’ll discover a great user experience like no other.

Drip also stands out in terms of pricing as it does not offer separate plans. Instead, you’ll be charged based on the number of contacts you want to add to your campaign.

While this is another solid choice, AWeber’s design isn’t as exciting as newer options like Drip. Overall, the user experience may feel more refreshed, but AWeber does more than make up for the dated look with the best customer support of any email marketing service. The provider has consistently won awards for exceptional customer service since its launch, thanks primarily to excellent 24/7 support via chat or phone.

You can start using AWeber for free (up to 500 contacts) or use its Pro plan for $16.50 per month to take your campaigns to new heights.

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Whether you have a small business or just need to cut costs, MailerLite is an attractive choice for anyone looking for affordable email marketing software. Fortunately, you won’t lose a great user experience because MailerLite has a simple interface that won’t confuse newbies. However, you can expect some campaign editing features to be limited.

Use MailerLite’s free plan to send 12,000 emails per month, or upgrade to the $7 per month plan (12-month contract) to send unlimited emails to 1,000 contacts.

Although it doesn’t have the best user experience compared to platforms like SendinBlue, Clavio’s simple approach to creating a campaign is enough to make it a worthy choice. You can expect to get some of the same features as other email marketing programs, including drag-and-drop tools, sign-up forms, one-click integration, and more. Overall, it’s a solid and reliable way to create emails that promote your business, but it doesn’t necessarily offer anything special.

On the other hand, Clavio is the easiest provider when it comes to price. You only pay for the number of contacts you want to email each month. On the other hand, the provider does not explicitly state that it has a money-back guarantee, so it may be worth checking with the company about its policy before committing.

Best Email Marketing Tools For Small Business

All the articles, reviews and courses on this site are based on real-life experiences that our team of experts have used to build many successful online businesses. Not only that, it is a powerful marketing tool where you can get return on investment. $42 for every $1 spent.

However, here are the best ones to find that are right for your business.

But before that, email marketing is definitely a cost-effective marketing strategy that can work wonders for small businesses.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, this tool has an average ROI of 4,300 percent in the United States.

Best Email Marketing Services For Marketers In 2021

In addition, email marketing becomes much easier, with much more control and allows you to establish a direct relationship with your target group.

Not only that, it has a free image library, built-in social, list segmentation, powerful e-commerce integration if you have a Shopify store and Facebook ads.

Each account also has customer support that includes phone calls, live chat, community support, and a large library that offers helpful resources.

With this, small business owners can quickly learn what email marketing is and its basics.

Top Benefits Of Email Marketing For Small Business (with Examples)

If you like the services, you can’t start with their lowest price, which is $20 per month.

Next comes the drip; It is a powerful business organization that offers services that can be easily adapted for bloggers, e-commerce and sales.

With this e-marketing software, you can get full integration with all popular website builders including WooCommerce and WordPress.

It includes smart marketing automation tools, split testing features, much smarter email segmentation, visual automation and list groups.

Best Email Marketing Services For Small Business Owners

In terms of support, Drip offers webinars, chat support, automation training, free tutorials, in-depth courses, and documentation.

There are several advantages to using drips; You can easily send mass emails when you can connect and interact with all your customers and use smart ecommerce marketing automation.

Although it is a bit expensive, it is worth it as it can offer all e-commerce sites and business owners an enhanced story to maximize their marketing efforts.

The software is easy to use and has great tools to help you create attractive and beautiful emails

Best Email Marketing Services For Small Business

Also, there’s an email editor that’s perfect for those with no email marketing experience.

You can find beginner-friendly automation tools that make transactional email, workflow creation, email tracking, and user segmentation easier.

You can also use the best time to send mass emails as they have an AI algorithm that ensures delivery of emails.

Here you will find a free email marketing plan that allows unlimited contacts. With this you can send more than 300 emails per day, but you need to do it for branding.

The Top Email Marketing Resources List For Online Course Creators

They’ve added an advanced master plan that adds advanced features like a CRM for sales, a chat landing page builder, and Facebook ad integration.

They are better suited for businesses with large mailing lists because they have an organizational tool and a scalable price range.

You also get some control over everything here as they offer a pre-filled template that can be a great source of inspiration.

In terms of ease of use, it wins

Best Email Newsletter Services For Small Business

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