Best Way To Promote Your Youtube Channel

Best Way To Promote Your Youtube Channel – You have uploaded your first YouTube video. You are eager to keep checking how many people have seen your content. Unfortunately, your video has few views. Does this mean you should stop uploading new, fresh content? Well… no. This means promoting yourself on YouTube. YouTube is a great, remarkable platform to promote your personal brand, products or services, as its visual content helps you engage your viewers instantly. It beats all other social media platforms in terms of engagement and bounce rate.

According to online research and reports, YouTube is first, followed by Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Reddit respectively. Adding to its quality, YouTube has over 2 billion viewers, 6 billion hours of videos are watched monthly, and 100 hours of videos are uploaded every minute. Rather than lose such a great opportunity, why not use it to your advantage?

Best Way To Promote Your Youtube Channel

The first and most important step to promoting yourself on YouTube is to create a strong personal profile. By creating a good and clean personal profile, you gain the trust of your visitors. To fill out your personal profile, go to the main YouTube page. You can click on the menu icon and then click on “My Channel”. Now click on “About”. You can edit/fill your personal profile.

How To Choose The Best Niche For Your Youtube Channel

Describing your YouTube channel is basically introducing yourself. You can tell your visitor about yourself, who you are, what you do and what people can expect from your channel. The main purpose of writing a strong YouTube channel description is to compel your audience to stay and watch your videos. However, descriptions should be short and sharp, not long and boring.

Your channel description will appear everywhere on YouTube. That’s why it’s very important to describe your channel. Two essential things to remember when writing descriptions are to use keywords and to tell users how often you will post. Use keywords that match your channel as well as SEO to drive more traffic. On the other hand, telling your audience how often you will post will create a bond between you and your visitors.

To keep the audience engaged with your brand, you should add some links to your “About Page” on YouTube. These links will help you get more exposure. Well, to keep your brand image clean and great, these link pages should be well organized and visually appealing.

No one likes a boring and lonely YouTube channel. To engage your audience and gather traffic to your channel, you need to bring your channel to life and make it look presentable. You can use YouTube’s channel art template and position it accordingly to make your channel look elegant. As your profile picture, you can use the brand logo (if you have one), colors or other standard brand features. You can also find these templates on the tool Canva, where you can later customize them to your liking. Tools like Tube Buddy can help you with a wide range of tools to make your job easier.

Youtube Video Promotion

Introduce yourself in the video so your viewers have a basic idea and understanding of you and your brand. To create a good quality intro video, you need to hold the camera steady and not hold it yourself. Using a decent background, reducing background noise and editing the video to make it look visually appealing will work. The video should be a few minutes long and not too long.

You should remember to publish videos regularly or at regular time intervals. If the videos are not published at regular intervals, the audience will get bored and stop visiting your channel. Audience will subscribe to your channel if you publish videos regularly. YouTube’s search results clearly show your publishing activity level.

Being active on your channel is directly related to the popularity of your brand. If you’re not active on YouTube, no one will know your brand exists. You can discuss videos to start a conversation and get active. Respond to your audience’s compliments, suggestions, criticism, etc. This will help you build a bond with your visitors. There is no need to post videos all the time to stay active; There are always other ways to engage, such as commenting and engaging with your audience through polls and votes.

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Proven Strategies To Promote Your Youtube Channel

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YouTube can be a very powerful medium to reach an online audience. However, this is only possible if you involve yourself in the process. YouTube can be your secret weapon of success! Have you ever tried to promote a YouTube video on social media and been disappointed with the results? In this article, I will help you find an effective way to drive traffic back to your videos.

Many marketers and bloggers maintain YouTube channels to reach audiences through video content. One of the primary goals of a YouTube channel is to increase the number of subscribers and views, and while it may seem like anything can be uploaded, there are some strategies you can use to increase your chances of success.

By the way, if you haven’t started your YouTube channel yet, and you’re still thinking about finding and choosing a YouTube channel, why wait, here are 60+ best YouTube channel ideas to become the next successful YouTube influencer to become. Or a Youtuber in 2021.

How To Promote Youtube Channel Free Of Cost

In this article, I will give you some tips on how to make your YouTube videos more memorable and 15+ ways to effectively promote your YouTube channel and videos.

Create videos relevant to your advocacy. Post it on Youtube and share it via social media. You can also reach out to influencers who are interested in your topic and ask if they will share your video with their followers.

A great way to increase traffic to your content is with videos that you post on other platforms like Youtube or Facebook.

Make the most important parts of your message understandable and engaging for viewers in the first 5-10 seconds of the video.

Ways To Promote Your Youtube Channel For More Views

4. Provide an accurate and catchy title and description in each of your videos: #4 of 15+ Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel

Your video description is a great place to promote your work. It should be detailed and accurate to the content of the video. Give viewers high-quality images to preview your video before they choose to watch it. Also include a call to action for your viewers that will guide them to where you want them to go after watching the video.

Thumbnails help viewers identify your video and give them a sense of what your video is about before they watch it. Thumbnails should be representative of the content you provide, but they should also be attractive to viewers.

6. Use call-to-action triggers in your videos to encourage people to subscribe, like, comment and share your videos: #6 of 15+ Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel

Effective Ways How To Promote Your Youtube Channel For Free

One of the best ways to promote your videos is to include calls to action in them. A call to action is a clear request to the viewer to do something, such as click on another video or visit your social media profile. You want to do this after they watch your video. You can encourage people to like, rate and comment on your videos by asking for feedback in the description box or explaining that you’re looking for their opinions. Always remember to share your video with others on social media networks by tagging friends and family!

Start by promoting your videos to people you know, including your real friends and family. Share links to your videos with existing clients or customers through email, Messenger, Telegram, Whatsapp and any other platform you use to communicate with people.

8. Embed your videos on your own website and blog: #8 of 15+ Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel

If you have a website or blog page, you can embed your video on your web pages. This will convert your website, blog traffic into views and eventually you will get subscribers on your web traffic.

Is It Possible To Promote A Youtube Channel Through Social Networks

9. List Your YouTube Channel and Videos with Major Search Engines: #9 of 15+ Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel

If you are trying to drive traffic to your videos, nothing is more effective than good SEO. The most important thing you can do with your videos is to list them with the major search engines.

10. Use Forums and Video Comments to Promote Your Videos: #10 of 15+ Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel


How To Promote Your Youtube Channel For More Views?