Can You Make Money On Youtube Shorts

Can You Make Money On Youtube Shorts – Are you a YouTube creator? Want to make money with YouTube Shorts? So you’re not the only one promoting short videos on YouTube.

Looking at the desire to create short videos, almost all social media platforms have tried to include the feature of creating short videos on their platforms. YouTube, the largest video sharing platform, is no exception. Facebook, Instagram and many other popular apps have added short videos for their platforms. In terms of short videos, TikTok was the first platform to introduce and grow short videos, so it remains the platform of choice for users. If you want to know the difference in earnings between YouTube and TikTok, read TikTok and TikTok. YouTube – Which is the best way to make money online?

Can You Make Money On Youtube Shorts

But no matter which platform developers use the most, one aspect of money is constant. How can they make money from short videos? This is the main goal of most content creators. In this article, we will talk about YouTube Shorts. With billions of people watching videos on YouTube regularly, there’s hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of YouTube Shorts. However, we will provide an in-depth knowledge on how to make money from YouTube Shorts. But before that, let’s understand briefly.

How This Creator Got 852k Views In 58 Seconds From Youtube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is a feature that allows users to create short videos of up to 15 seconds. Like other short video recording platforms, many filters, adding music, speed control and other features are provided from the perspective of YouTube creators. No other software or platform is required to create or watch Shorts videos. YouTube has provided a special button to watch Shorts in the app. YouTube has taken several steps to promote short videos on its mobile app.

The answer is of course you can. In fact, many YouTube creators are already doing great with Shorts. Now, because of short videos, audience interest and advertising trends have also changed. There are several ways to make money using shorts, but like any other method on the Internet, it can be difficult.

There is something special about YouTube. You can earn money instantly from your short videos. So, how to make money from YouTube Shorts?

His short videos are no different from regular YouTube videos. There are two different things about shorts videos: aspect ratio and duration. Your video should be shot vertically with an aspect ratio of 9:16 using either the front or rear smartphone camera. In addition to other platforms for creating short videos, YouTube allows you to directly monetize short videos with ads. But there are many myths associated with shorts. Below we explain everything in detail.

How To Actually Make Money From Your Youtube Shorts

Many people still question whether YouTube really monetizes short videos. But YouTube does this, but the ads appear differently than regular videos. If you look closely in the YouTube app, there is a YouTube Shortcut button where people can start liking short videos right away. People scroll down to see a new video. If this is how your videos are viewed, you will not earn money from your shorts. Just like normal videos appear as suggestions. So which shorts make money? If viewers visit your channels and watch Shorts videos, you can see the revenue they earn from them.

YouTube may be behind the curtain as there are many social platforms trying to carve out space in the short video market. YouTube sometimes announces that it will pay $100 million to its short video creators in the 2021-2022 season.

YouTube will reward top video creators with the most engagements on their videos and monthly payments. There is another interesting thing about this. Regardless of whether your channels are monetized or not, you meet all of the monetization criteria and can still monetize funding. There are only two conditions on the table.

First, your content should be original and second, your shorts should have the highest engagement on YouTube.

Make Money With Youtube Shorts In 5 Simple Steps [2022]

Most video shorts, whether found on Facebook, Instagram Reels, TikTok or YouTube shorts, all have one thing in common, they all have background music. There are options to add your favorite music to your short video. Here you need to pay attention to this point. If you’re using someone else’s sound in your video, your videos won’t make money.

As mentioned earlier, short videos are a new trend not only for viewers but also for businesses. With billions of views on YouTube every day, it is an important tool for marketers to promote their business. Not only now, but for a long time, influencers have had a significant impact on their fans. Now, if you have a large audience and people enjoy watching your videos, you have a good chance of getting a sponsor. This is a completely different way to make money, but it is an important way to make money from short YouTube videos. There are many ways to earn money on YouTube, and most of them are suitable for wearing shorts.

These are the earring options available on YouTube shorts. Creators are more likely to get better results when they stick to their niche instead of rushing to different topics. Your shorts only earn from video views, so it’s best to stay where you are. YouTube Shorts was a huge win not only for YouTube but also for creators. The feature has received more than 5 trillion views on the platform, and YouTube is fully invested in its future.

Shorts have become a rich source of additional views and engagement for many content creators. But there was some confusion about how to profit from them.

How To Make Money From Youtube Shorts?

There are many ways to monetize shorts, including doing deals with brands. But the two easiest ways are the YouTube Partner Program and YouTube’s own Short Film Library. First, let’s look at ad revenue.

If you’re part of the YouTube Partner Program and your channel is eligible for monetization, there are ways to monetize your Shorts content in addition to any bonus payments (more on that later). First of all, it’s important to note that there are two different types of YouTube videos.

If the video is created as a 15 second YouTube Short, you will not earn Adsense. However, regular YouTube videos can display ads, so long-form shorts (identified by the #Shorts hashtag) can earn ad share revenue.

As for in-stream video ads, YouTube confirms that they are unlikely to serve very short videos. Avoiding these types of ads will improve overall audience engagement and audience retention.

How To Make Money With Youtube Shorts?

But what if you don’t meet the criteria for making money yet? Or are you uploading using the Shorts camera, which is only limited to 15 seconds? YouTube offers another way to benefit financially!

In May 2021, the platform launched a $100 million fund for shorts creators. He promised to select thousands of qualified creators every month until at least 2022 to apply for payments from the fund. Although these creators are not part of YPP.

If the author meets the criteria set by YouTube and is selected to receive payment, the fund can earn between $100 and $10,000 per month. This is great news for those who rock very short content.

Many content creators have been publishing successful shorts for a short period of time and are in a great position to benefit from this monetization opportunity. YouTube has taken some steps to ensure creators are eligible.

Case Study] How You Can Earn Money Through Youtube Shorts?

Basically, eligibility for shorts bonuses is based on your channel’s shorts performance in the previous month. You will also need:

If you check all the boxes above, there’s just one more thing to do. And most importantly. YouTube will reward top performers based solely on viewership and engagement from the previous month.

Each month that all of an author’s YouTube Shorts are viewed (not just the month they are uploaded) counts toward short video performance. Fees will be adjusted based on the channel’s shorts and audience location.

The level of performance required to qualify for bonus payments may vary between authors (eg based on your location) and may change monthly.

Youtube Shorts Might Become The New Attraction For Budding Creators

So if you caught a virus on your hands last month, you might be in luck. If not, you can try again this month.

YouTube is very strict about who to invite – only creators who have contributed original content. Avoid posting content reposted from third-party social platforms (eg TikTok, etc.).