Disabled Payments Amp Ads Manager Facebook

Disabled Payments Amp Ads Manager Facebook – Want to advertise your business or organization on Facebook? Learn how to set up a Facebook ad account and start your first ad campaign.

Facebook is definitely the most popular social media platform today and one of the biggest advertising platforms.

Disabled Payments Amp Ads Manager Facebook

We’ve got a complete guide on everything you need to set up a Facebook advertising account, start your first ad campaign, and troubleshoot any problems you may encounter.

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But before we talk about advertising accounts, you need to set up a Facebook Business Manager account, and we’ll tell you why.

Facebook Business Manager is a free tool used to manage all Facebook business assets such as advertising accounts, business pages, Instagram accounts and metapixels.

If you have a team working on Facebook properties together, you can use your own Business Manager to manage everyone’s permissions.

There are two types of permissions that can be granted in Business Manager: manager access and employee access.

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Employees can only see settings for businesses and can be assigned to assets. However, admins can also add and remove employees and partners, change business settings, and add assets.

Additionally, if you hire an agency or media buyer to manage your Facebook ads, you can give them access to your Business Manager account so they have all the necessary permissions.

Read our article to learn more about the various features of Facebook Business Manager.

Now, to start an advertising campaign on Facebook, you need to connect your Facebook page to Business Manager.

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Now we’ve reached the part we want to do: create and set up a Facebook ad account!

Before starting your first Facebook campaign, you need to set up your ad account, including adding a payment method. However, you only need to do this once, unless you change or create a new account.

Learn how to do this and what else you can do to set up your ad account in the most convenient way.

Pro Tip: Add at least one secondary payment method! why? If your account has only one payment method and the payment fails because the credit card is blocked, expired, or reached the monthly limit, all campaigns will be automatically stopped until the balance is cleared. For example, if you are running multiple expensive campaigns like Black Friday / Cyber ​​​​​​Monday sales, or if you are promoting a big sale, this can be a big problem. In addition, this can damage the learning done in the campaign and hinder its performance even after restarting the campaign. However, if you have at least one valid secondary payment method in your account, Facebook will automatically initiate payment if your primary method fails. This will keep Facebook ads active.#2 How to Fix Payment Methods

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After setting up your payment method, you can edit your payment options and select your preferred method. The default method cannot be deleted. Therefore, you should set other payment options as default before removing the default method.

Facebook will charge your account balance when you reach your billing limit and at the end of each monthly billing period.

The billing threshold is usually set automatically at $25 initially. Then, if you keep spending and your payment is processed correctly, it will automatically increase to $50, then $250, $500 and finally $750.

Billing thresholds, of course, have no effect on Facebook ad campaigns. It only determines when you will be charged. The higher the threshold, the fewer invoices that need to be processed. You can also manage your billing threshold in Facebook Ads Manager.

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Facebook lets you prevent overspending by setting account spending limits. When this limit is reached, all ads will be automatically paused and no further charges will be made until the limit is increased or removed.

This is especially useful if you have an agency or media buyer managing your account and you’ve given them a limited budget. However, you should not set this limit too low or update it often.

Additionally, ads will pause for at least 15 minutes once the limit is reached. This can be especially detrimental if you are promoting a big sale or a time-sensitive offer.

To set account spending limits, go to “Payment Settings” and click “Set Account Spending Limits” (section under “Payment Methods”). Then enter the desired amount and click “Set Limit”.

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It’s important to understand Facebook’s limitations associated with advertising accounts, even if you don’t reach them at first.

However, if you have reached the limit, you can simply delete some old campaigns and start a new campaign again. Deleted assets are archived and you can archive up to 100,000 assets. If you have a large company and spend a lot on Facebook advertising, you can get an assigned Facebook account manager. In this case, the limit is higher.

As a Facebook advertiser, do you want to be notified of everything that happens on your account?

However, you don’t want to flood your email with Facebook notifications. We recommend that you adjust the email notification frequency of your Facebook Ads account to suit your needs.

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One last thing to discuss before launching your first campaign is adding people to your ad account and giving them the necessary permissions.

This is especially useful if you have other team members working on your ad account. This gives all team members the access they need to collaborate effectively.

Previously, Facebook defined three ad account roles: Admin, Advertiser, or Analyst. Analysts can only view ad account reports. Advertisers can also create and edit ads. Admins can manage Facebook ad account settings, payment methods and account spending limits, add people, and assign ad account roles.

It allows you to create Facebook advertising campaigns, manage bids, select target audiences, optimize campaigns, monitor performance, and A/B test campaigns. You can easily access Facebook Ads Manager from Business Manager using the left menu.

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Available goals are Brand Awareness, Reach, Traffic, Engagement, App Installs, Video Views, Audience Generation, Messaging, Conversions, Catalog Sales, and Store Traffic.

We can start with “Brand Awareness” or “Reach” because we don’t have data and metapixels on our website yet. However, we recommend that you select “Conversion” as your campaign goal after collecting enough data.

Next you need to choose a name for your campaign. Specifying a display name is very important for efficient reporting, especially if you plan to launch multiple campaigns in the future.

Campaign names can include target audience and location, creative type, open date range, and more. If you are advertising to a customer, you must also include the customer’s name.

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Having a clear way to name your campaign is important and can save you time and effort later.

It is best to define a daily budget first and run the campaign continuously, without an end date, so that you can manage it better.

You can also set your budget at the ad set level (ABO) if you prefer, instead of setting your budget at the campaign level and opt for Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO).

When it comes to bidding, we recommend starting with Automatic, which is the default option. This tells Facebook to spend its entire budget and find the offer with the lowest cost per conversion. It’s best to stick with automated bidding until you know your benchmarks for target costs.

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You can optimize your bids manually later, especially if you want to expand your account. By setting up cost controls using cost or bid caps, you can tell Facebook exactly how much you want to spend on each bid. This may lead to more conversions than automated bidding, but it may cost more.

The difference between cost and bid cap is flexibility. Cost capitalization sets flexible limits on your bid. This means that if your average bid stays within the cost cap, you may slightly exceed the cap set by Facebook to get more conversions. However, bid limits are stricter and Facebook cannot exceed all of them.

An efficient manual bidding strategy can produce better overall results than automated bidding, so you should try it only after you have collected enough data. A bid optimizer can help you set up the perfect bid test experiment and find the best bid for the best ad set.

How much does advertising cost? Now you can easily calculate the cost of your next campaign with our free Facebook advertising cost calculator! only

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