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Email Marketing For Ecommerce Website

Email Marketing For Ecommerce Website – Email marketing may be the most important digital marketing channel for e-commerce businesses. Email marketing is by far the best way for businesses without a physical storefront to connect with customers quickly and accurately.

If your email marketing program isn’t working, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of your revenue (even if you have a physical storefront).

Email Marketing For Ecommerce Website

This guide will show you exactly which emails to send and when to maximize your email ROI and ensure you get the most revenue from your email marketing.

Email Marketing: How To Strategically Communicate At Scale

The customer lifecycle simply explains how a customer interacts with a brand at each stage of the buying process. By understanding the customer lifecycle, you can track and predict purchasing behavior and send targeted emails that tell customers exactly what they need to hear to make a purchase.

. It tracks a customer’s progress from their first visit to your website, to their first purchase, to repeat purchase, and finally to becoming a loyal customer.

When email marketing works well, the customer lifecycle can be a true cycle, with customers returning to earlier stages of the cycle and making multiple purchases. You can do this with triggered emails that are automatically sent based on key customer buying behaviors.

A complete e-commerce lifecycle email marketing program consists of 8 activated emails and a series of emails. Each activated email reaches the customer when they are most likely to convert, increasing lifetime value and overall email marketing ROI.

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But before you can leverage your e-commerce lifecycle email marketing strategy, you need the right email sending infrastructure and behavior tracking mechanisms in place.

Even if your behavioral tracking is perfect and you’re sending great emails, your email marketing performance will suffer if your emails don’t make it to your inbox.

Therefore, implementing proper email authentication protocols and following delivery best practices are critical to the success of your email program. Spam filters don’t care if the CTA is perfect or if the email design is beautiful. If the email does not pass the delivery tests, it will be sent to the spam folder or blocked entirely.

You need all three for optimal email delivery, as different email servers may use different authentication methods. Some email servers use all three authentication protocols.

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An SPF record is simply a list of computers that are authorized to send email from the sending domain. The domain’s SPF record is published in the Domain Name System (DNS) registry.

When the email server receives email from your domain, it checks the SPF records to make sure the sending domain is listed. If the domain is included in the SPF record, the email server sends the email to the inbox. Otherwise, the email will be rejected.

SPF authentication detects malicious emails from fake email addresses. Implementing this authentication protocol helps secure email delivery and protects your email domain from being used by cybercriminals.

DKIM stands for DomainKeys Identified Mail. It is an authentication protocol that encrypts email and adds a DKIM signature to the email header so that email servers can authenticate and decrypt the email.

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Like the SPF record, the DKIM record appears in the DNS record. Email servers use the DKIM signature to locate the DKIM record and retrieve the decryption key.

Your DMARC record appears in the DNS record (similar to SPF and DKIM). The DMARC record then contains information about the email authentication infrastructure and authentication protocols that must be present.

That way, if you receive a malicious email that claims to be from you, the receiving email can check your DMARC information and see if you’re using SPF and DKIM authentication.

Then, even if the malicious email somehow passes one of the authentication tests (which is highly unlikely, but we’ll do it for demonstration purposes), but has no other authentication protocol, the email server can certainly reject it or send it to the spam folder. e-mail. .

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Thus, DMARC helps improve email security and delivery by allowing mail servers to communicate which email authentication protocols are configured for each email domain.

Before digging into the weeds of implementing email authentication, find out what protocols are missing. These protocols may already exist, depending on your email provider.

If one of the email authentication protocols is missing, contact your email provider, system administrator, or development team to configure all three protocols.

When you first receive an IP address to send email, the IP address does not have the reputation of the sender. The reputation of your IP address is like a credit score when you send email. A better reputation means that email servers trust your IP address and send good emails.

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But while an IP address has no delivery history or reputation, servers that receive email are wary of email coming from that IP address. If you start sending a lot of e-mail from a completely new IP address, the servers receiving the e-mail may mistake you for an e-mail sender.

Therefore, you need to gradually increase the number of messages you send in order to gain credibility with email providers and increase the reputation of the sender. The continuous increase in the number of emails sent per day is called IP warming.

Most email providers don’t even realize you’re sending emails until you send about 100 emails a day. So 100 emails a day is a good starting point. Then increase the daily amount of messages you send to about 15 days. On day 15 you should reach maximum loading speed.

IP warm-up schedule may vary depending on peak sending volume. But it’s important not to max out the number of emails you send on the first day of using your new IP address.

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In addition, email providers evaluate the quality of emails during the warm-up period. So send genuine, high-quality emails. Also, use emails with reliable open rates, such as transactional messages to be discussed later, to make your emails appear more authentic to email servers.

People often keep inactive subscribers on their email lists because shrinking lists seems counterproductive. However, correctly identifying and removing inactive subscribers can improve email marketing ROI and email deliverability. It works like this:

When you think about it, sending an email to a truly inactive subscriber is a waste of email. They don’t open, much less click or convert. Unsubscribing and unopened emails are not good for the sender’s reputation. So waiting for an inactive subscriber to unsubscribe on their own is not useful.

In the worst case scenario, an inactive subscriber might get frustrated that you’re still emailing them and mark their emails as spam. In short, proactively removing inactive subscribers from your list is best for delivery and ROI.

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It is impossible to read people’s minds. So the best way to identify and remove inactive subscribers is to set an expiration policy based on how often you send emails. The expiration rule determines how long you keep subscribers who don’t interact with your emails at all.

If you send a lot of emails – for example, every day – you should remove inactive subscribers sooner. By sending just a few emails per month, you can keep inactive subscribers on your list longer to give them a chance to engage.

But once you’ve established your expiration rules, stick to them. Email marketing metrics give you all the information you need to identify inactive subscribers and remove them from your lists. Set up a subscriber behavior evaluation schedule and clean up subscriber lists that are not covered by the retirement policy.

This improves the effectiveness of your email marketing – because you’re no longer sending emails to people who don’t open them – and improves your return on investment by sending fewer emails overall.

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The cornerstone of any email marketing strategy is identifying new customers, collecting email addresses, and following up with existing customers when they return to your website. There are four ways to identify anonymous customers and attract new subscribers:

If someone has purchased from you in the past, they may already have an account with you. By encouraging your returning customers to sign up and log in every time they visit your site, you can identify existing customers and track their browsing and purchasing behavior for better email targeting.

Use tracking before uploading. Visitors are invisible during the checkout process until they log in or submit their information. Pre-submission tracking allows you to collect information entered into form fields even if the customer does not click “Submit” or complete the login. This allows you to log many more sessions and collect more email addresses.

However, regardless of which email capture provider you use, there are three email capture methods that offer the best conversion rates:

Email Marketing Template. Digital Marketing, E Commerce, Social Media Marketing, Business Mail, Subscribe. Vector Illustration Concept For Website And Mobile Development. Minimalist Flat Style. 7957286 Vector Art At Vecteezy

Pop-ups for first-time visitors that offer an incentive (20% off, free shipping, $10 off, etc.) in exchange for their email address.

This is displayed when the user indicates that they want to leave the website. This will also help you collect more email addresses. But it can also help reduce browsing and cart abandonment rates.

A contest will appear, giving you a chance to win a great prize

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