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Facebook Business Page Best Practices


Facebook Business Page Best Practices – Facebook is the most used social media platform by marketers worldwide. No matter what your marketing goals are,

It is important that you not only learn how to create a Facebook business page, but also how to use it effectively to promote your brand. We’ve put together our guide to creating and creating a professional Facebook page and shared our tips on how to use it to grow your business by engaging your Facebook audience.

Facebook Business Page Best Practices

Plan, schedule, and analyze your posts on Facebook pages and groups with Facebook’s planning and analysis tools.

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Here you will see two options: Business or Brand and Community or Public Figure. Under Business or brand, click Get started.

Once you’ve selected a company or brand, you’ll be prompted for a website name and category. Remember, you can change the category later, but the page name stays forever.

The selected category determines which additional fields you need to fill in. For example, if you choose Restaurants, enter the address and phone number of the places, as well as the opening hours.

Image size standards are important in social media – using the wrong size can result in awkwardly cropped or pixelated images, so keep recommended image sizes handy.

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Your profile picture will appear as your icon every time your Page’s content appears in your Facebook feed and when you comment on other posts. Ideally, this will be the company logo. Square sizes are best, but Facebook crops the image in circles for ads and posts, so leave room around the edges. When you upload an image, you can preview the crop and make changes to it.

Your Facebook cover photo appears at the top of your page and is a great way to provide a visual element that supports your brand, draws attention, or evokes emotion in your visitors.

According to Facebook, your cover image appears at different sizes on desktop and smartphone — 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on desktop and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on smartphones. In our experience, 820px wide by 462px high is the best on mobile and desktop. But be sure to place important text and design elements in the center of the image and see how the image will appear on mobile and desktop.

If you don’t have a designer to help you with your images, free tools like Canva have pre-made templates that you can customize, or you can simply enter custom dimensions and create your own image. You can even upload a cover video or post a photo slideshow. For more information and fun ideas, check out our Facebook cover photo guide.

Simple Best Practices For Your Business Facebook Page — Barnyard Marketing

Google indexes Facebook business pages, so the text placed in your profile helps you rank among the results of global and local search engines. When you create a Facebook business page, you’ll see tips to help you fill in all the information about your page. If you need to go back to making changes, go to the “About” tab of the page and click the “Edit Page Details” button.

All of this information appears in the About section of your Facebook page, where you can add additional information about your business, such as your business history, prices, menu, etc.

If you want to share your Facebook marketing efforts with a team, you need to grant access and assign roles to different people. To add partners, go to Page Settings and Page Roles. You can write down the name of every Facebook friend or person who liked your page. Alternatively, you can enter the email address associated with your Facebook account. Either way, you must be Facebook friends with everyone you add as a partner.

After filling in the basic data, you can further optimize your website with custom settings. On the page, click the More drop-down menu and select Edit Tags. From there, you can choose templates suitable for different types of businesses, such as nonprofit, retail, service, restaurant, and coffee shops.

What’s The Best Type Of Post For Facebook? [infographic]

To choose a template to customize your Facebook business page, or to manually customize a page, go to More > Edit Page.

Each template comes with a default call-to-action (CTA) button and a page that you can preview by clicking on the template. For example, the Restaurants & Cafes template changes the main CTA button to Directions and includes tabs for the menu, offers, reviews, and images. Once you’ve chosen your template, you can customize the pages by removing unnecessary ones or rearranging them to show the most important ones first.

Although it’s tempting to share once you’ve created your professional Facebook page, we recommend that you create content before inviting your friends to like your page.

Before you launch your website, publish three to five posts and plan and organize at least another week of content. Experiment with different social media content like videos, images, short text posts, long text messages, links, Facebook lives, Facebook stories and more.

Tips To Improve Your Social Profiles

Status posts (text) had the highest average engagement rate in 2020, but it’s important to use multiple post types to reach a wider audience. Remember – the more people engage with your content, the more often your posts will appear in their feeds, so it’s important to know what content your fans are engaging with.

When your page is ready to go live, link to it on other social media sites and on your website, then invite your friends to “like” the page. If you have page partners, they can also send invitations to their friends.

As of June 30, 2021, Facebook has disabled the Facebook Analytics tool that allowed reporting on Facebook Business Pages and Instagram Business Accounts. However, Page Insights is still available.

When you view your Facebook business page, you’ll see an Insights tab on the left side of the Facebook menu under Notifications and Publishing Tools. At the top of the Insights page, you can see your weekly stats, such as page likes, post views and engagement, and how you compare to last week’s stats.

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Facebook Insights also provides insight into audience demographics such as age, gender, and location. You can also see when your fans are online in Page Insights and Posts. There is no best time to post on Facebook, but having your fans active online is a great start. To learn more about how to schedule your posts for optimal times, check out our guide to finding the best time on Facebook for your brand.

For more detailed information, use the analytics panel to see how each post is performing. Not only can you track key metrics like engagement rates and overall usage, but you can also create and share custom reports tailored to your company’s social media goals.

Monitoring the performance of your content helps you to continuously adapt your content to the preferences of your audience. For example, your video posts might get the highest engagement rate, but your text messages get the most shares. So if you want to increase engagement, focus on sharing more videos, and if you’re trying to build brand awareness, add more text posts.

After learning about Facebook Analytics, check out our small business guide to learn how you can use these insights to strengthen your Facebook marketing strategy.

Why Facebook Is Important For B2b And B2c Marketing

Learning how to create a Facebook business page is just the first step. Once you have your website, it’s important to match the content. You don’t want to spend all your time setting up your website and building a following and then only post occasionally.

Trust Facebook to manage your posting schedule and analyze results in one place. Get started today with a free trial.

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