Google Shopping Ads Not Showing

Google Shopping Ads Not Showing – People around the world use Google to shop more than a billion times a day. If you run a retail business, you probably include Google Shopping ads in your marketing mix to show your items to shoppers. But what if your Google Shopping ads aren’t performing well and you’re not getting any conversions, whether it’s website purchases or in-store calls?

First, you need to make sure your ads are showing. If not, read our guide on 20+ reasons why your Google Shopping ads aren’t showing. We investigate all sorts of issues, from Google policy violations to product feed issues and incorrect settings.

Google Shopping Ads Not Showing

However, if you’re confident buyers are seeing your ads but aren’t getting any or few conversions, read on. Together we present explanations for poor performance and opportunities for improvement.

Google Shopping Get Listed In Compare Price Grouping

Before you start digging deep, make sure your conversion tracking system is set up properly and you can see all the conversions your campaigns are getting.

However, sometimes you don’t see the desired conversion action at first glance. Don’t worry: That’s on the next page. Just scroll to the bottom of the page, click

Or go to the next page. Another reason the action can be removed or hidden. To view all conversion actions, change the filter status to

. If you don’t see your conversion action, look at your conversion history. Maybe someone changed the name of the conversion action.

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But even if you have good conversion tracking in Google Ads, you may still be missing out on some data. The point is that if the user’s browser cuts out cookies (like Safari does, for example), the system cannot make changes to ad campaigns. Good news: you can solve this problem with good old Google Analytics. In this case, you need to add utm tags to your ad links so you can understand where the conversions are coming from.

Tip: If you’re looking for more analytical insights into your ad campaigns, don’t miss our post 30+ Best Alternatives to Google Analytics.

Your Google Ads account has a very helpful recommendations section. This will show you ways to improve the performance of your shopping campaign and get more leads.

The recommendations are tailored to each individual account. This means that you not only see a list of all possible recommendations, but also point out tips for optimizing your campaigns.

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What if you don’t see recommendations for your campaigns? If you have an active account that has been showing ads for a long time, and your ads are getting traffic but you’re not seeing any recommendations, it means your campaigns are fully optimized. congratulations! You may want to check the “Recommendations” section from time to time as Google Ads is constantly analyzing campaign performance and suggesting new recommendations.

: Only two types of audiences are available for Shopping ads: your data segments (such as remarketing) and detailed demographics.

Insufficient PPC budget can cause your Shopping ads to stop showing after a few clicks. If this is the case, you need to increase your limited budget to keep ads showing and generating leads.

If you’re having bid and budget issues, you can likely find tips in the “Recommendations” section of your account. Depending on the situation, you may see personalized suggestions such as

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Add store visits to conversions, adjust your ROAS goals, bid more efficiently with target ROAS, shift unused budgets, increase your budgets for future traffic gains, set up permissions for your lost conversions

The metric shows the percentage of time your ads aren’t showing due to low budget. Increase your bids to reduce lost searches.

If the technical side of your Google Shopping ads is fine and you’re still not seeing an increase in conversions, it’s time to review your competitor’s ads. What are the smart things they did and you lost?

Pro tip: There’s another reason to watch your competitors, and that’s auction dynamics. Your competitor’s activity can affect the performance of your campaign. For example, a new advertiser is participating in the same auctions as you: this can result in your ads receiving fewer impressions.

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For Shopping campaigns, the Auction Insights report provides three stats: Impression Share, Overlap Rate, and Outstanding Ranking Share, from October 2014 to present.

How to get more conversions in Shopping ads campaigns1. Update your product feed to improve your Shopping ads

First, go to the diagnostics section of your Google Merchant Center (Google Merchant Center → Products → Diagnostics) and follow the requirements listed there. To improve the quality of your data feed, review the recommendations and apply them if necessary.

1. Use product-first images. A close-up of the product on a white background in high quality – so you can get more involved.

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2. Optimize shopping titles. While the title can be up to 150 characters, try to limit it to 70 characters or fewer. Google truncates product titles after 70 characters, so it’s best to keep them short. Chopped results look distracting and unattractive. And don’t forget to include important attributes like brand, color, and size in your product title.

3. Use Google product categories. You have the opportunity to improve the conversion rate of your Shopping ads by adding the most specific sub-sub-category from the Google taxonomy. Visit Google Merchant Help to find the right categories for your products.

4. Use promotions to stand out. Shoppers are looking for fast and free shipping, easy returns, special offers and great deals. With promotions, your ads can attract more attention from buyers.

Smart Shopping campaigns will automatically upgrade to Performance Max between July and September, but you can upgrade now.

Google Shopping Ads Optimization

If you’re ready to become an early adopter, check out the official Google Ads help: Upgrading Smart Shopping and Local Campaigns to Performance Max.

Price is one of the most important revenue drivers. Special offers entice shoppers to view your product and place an order. A slightly lower price can also lead to an increase in conversion.

If you just look at these Google Shopping Ads, the 5-star rating is easy to see. Online buyers check the experiences of other buyers to understand if they can trust the seller and make a purchase.

Google Seller Ratings are based on a variety of review sources, so you can ask your customers to leave a review not just on Google, but on any other review site.

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You may have the perfect Shopping ad campaign, but if your website has poor UX, leads are unlikely to convert. Don’t limit yourself to landing page optimization: work on navigation, improve category pages, and streamline the checkout process. Every step is important.

Tip: Think mobile. Many users shop on the go from their phones, and it’s a shame when they click on your shopping ad and end up on an ugly-looking mobile page.

We’ve covered a lot of issues specific to Shopping campaigns, but what if you’re new to this type of Google Ads and it’s all too complicated? If you need to start with the basics, don’t worry – we can help.

We have a dedicated section for automating Google Shopping ads that comes with your regular subscription. The tool is very easy to use. Just navigate to

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, and follow the setup wizard. It guides you through the entire process, from linking the account to creating the campaign.

Getting started with Google Merchant Center: 3 ways to create a Google Merchant Feed for your Shopify store.

The system will upload your product feed. You can promote all products from the feed or focus on bestsellers.

Next, set your daily budget. Choose from Starter ($15/day), Medium ($30/day), Top Budget ($50/day) or set it up individually.

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Google Shopping Ads are a great way to attract relevant customers to your products. However, sometimes you miss some opportunities and get fewer conversions than you might have hoped. Use this article as a checklist to analyze your shopping campaigns, gain insights on how to improve performance, and get the most of every advertising dollar.

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