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How Many Subscribers Do I Need To Monetize My Youtube Channel

How Many Subscribers Do I Need To Monetize My Youtube Channel – It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since I started my YouTube channel, codeSTACKr.

In this article, I want to be open and transparent about everything that has brought me to where I am now, the right decisions and the wrong ones. And I hope you can take this information and apply it to your own circumstances.

How Many Subscribers Do I Need To Monetize My Youtube Channel

I believe that no matter what category or niche you are in, this information can help you grow your channel.

How To Monetize Youtube

This post is not meant to brag. Instead, its purpose was to provide insight into how I rapidly grew my YouTube channel.

I hope this post helps you in some way, but what worked for me may not work for you. So feel free to tailor my methods to your needs.

Let me start by giving you a little background about myself and why I started a YouTube channel.

There are many reasons why people start a YouTube channel. It could be for fame and fame, to make money, to help people, or it could be just a hobby. Well, I started my channel to prove something.

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You see, I have 2 teenagers, and they are typical teenagers. I wanted to challenge them to come up with a business idea. You know, instead of playing video games, watching Netflix or chatting with their friends all day.

As you might expect, not many ideas came out. So I thought, maybe they could start YouTube channels and create content about the things they love to do. My son can start a games channel and my daughter can start a hairstyling channel.

They seem to think it’s a good idea. My son downloaded a screen recorder and was about to make some videos. I helped my daughter install a tripod and camera to capture some fancy braids.

That’s how I got the idea to start my own channel. I want to prove one thing: you can make it if you put in the effort.

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I decided not to tell anyone, not even my wife, that I opened this channel until I have proof that it works. I thought, “If I can get 300 subscribers, I’ll tell them.”

In my opinion, choosing a topic for your channel is the most important decision. You want to choose something that’s not too wide, but not too tight either. You want to reach a specific and targeted audience.

My channel theme is light. I’ve been coding since I was 12 years old and it’s a topic I’m passionate about. So talking about web development makes sense.

I’ve watched other channels like Brad Traversy, Academind, and The Net Ninja for years. So I started with the VS Code tutorial.

How To Make Money On Youtube: 13 Effective Strategies To Get Paid

More about my channel and videos later. Now, let’s talk about the motivation and expectations of starting a channel.

When starting a YouTube channel, blog or any social media account, you need to understand what your motivation is and what you hope to achieve from it.

For me, I want to prove something to my children. Are you trying to be famous? Do you want to make money? Do you want to help people in some way?

Whatever your answer, you need to understand that you won’t see results overnight. It can take months or even years to see results.

How I Went From 0 To 70k Subscribers On Youtube In 1 Year

This is where expectations come into play. If you can manage your expectations, then you can handle the ups and downs that are sure to come.

When choosing your channel’s topic, make sure it’s something you’re passionate about. Otherwise, you will set yourself up for failure. It will only be a matter of time before you get bored and give up.

The first thing I do is choose a channel name. Honestly, I don’t remember why or how I accessed codeSTACKr.

I went to and found the domain name. I searched for combinations of “code”, “full”, “lock”, “stack”, etc. I remember the previous one was drawn so I add an “r” at the end?.

Youtube Monetization: 10 Ways To Monetize On Youtube

The next step is to record a video. From the very beginning, I decided that I would not spend a single shekel on this channel. If I make money from it, then I will reinvest that money in the channel.

Since I will be sharing my screen, I don’t need a camera. I can only use a screen recorder. I used OBS for this and it still works.

If you’re starting a channel that requires a camera, start with the webcam on your laptop or phone. Most phones have great cameras.

If you are going to spend money, the first area I would recommend would be audio. Audio is by far the most important asset of any video. In my opinion, it will make or break your channel.

How To Earn Money From Youtube: Monetization Explained

When I’m watching a video and the audio quality isn’t there, I’ll probably switch to another video.

For my first videos, I just used the headset microphone. Like what you would use for a game or even a headset from your phone.

After I recorded everything, then I had to edit the video. There are many options for this. If you have a Mac, then iMovie is a great choice. I have a Windows PC so I use Davinci Resolve. It’s free and it’s very powerful. It is also available on Mac and Linux.

I know it’s scary uploading your first video and you want it to be perfect. But don’t obsess about it. It will never be perfect, no matter how much time you spend on it. Just upload it!

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That’s exactly what I did and it’s not perfect. I made an obvious typo in my video that I still receive comments to this day. ?

Before posting my video, I did some research. I want to find places to promote videos. I have no followers on any other social platform. So I started searching Reddit and found a subreddit where I could post my video link.

I know self-promotion on reddit is frustrating. So be very careful there. I found a subreddit that allows this type of post and made sure I didn’t break any rules.

I also did SEO research for videos. I guarantee that the title, description and tags are optimal for the video. That in itself is a whole article.

Even Youtube Stars With 1.4 Million Monthly Viewers Earn Less Than $17,000 A Year, Research Shows

Now is the time to post. I nervously pressed the button. Then hit refresh like crazy for a few minutes to see if there are any views. No, no comments. So I posted the link to the video on the subreddit. it worked! I started to have some opinions.

The day after I posted the video, we went on vacation. I take every opportunity to surreptitiously check my YouTube analytics while we’re away. It’s hard not to get caught up in the numbers, but try not to. And we’ll talk about that in a moment.

The first day I got 111 views and 8 subscribers. The next day there were 231 views and 14 subscribers. Then the views dropped to 23 and 2 subscribers. They mostly come from Reddit posts. On my first reddit post, I got 88 upvotes. This is great for Reddit.

You’ll find that this is the standard chart for most videos. You will get an increase in initial views and then they will rebalance. At some point, you hope YouTube’s algorithm finds it. I will see you soon.

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So how do I go from a few views per day to thousands of views per day? That will come later.

The first thing that will help you grow your channel, which I’m sure you’ve heard before, is to post consistently.

Set a plan that works for you. If you can post once a week, fortnightly or once a month, stick with it! You won’t get subscribers if you’re inconsistent.

For me, I have a full-time job. So after we got back from vacation, I decided I could make time to post once a week. So I kept it. I post constantly, at least once a week. Each post increases my views on average.

How To Monetize Youtube (plus 6 Youtube Monetization Tips)

You can see from this chart that in June 2019, I published three videos. You can also see the gap where I’m on vacation. Each post helps me increase views and subscribers, not only for posted videos but also for previous videos.

You will find that some videos get more views than others. You will have videos that succeed and others that fail. Use this information to be more specific about what your viewers want to see. If one video is successful, then create another video on the same or similar topic.

So I sit my family down

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