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How Much Can We Earn From Blog

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Janet is a business development and marketing strategist with over 20 years of experience. Her expertise focuses on blogging, online business, business marketing and e-commerce content for small fitness businesses.

How Much Can We Earn From Blog

If you are wondering how much money bloggers make, you might be wondering. Most blog owners earn between $200 and $2,500 per month in their first year of blogging. Established bloggers who implement a solid income strategy can earn between $3,500 and $15,000 per month. Top bloggers can earn seven times more from their blogs. There are different types of roles and income for bloggers. Let’s see what they are and how much money they make.

The Three Secrets To Happiness

When you think of bloggers, most people only think of people who create and build their own blogs. However, there are three different types of bloggers:

Blogging salaries vary greatly and depend on how the blogger earns their money. Writers who blog full-time for business earn an average of $40,000 to $80,000 per year, which is similar to the median salary of $63,200 per year for writers and authors in the United States. Experienced freelance bloggers who blog for other people earn anywhere from 10 cents to $1 per word – beginners can earn less. Freelance bloggers are paid directly by clients or by the freelance networks they use.

Freelance bloggers – those who start their own blogs – do not get paid like regular bloggers. Instead, they make their money through various funding methods, including affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, advertising, memberships, services, online courses, and selling products. We look at bloggers here.

Bloggers with 10,000 to 100,000 page views per month earn 2 to 10 cents per page view from advertising, which translates to $200 to $10,000 per month. Sponsored articles range from $25 to $750 per article, depending on audience, location, and sponsorship program.

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Bloggers who sell products and tutorials online can earn even more – up to $10,000 or more per month. Affiliate marketing is another way to earn good income as a blogger. For example, travel blogger Adam Enfroy earned $44,262 from affiliate marketing alone in March 2020, which generated just 303,960 website traffic and 2,577 email subscribers.

Top earning bloggers use different methods to monetize their blogs. Most people have at least two or three ways to make money, the most popular being affiliate marketing, advertising, and selling products or courses.

Rosemarie Groner’s Busy Budgeter blog has earned seven points since its inception using a variety of investment strategies. (Source:

As a professional blogger and blog consultant with twenty years of experience as a business development strategist, I have seen all types of bloggers generate all levels of income. People who make a lot of money blogging do:

How Much Can You Earn Through A Blog?

New bloggers often make the mistake of thinking that creating a blog and publishing some articles is enough. not worth it; You need to follow all the above steps to create a blog that will bring you huge income.

There is no single answer to the question of how long it takes to blog. Most people start their blog for fun or entertainment and therefore do not devote 40 hours a week to blog development; There is nothing wrong with this approach, but it will take some time to start making money. You can’t make a full-time living with only a part-time effort, especially in the early stages of your blog.

Even with a full-time job, very few people make much money in the first few months of blogging. As a general rule of thumb, strategic bloggers who use smart content and business strategies can start making a modest full-time income in their first year of blogging – around $30,000 to $60,000. It can increase two or three times in two years. There are always exceptions as some get more and others get less.

Many famous bloggers argue that you need to work less to get the same or even higher income over time. So, while you may not be able to start building your blog right away, those initial steps can yield great financial results for years to come. You can make a lot of money blogging without working full time.

Ways To Make Money At Home

To give you an insider’s view of the real income potential of blogging, I asked professional bloggers to share how they made their blogs so successful. I think it’s important to set realistic expectations, so you’ll find all types of bloggers at all income levels on this list.

I have included estimates of each blogger’s income from the information they provide or from the income report available on their website.

Christine Wang, Founder of Average Income: Currently averaging six figures per month and on pace to climb to seven figures in the next six months.

“The best funding strategy is to use Amazon affiliate links on the products we review. This has proven to be very effective and I recommend it to other bloggers or anyone thinking of starting their own blog.” – Christine Wang

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“It took me six months to make $100, a year after I started blogging I was making $1,000, and a few months later I was making $5,000 a month. If that was my goal, I would have achieved it long ago. Michelle reports on her blog that she has been earning close to $1.5 million a year for the past two years.

“My advice to anyone who wants to start a profitable blog is to learn as much as you can and stick with it. The secret to success is consistency. Even when you feel like you’re not getting there, keep working. Everywhere. If you just have to be patient, the effort will pay off.” – Crystal Pascal

Shout Me Loud is a community of active bloggers who write about blogging tips, including basic and advanced WordPress, SEO, and social media marketing techniques. The Shout Me Loud team earns revenue from several major affiliate programs as well as direct advertising sales. Agarwal also creates e-books that he sells in his store and on Amazon.

Mark Andre, Earnings Around: Since 2007, six blogs have earned more than $1 million in total.

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Marc Andre likes to create blogs and then sell them. At that time, he earned more than a million dollars. It creates profitable blogs and blogs for sale by targeting various niches and using traditional investment methods such as affiliate marketing, advertising and sales services. This is the sixth blog of the Vital Dollar financial blog.

“I help people find alternative living conditions when it is not possible to rent a house. When I started my blog in 2017, I started making money. This means Google Adsense ads. They didn’t do anything, but the ads made my readers see. ads on my site. I’ve also done affiliate marketing…now on my blog. I make money through a mix of advertising, affiliate marketing and sponsored posts.- Christine Haynes

RJ Weiss is a financial planning expert who has reached over 4 million people as of 2017 with his blog Road to Wealth. A blog about legit hacks for beginners, money saving tricks, ways to save money while traveling and investment tips.

Becky Beach was inspired to start her blog after finding herself $120,000 in debt and struggling to make ends meet with a baby on the way. Helping other moms struggling with debt or starting to work remotely to stay home with their kids is her goal with Mom’s Beach Blog.

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“Blogging is not as easy as some geniuses make it out to be. It’s hard work, competitive and often frustrating. But it’s great. All you need is hardware, a Wi-Fi connection, and a few dollars a month for hosting, and you’re good to go. I love it, and even though times are tough right now, I wouldn’t trade it for a safer alternative. – Scott Jones

“I believe the key to success in affiliate marketing is a dogged persistence of ‘quality over quantity’. You’re at the mercy of algorithm updates and commission changes, but those who stick it out and create high-quality content stand out.” -Darcy Ogdon – Nolan

East End Taste magazine focuses on serving the Hamptons and North Fork as well as food-oriented travel. Taste of the East End is the leading lifestyle blog, covering a variety of topics including food, travel, lifestyle, fashion and health.

The pair travels the world and offers tips on vacation rentals, dining recommendations, entertainment and money-saving tips. They also teach other bloggers how to start a blog.

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Eva Ursano offers self-improvement ideas, inspirational content, relationship advice, and angel card readings on her Awesome Me Movement blog. She has over 145,800,000 followers on Pinterest.

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