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How Much Can You Make On Shutterstock

How Much Can You Make On Shutterstock – In previous articles, stock photography; I argued that you could actually make money selling videos and other creative work and selling the kind of content you can actually sell.

In this I’m going to talk about a valuable gift you can get from Adobe regarding the amount you can earn from sales on the three major stock sites (Adobe Stock, Shutterstock and iStock/Getty Images). You have been very successful in sales.

How Much Can You Make On Shutterstock

As you know, all three agencies offer content in a variety of programs; This means that not all users pay the same amount for an image. 10 downloads per month; If you have 50 or 100 members subscribed, they pay more if they buy a photo or video. This means that your commissions (also known as royalties) will also vary. Therefore, I will stick to percentages of the sale price and the minimum commission amount that the contributor receives as payment.

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Before we discuss any of these numbers based on our own experience, let’s look at the different commission rates before putting them into context.

* If the user has an Adobe Stock Large subscription (allows you to download 350 images per month); For providers selling less than 1,000 licenses (lifetime), the lowest price remains $0.33, increasing to $0.38. $ for participants who have sold more than 10,000 licenses (lifetime).

Royalty rates for all content range from 15% to 40%, depending on the number of licenses sold.

IStock and Getty Images are part of the same company, but serve different markets. They are classified because there is no real choice of place of publication. When you first sign up as a contributor, you submit some images for review, and they’ll decide if the material is a good fit for iStock or Getty. If these original assets are not accepted into the Getty collection, materials can only be submitted to iStock at a later date.

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Both iStock and Getty Images also allow contributors to submit exclusive content (not published elsewhere) with flexible commission rates. Most readers of this article don’t want to release exclusive content, so I don’t know the details, but you can see all the prices in the link below.

First, Adobe Stock obviously pays a large percentage to contributors, apart from the highest royalty rate on Shutterstock. A percentage won’t tell you how much you can make per image unless you also know the price the customer is paying. Each of these agencies has many different plans, so it’s hard to compare and it’s impossible to know in advance how much you’ll get for each sale.

Second, the minimum fee you get on Adobe Stock is three times higher than Shutterstock and iStock/Getty Images. However, video speeds are generally higher. Even images can generate commissions of a few dollars (or a few tens of dollars) per sale, depending on the type of license the buyer provides and the price. You should expect to receive at least a commission on most sales; So there is clearly something to keep in mind; However, properties that receive additional benefits increase the average commission significantly. This is described below.

Here are some of my thoughts and stories from my experience selling stock content over the past few years to better understand what it means in practice. What could they suggest?

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Will pay on average; But in any case, I think these real numbers outweigh the theoretical percentages and minimal commission from the FAQ section.

There is not much to say about Adobe Stock other than how simple and straightforward the commission plan is. No matter how many sales you make, you get a very reasonable share of the price the customer pays.

My current average commission is $1.04 per sale, this is significantly higher than the minimum royalty of $0.33 that I receive for more than half of my sales.

I count every single sale, but don’t include the images sold with the extended license for reasons (26, 40 US$ per image, I think they are very good!!). I’m still averaging $0.80. Finally, I should add that a small percentage of my commissions only earn 0.30 US$. Perhaps some temporary discounts on customer subscriptions; These slightly lower fees can be exceeded.

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My average on Shutterstock is $0.30 per sale. Much higher than the ridiculously low minimum of $0.10 (commission for 80% of my sales), but still much lower than Adobe Stock.

To make the same comparison with Adobe Stock; If you factor in some gross (the highest I’ve ever made on a single sale was $7.74, btw); My average drops to $0.23.

Let me stress an important point about royalties: on January 1st, you go back to Tier 1 with a royalty rate of 15%; This means that no matter how fast you sell images, your first 100 sales will earn you 15% commission (or a minimum commission) each year, and then the next 150 sales will earn you 20%.

In addition, the commission percentage will increase by one step, but the actual amount you earn will be the same because it depends on the price the customer pays. Once I reached level 2, I continued to earn the same $0.10 that I used to earn at level 1 for most sales. Shutterstock’s support is regular; The higher commission rate is still below the minimum of 0.10. US$ per license. The higher the elite, the less of a problem; But it takes a lot of sales to get back to where you were at the end of last year.

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I haven’t been in iStock much (it takes longer to post to Adobe Stock and Shutterstock) and I have too little data to draw any valid conclusions, so I’ll refrain from sharing any numbers.

That is, a minimum of US$0.10 on to get an idea. You can consider lower commissions and lower prices 😉 If you have (long-term, statistically significant) numbers. However, share with us in the comments.

As briefly mentioned at the beginning of this article, Adobe Stock offers other benefits. In fact, if you meet certain conditions of sale; It gives you a free license for various programs under the bonus program. The exact conditions may vary from year to year and there is no guarantee that they will remain available in the future, but for 2021 these bonuses are as follows:

Participants with at least 150 assets downloaded per year receive a free 1-year subscription to their choice of the following options: Creative Cloud Photography (20GB); Illustrator, InDesign Premiere Pro or After Effects.

How Much Can You Make Selling Stock Photos? (2022 Data)

Contributors with at least 5,000 asset downloads per year will receive a free 1-year subscription to all Creative Cloud apps.

I don’t know about you, but like before I started Adobe Stock, I bought a minimum subscription to a photography plan every year, so the free subscription is like cash.

Considering the very achievable target of only 150 sales per year for the first bonus, it is clear that this is a benefit that should not be overlooked.

It should be clear by now that Adobe Stock is trying to make money (and then save you if you get a free subscription) over its direct competitor.

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Currently, Adobe Stock is the highest paid agency. Especially in practice. At least for me, especially since I submit the same content to Adobe Stock and Shutterstock (which are very different, but the acceptance rate is another matter).

Personally, I send everything to Adobe Stock first. Although the commission on Shutterstock is much lower. It still makes sense to post my content there because of the extra work and very little regular sales. I also sometimes help iStock and other lesser known agencies to test them.

That is, I suspect that when it comes to Getty Images being more popular (especially with the public) than other agencies, the content itself may play a role in how well you rank on a particular stock site. Therefore, it’s the kind of photos/videos you take, outside of iStock. If your material is accepted into the Getty Collection; It may be a good option for you, even if it is private.

The only way to be sure is to submit to all three agencies over a period of time and see how much you earn with each. Try to reason as much as possible.

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