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How Much Money Do You Earn On Youtube Per Subscriber

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A Harris Poll/LEGO survey found that nearly a third of 8- to 12-year-olds want to be a YouTuber when they grow up. Sure, Ryan Kazee has made millions from the video sharing site, but what about the rest of us? How many views and subscribers do you need to start making money?

How Much Money Do You Earn On Youtube Per Subscriber

The truth is, there’s no straight answer (just like the road to YouTube stardom isn’t straight). You have to consider many factors like location, niche, average rates etc.

How Much I Earn As A Small Youtuber With 13,000 Subscribers

Also, video creators don’t want to disclose their income. Therefore, it is based on very limited data.

Read till the end to know how monetization works on YouTube. You want to share the magic answer to how many views you need to make money, we can’t. You need to look at the whole picture to understand how to make money with the platform. That said we try to keep it as short and simple as possible. We’ll share the number of views and subscribers you need to work on, but we’ll also look at other factors you should consider if you’re serious about making money using YouTube.

First, to earn money on YouTube, you need to be accepted into the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). YPP not only enables ad revenue sharing, but also gives creators access to additional resources and features offered by the platform, such as access to a creator support team, a copyright matching tool, and monetization features like ad revenue.

Especially when it comes to advertising revenue, you have to remember that advertising money is split between different parties. For every $100 an advertiser pays a publisher, Google pays $68. Also, if a viewer skips an ad within 30 seconds, YouTube earns nothing, meaning you don’t get paid. On average, about 15% of viewers watch a video ad for the 30 seconds required to qualify for payment.

How To See How Much Money Youtube Owes You

In addition to ad revenue from video, display and overlay ads, here are other monetization features you can use to monetize the platform with this program:

One thing to keep in mind is that all of the above features have their own eligibility requirements that you must meet in addition to the view count and subscriber requirements.

If you live in one of the countries where the program is available, you can apply. To join the YouTube Partner Program, you must have:

If you haven’t been accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, turn your attention to creating videos 60 seconds or less and check out the YouTube Shorts Fund. It’s a $100 million fund that rewards creators for producing original short films. Every month, YouTube selects thousands of creators and rewards them with Shorts Bonus.

How Much Money Do You Make Per 1 Archives

That being said, focusing on running your YouTube channel is really the way to go. It will take time, but by consistently posting videos that resonate with your target audience, you’ll get there. Also, the advantage of uploading longer videos is that it gives you the ability to include more than one advertisement, which means more opportunities to earn.

When you think of YouTube views, the first thought that comes to mind is that your video has to go viral to mean something. Not necessary.

In fact, if you focus on creating multiple videos instead of making one video go viral, your YouTube channel will grow faster. Because if you have more than one video on your channel, the site can recommend your other content to users who have watched your content.

Also, the more videos you have, the better the chances of other viewers finding your videos. Basically, having multiple videos makes it easier for the site to find your channel’s attention, which makes it easier to recommend your content to relevant users. This translates to more potential subscribers.

Here’s Exactly How Much Money One Youtuber Made Off His First Million Views

The trick is to see how many videos you can create on the platform in your first 60 days. This way, you’ll have a better idea of ​​what kind of content will be most interesting to your target audience. Ideally, create 30 videos in the first 60 days. After that, it is important to upload new content regularly. We recommend uploading at least two videos per week.

Although the YouTube Partner Program does not specify views in its list of requirements, an important metric to keep in mind is how much money you earn based on view count. That being said, two channels that get the same number of views don’t necessarily get the same amount of money.

A common reason for this is that not all channels generate the same revenue per 1,000 views (RPM). Your key is to determine what your RPM is. For example, if most of your visitors are from the US, your revenue will be high. Some genres are more saturated, meaning advertisers have an easier time finding a successful channel.

To help you understand more about it, let’s explain it like this. For example, if your RPM is $5 and you get 100,000 views per month, you can earn $500 per month.

Guess How Much Youtube Paid Me For A Video With 50k Views?

So, to join the YouTube program you need to have a minimum number of subscribers so that you can start earning money and the number of views that affect your earning potential. The more subscribers you have, the more views you get. In other words, for better results you should focus on getting more subscribers and increasing your view count.

Although it is impossible to get the exact income of superstar creators on YouTube, there are many online sources that provide reliable estimates. Let’s look at some examples and averages.

According to 925 and VloggerPro, here are some examples of YouTube channels that can generate more than 1 million views and how much they were able to earn:

These numbers ultimately show that your RPM makes a big difference. For example, Nai Nicole and Athena’s income depends on the same number of views – one million dot. However, Nicole made about 10 times more based on her RPM.

How Much Money Does Youtube Pay For 1 Million Views?

As you can see by looking at other examples, Nicole’s RPM is definitely not average. According to VloggerPro, the average RPM is closer to $6. And, after surveying 16 YouTubers, they found that the average income per million views was over $5,700.

This is in line with what CreditDonkey shared. According to his calculations, most advertisers pay between $0.10 and $0.30 per view. Average $0.18 per view. However, they point out that not all viewers see the ad (or the first 30 seconds of the ad) and the average RPM is between $3 and $5.

Although views are used to calculate revenue, it is highly unpredictable. For a more imaginative idea, here are examples of creators with 100,000 subscribers sharing 925% of their monthly income:

This is in line with CreditDonkey’s estimates. According to him, YouTubers with 100,000 subscribers who upload at least two videos per week can earn $2,400 to $4,000 in ad revenue per month.

Check Your Youtube Revenue

Remember again that YouTubers do not earn anything for the number of subscribers they have. Even though they have 100,000+ subscribers, they can’t do anything. The reason subscribers get so much attention is that they are usually fiercely loyal supporters. In fact, there’s a good chance they’ll watch every new video as soon as it’s released. So, if you have 100,000+ subscribers, chances are your videos will get more views (and, potentially, your ad revenue too).

In our previous blog posts on how much YouTubers earn, we mentioned that success starts with 1 million. It is a secret number. Once you reach the million milestone, your channel will be recognized as an influencer in its category and you will get enough traffic to earn a pretty impressive amount.

To give you an idea, if a total of 1 million subscribers watch two videos per week, you can earn $36,000 per week.

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