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How Much Money Do You Get Per Subscriber On Youtube


How Much Money Do You Get Per Subscriber On Youtube – Thinking of starting a YouTube channel? Many vloggers, gamers and streamers have turned to YouTube to upload their content and start monetizing it.

Once you have a certain number of followers and your videos are generating regular views, it becomes easier and easier to use the platform for a living.

How Much Money Do You Get Per Subscriber On Youtube

As the number of regular YouTube users grows, the question is often asked: “How much does YouTube pay for subscriptions?” It can be weird.

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The number of followers you have doesn’t count first, but of course more followers means your videos are more likely to be pushed into the algorithm and your existing fans.

Simply put, YouTube pays its subscribers per view, not per subscription. This makes YouTube a more level playing field as smaller channels can still earn from advertising regardless of their subscriber numbers

YouTube uses a method called CPM, or “cost per mille,” a marketing term for every 1,000 views or, in some cases, impressions.

Typically, a YouTuber’s CPM can range from 20 cents to $10 per 1000 views. But generally, an average channel earns around $1.50-$3 per 1000 views. Learn more about why prices fluctuate so much.

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Another thing to remember is that a YouTuber doesn’t earn as much just by clicking on a video as someone who watches the entire video.

This is because YouTube has a system that counts the number of minutes your viewers watched, not the number of clicks. This is another incentive for you to create quality videos, more minute views means more income

Because this channel already has subscribers who enjoy this author’s content. As soon as they were released, they pounced on him. This is very valuable to this YouTuber because people don’t have to search for it organically. But it will happen in time.

Let’s say this YouTuber has $3 CPM to make money from Adsense. It is equal to 3 dollars. US x 50,000 views/1,000 = $150. USA via video. Again, some videos can become very popular and get 1 million views, increasing that number to $1000. But it is purely based on the video scene. Additional income from affiliate marketing is discussed in the following section.

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Also, in this example, CPM can go up or down based on visitor engagement. When people watch the video till the end or at least 80% of the video. So this number can be more or less. As mentioned earlier, your earnings are a direct result of the minutes your visitors watched, not just clicks.

Amazon can be more profitable in some cases depending on the type of content. Lucky for this YouTuber, they review some very popular consumer products.

Of those 2,500 people, 5% bought the product, which equates to 125 sales of $100 worth of product. Amazon pays between 1% and 10% depending on the product type. But usually technology products get 4% referral commission.

When combined, earnings from both revenue streams equal $650 per video. So if you wanted to calculate the value of each customer it would be:

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Every year, this YouTuber had to make 52 videos. Each follower will cost 0.676 cents.

We hope this video helped you better understand how much YouTube pays per subscription, or rather, how valuable each subscriber is to a content creator. Imagine how much YouTubers can earn with millions of subscribers!

YouTube can be an interesting way to educate or entertain viewers about your topic of interest, not just for extra income

Once you have enough subscribers (1000) and your videos are getting regular views, you can turn this into a full-time job!

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There are many YouTubers who quit their jobs to dedicate their lives to creating YouTube content. We hope this article has given you an idea of ​​how much you can earn on YouTube. If you are interested in similar topics, feel free to check out our other articles! Creating and managing a YouTube channel is one of the most creative, challenging and profitable projects you can start on the Internet today. But how much does YouTube pay per view?

For most YouTubers, their YouTube channel is a hobby and a matter of heart. However, sometimes you hear about YouTube stars like MrBeast, who make an estimated $14 million a year from YouTube ads alone, not counting sponsorships or product sales, and you think, “Why not me?”

Content monetization is a big topic for developers big and small. Whether you’re just getting started with the platform or planning to jump into YouTube, you might be wondering how to join the YouTube affiliate program and how much money you can earn per YouTube view. we got you

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The short answer to this question is yes, but not for watching videos. YouTube pays creators to view ads on their channels.

The ideal way to monetize your YouTube channel is to allow YouTube to display ads on your videos But you don’t just create a channel and wait for income. To earn money from ads, you need to join the YouTube Affiliate Program (YPP).

The YouTube Partner Program vets creators and gives them access to monetization tools. As you can imagine, YouTube has many channels with copyrighted or low-quality content that do not work for advertisers. This is what the YouTube Partner Program is trying to filter out

Once your YouTube channel qualifies for the YouTube affiliate program, you can sign the affiliate agreement and link your AdSense account. YouTube will then review your channel, which may take up to 30 days.

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Once your YouTube channel is approved, you can access and enable monetization features in your settings

Note. You may not be able to access all features because you don’t have enough subscribers yet (eg you must have at least 10,000 on your product shelf) or YouTube moderators have decided to impose some restrictions.

A common misconception is that YouTube pays to watch videos. Creators actually get paid when users watch YouTube ads (ie for viewing ads). No ads = no payment (no matter how popular your video is).

Joining the YPP program gives you precise control over which videos are monetized Here’s how to turn off ads on videos that aren’t eligible for advertisers

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For each ad shown on a given channel, YouTube takes 45% of what the advertiser pays for the placement. The creator gets the remaining 55%.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an accurate estimate of how much ad revenue you’ll make every time someone watches your video? Unfortunately, YouTube’s algorithms are more complex and you can only calculate average YouTube earnings per view.

A good rule of thumb is that videos (with ads enabled) that get more views earn more money than videos with fewer views. However, a lot depends on what category your videos and channels are in, your niche and even your location.

For example, videos on making money online, real estate, personal finance and technology tend to pay better than free, fitness or lifestyle videos.

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Because Adsense is an auction-based advertising system, some keywords that advertisers bid on are worth more than others. We will go into more detail about this at the end of the article.

Another reason to calculate revenue based on video views is that some people don’t see any ads at all. According to reports, more than 40% of users use ad blockers. While not all ad blockers work with YouTube, this is a growing trend that will affect YouTubers’ earnings.

Additionally, today more than 50 million YouTube Premium users pay a monthly subscription and do not see ads on YouTube videos. Instead, creators get paid based on how many YouTube Premium users view their videos.

All in all, how many YouTube views do you need to make money?

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By analyzing data from Google’s AdSense calculator, as well as revenue data for creators across multiple industries, we can determine that your potential ad revenue can be 6x higher if your video is in a competitive keyword category and your viewers avoid using ad blockers. Don’t go to the ad

In general, your CPM (cost per thousand views) can range from $4 to $24 (depending on your region and industry). But 1,000 video views are not equal to 1,000 ad views A good rule of thumb is to assume that only half of your opinions are extreme

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