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How Much We Can Earn From Google Adsense

How Much We Can Earn From Google Adsense – What is Google AdSense and how to make money with it Julia Olennikova April 9, 2019 5 min read

There are many ways to monetize your website traffic and many of them involve advertising third party products and services to your website visitors. Today, there are many advertising programs that can help you make money, but the most popular is Google AdSense.

How Much We Can Earn From Google Adsense

This ad campaign was introduced by Google in mid-2003 and is now the most popular ad campaign on the Internet. This is a great opportunity for webmasters and website owners to make money from their advertising – every year Google pays its publishers more than 10 billion dollars. If you’ve ever wondered, “What is AdSense and how can I make money with AdSense?” The following article will give you some guidance.

How To Create A Google Adsense Account In 2022

Tip: See what sizes other publishers have used and learn from them. For example, in our research based on analysis of more than 63,000 advertisers and publishers, we found that the most popular ad sizes are 728×90 and 300×250:

The whole process is very simple. After creating an AdSense account, you enter a small code on your web pages – that’s all it takes. Google displays targeted ads on your page based on your website content, previous user searches, and proprietary algorithms.

Your website visitors will start clicking on these ads and – best of all – you will get paid for it. Google AdSense works on a per click and profit sharing basis. Of course, your main task is to get as many clicks on these ads as possible.

Tip: Don’t try to trick Google and get more clicks. Don’t encourage your website visitors to read ads and – of course – don’t click on your ads under any circumstances! Google has a very accurate and sophisticated anti-fraud system. If it notices suspicious activity on your site or questions the quality of your traffic and clicks, your account will be suspended.

Best Countries And Categories For Adsense Earnings Per 1000 Views

Google pays advertisers for each ad. Publishers get 68% of their revenue from clicks (or 51% of AdSense for search).

The commission you get depends a lot on the competition and the niche CPC. Actually, the commission per click can range from $0.20 to $15. Most niches cost publishers less than $3 per ad. However, there are other niches that can be very profitable.

You can see that the three most profitable areas in the US are insurance, online education, and marketing and advertising. If you are planning to start a blog and choose the topics you want to cover, these numbers will be very helpful.

This tool is powered by the world’s largest keyword database (over 14.6 billion keywords as of August 2019). You can simply type in a keyword (for example “adsense”) and it will give you the number of search terms associated with CPC, search volume and level of competition for each term.

How Does Google Make Money?

: your income is not only dependent on the CPC value of your niche. It also depends on the nature of the ads on the needs of the audience, where the ads are on the page, etc. .

Finally, your income also depends on the amount of traffic directed to your website. You can choose the most expensive niche and choose the best places for your ads, but it doesn’t matter if no one comes to your website or blog. Remember that few visitors will read the ads (there are no official statistics from Google, but most website owners say 1% to 2% is a good CTR). Clicks may cost less than $1 per click. Now you can calculate for yourself how much traffic you need to make a profit. So if you want to make money with AdSense, you need to have a high volume of marketing. This will give you more work and more unique and quality items.

Of course, it is always a good idea to create a website for a topic that you know a lot about. This will make it easier for you to create high quality content. Don’t expect to make $1000 a month with a 10 page website. It is recommended that you create 20-30 pages of content before you start working with AdSense.

In short, you can make great money with Google AdSense, but it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. A few common sense rules to follow will help you lay the foundation for a large and solid income: If you sell something through the links on our site, we may receive a commission.

How To Set Up Google Adsense On Your Blog Or Website

Google Adsense is the way most new bloggers and YouTubers choose to monetize their sites, but figuring out how much money you can make can be confusing. So, how much does Google Adsense cost per page view? In short, it’s different.

On average, blogs can expect between $2-$5 per 1000 page views on the low end of the scale. If you monetize your YouTube channel with a Google Adsense account, the average will be $8-12 per 1000 views.

Your Adsense income depends on many different factors. Things like the demographics of your audience, your location, your marketing, etc. they are important in determining how much Adsense income you can expect to make.

At the same time, Google Adsense ads will vary depending on the ad location you have. Different ad types and ad placements also contribute to Adsense revenue.

Easy Ways To Make Money With Google

As the name suggests, Google Adsense is part of the Google network and acts as an intermediary between you and the advertiser. Brands who want to use digital marketing to boost their marketing efforts use Google to find the right placement for their ads. In fact, Adsense can help website owners earn money by showing targeted ads to your visitors.

You only need a Google account to sign up for Adsense. However, you must be 18 years of age or older and have a parent/guardian manage your Adsense payments. Despite the minimal marketing requirements, Google Ads is a great way for beginners to start monetizing their pages.

Moreover, applying for an Adsense account is a simple process. However, your site must be reviewed before approval to ensure that it complies with all Adsense policies. It is also important that you are the administrator of the website where you want to display ads.

Google Adsense cost per page varies from site to site. Many factors affect your earnings, including where you live, the type of content you create, and your location.

How To Earn Money From Google Adsense In Pakistan?

To calculate how much you can make, you can use the Google Adsense Income Calculator to help you figure out how much your website can make each year.

For example, a US-based home improvement website with 50,000 page views per month can make $14,010 per year in Google Adsense revenue.

You can play around with the statistics to see which blogs in different areas can benefit. We tested a few different niches to see how much money they make varies from niche to niche.

It is important to remember that these are only estimates. And to be honest, these choices are pretty good. Take with a pinch of salt.

Ultimate Guide To Difference Between Google Ads And Adsense

At the lower end of the scale, you can earn $2-$5 per 1000 page views. On the other hand, you could be looking at $30+ for 1000 page views in the top rankings with a blog in a competitive area with a high cost per click (CPC).

The best way to get a true idea of ​​your Adsense income is to look at the income reports of other bloggers in your niche.

Remember that income varies from region to region, country to country and even year to year.

Almost all owners of monetizing websites or YouTube channels are part of the Adsense publisher group. Displaying Adsense ads is easy, stress-free and will earn you little money. In fact, this is one of the main sources of income for blogs and YouTube.

How Much Google Adsense Can Pay For 100k Visitors Per Month?

The bottom line is that the pros outweigh the cons in this case, but there are other networks that can make your site even better.

Google Adsense is easy to recommend because it is easy to use. However, there are great ways to increase your ad revenue and earn more money without extra work.

Ezoic is one of the best display networks. In fact, this is what Spencer uses on his private sites, including Own The Yard

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