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How Recruiters Use Linkedin To Find Candidates

How Recruiters Use Linkedin To Find Candidates – With more than 760 million users on the platform, you can find almost anyone to connect with and recruit on LinkedIn.

Whether it’s for your SaaS agency or you’re just looking for a web developer for a short-term project, LinkedIn is the best choice for hiring people.

How Recruiters Use Linkedin To Find Candidates

In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about using LinkedIn to recruit and give you 5 tips to ensure you get the best hire.

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And finally, we’ll reveal our secret hiring hack to show you how we found the perfect Scrum Master with an app.

Basically, LinkedIn Recruiter is an outbound recruiting method, as you reach your ideal candidates after a filtered search.

And the LinkedIn Talent Hub is for inbound recruiting. This means that candidates fill your job advertisement and you have to choose the best employee to contact.

It’s a recruiting platform for professionals, HR managers and talent recruiters that helps you find, manage and connect with the perfect candidates for your team.

How To Use Linkedin Effectively During Your Job Search

Like Sales Navigator, it also offers advanced LinkedIn keyword search with Boolean and advanced search filters to help you find the right employee.

With this, the platform aims to save time in finding the right person and engage the world’s most qualified talent pool for your recruitment purpose.

If you find your list of candidates through their search filter, you can connect with them through personalized InMails (even if you don’t have their contact information). To speed up the process, you can use mass messaging and saved templates to reach more candidates even faster.

Once you’ve filtered your search for prospects using their job title, location, skills, and other keywords, LinkedIn Recruiters provides a pool of potential talent that you can prioritize or save into a project.

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Then prioritize the candidates and assign it to the people most likely to respond. In addition to those who have shown that they are open to new job opportunities, committed to your brand or meet your needs.

And finally, you can easily manage and track your recruiting efforts with LinkedIn’s powerful analytics tools. This allows you to better track the people you reached, who responded, who didn’t respond, etc.

This way you will know how your campaign is doing and if you need to make changes.

In short, LinkedIn Recruiter is perfect for people working in HR or if you’re looking for the perfect candidate for an internal, long-term job. With Recruiter, you can get a list of potential candidates and contact them yourself. And if you’re a talent recruiter, you can even save searches and share profiles with your team members for a second opinion.

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Depending on your needs, LinkedIn Recruiter can cost around $99.95 per month (Basic) or $825 per month (Business plan).

At its core, LinkedIn Talent Hub is an applicant tracking system (ATS) that allows you to manage all of your recruiting needs on one platform.

This means that if you’ve been using too many recruiting tools to manage your candidates and their applications, LinkedIn Talent Hub can help you get information about your entire recruiting process from just one app.

With Talent Hub, you get a pipeline of people who applied to your job ad, and the tool allows you to narrow down the candidates until you find the employee of your dreams.

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First fill in and post your job details. Talent Hub helps you by providing job descriptions based on millions of other jobs.

So when you have posted a position and the candidates come in, you will have an overview of the employees who are ready to be hired.

LinkedIn Talent Hub makes it easier to see candidates who have filled your job posting and narrow down your choices.

So if you already have a decent business on LinkedIn and you know that people would love to work with you, LinkedIn Talent Hub is the best choice for you.

Ways Recruiters Find Candidates

Now let’s discuss some of the best recruiting tips to help you find the best employees and another recruiting solution you might want to consider when recruiting on LinkedIn.

But sometimes recruiters get so caught up in crafting the perfect InMail that they skip this simple step.

Creating a job ad on LinkedIn is free, and you also have the option to increase your ad budget if you want to increase your reach.

In the job advertisement itself, you should cover all the most important things – title, description, required skills, etc.

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You want to attract the ideal employee. To do this, make sure your job description aligns with your brand values ​​so that your loyal LinkedIn followers want to apply as soon as you share job openings.

This is especially true if you have a lot of followers on LinkedIn and are constantly increasing your company’s LinkedIn page.

In this case, job sharing may sometimes be necessary to attract the best employee.

If you have a free LinkedIn account, you can only send connection requests or instant messages if you are already connected.

How Recruiters Get Candidate Data From Linkedin Recruiter? By William Henry

But with InMails, you can remove all that and send a direct message to a potential candidate’s inbox.

Because they work like email, you can customize your templates and messages to suit your writing purposes.

And by including a relevant subject line, you can immediately grab their attention and tell them what your message is about.

To use LinkedIn InMails, you need to upgrade to a premium account, which can cost you $29.99 per month to $119.95 per month. And depending on the number of InMails you want to send per month, you may have to pay extra.

Building Representative Talent Search At Linkedin

It can wear off quickly. Continue reading to find out how we found a Scrum Master with LinkedIn Automation below.

If you do not want your potential customers to be notified that you have visited their profile, please enable this option to remain anonymous.

To do this, go to LinkedIn Settings and Privacy, select “Profile View Options” and switch to private mode.

The idea is that you don’t want your potential candidates to be notified that a recruiter went through their profile (that’s a surprise! ).

How To Find Talent On A Budget

This works best if you don’t have a large following or an advertising budget to spend on reaching hundreds of people.

They can also attract top talent, reduce advertising costs and create a positive culture. Employees hired through referrals tend to stay with the company longer.

You can then add a note to your job posting that if the reader knows someone else who might be a better fit for the position, they will receive a monetary reward for referring the employee.

Last but not least, this recruiting tip is what worked for us without blowing our ad budget or spending months building our LinkedIn following.

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Instead, we used LinkedIn’s advanced dynamic personalization to reach a list of candidates with a fun and immediate recruitment message.

First, we set up a simple Sales Navigator search for a Scrum Master in our area to find a list of relevant candidates.

Next, we used LinkedIn Automation ( ) and leveraged hyper-personalization through the Hyperise integration using dynamic GIFs that stood out in candidates’ inboxes.

Here’s an image we created that took the profile picture and first name from the candidate’s LinkedIn profile:

Linkedin Recruitment: 5 Expandi Tips For Hiring The Best Employee

Imagine getting the poster image you want right in your inbox together with your profile picture. Talk about attention!

Want to know how you can start using hyper-personalization on your LinkedIn profile to hire the best employee?

See Hyperise’s full integration page for more information and details on how to run a similar campaign.

Unlike LinkedIn Recruiter, you can use LinkedIn Automation to automate the achievement of many different goals and strategies.

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We’ve used it to distribute our e-book, book meetings on autopilot, and even find multi-channel outreach by integrating with our preferred e-marketing tool.

We also achieved an 82% acceptance rate and a 70% follow-up rate using smart alert targeting and relevant models.

This ebook is your ticket to never wondering how to market your LinkedIn event again

What works now won’t work in a few months 😉 So… If you want speed and profits – before it’s too late and before everyone starts using

How To Respond To Recruiters On Linkedin

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