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How To Add Background Image In Instagram Story


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How To Add Background Image In Instagram Story

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How To Add Music To An Instagram Story, With And Without Stickers

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In particular, there are two main ways to change the background color of your Story. Which one to use will depend on whether you want to add a photo or video to your story. or just text and stickers

Most Instagram stories contain images. But if the image is not full screen there will be some space in the Background.

You can change this background color with the drawing tool. This method is a bit flawed. but it works and lets you choose the color you want

Top 10 Favorite Insta Story Tricks

1. Open Instagram and tap your story icon in the top left. Next, select the photo or video you want to upload.

On this page you will find a “Sweepstakes” that allows you to choose who can see your story meta; William Antonelli / Inside

3. Toolbars will appear at the top and bottom of the screen. Tap the leftmost option in the top toolbar. (It looks like a pen tip) and select the color you want from the toolbar at the bottom.

Quick tip: You can also select the highlight option in the middle of the top toolbar. If you want the background to be transparent and the color you want is not in the bottom toolbar, you can use the eyeliner tool on the left to choose the color directly from your photo or video.

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4. Touch and hold your finger anywhere on the screen. After a while, the entire screen will be filled with the color you selected.

5. Now tap the rightmost option on the top toolbar to enable eraser. Drag your finger across the screen to remove the colors that cover your photo or video.

This can be a messy process. So slow down and don’t forget to use the undo button at the top left. You can also use the slider on the left to zoom in or out of your brush.

After removing the background, you may want to use the pen again to fill in the Blank meta; William Antonelli / Inside

How To Change Instagram Story Background Color

Quick tip: Alternatively, you can save the photo on your phone with the background color you want. and then upload it to your story. You can still add text and other stickers.

Another way most people create Instagram Stories is by using a creator tool. This feature has templates that you can use to quickly post polls, timers, GIFs, and more. The main difference is that it doesn’t allow you to put pictures or videos.

And unlike the method above Generator has a built-in feature that allows you to change the background color. Here’s how to use it.

1. Open Instagram and swipe right to open the camera. Then select the Create Aa option on the left.

How To Change The Background Color Of Your Instagram Story With A Photo

2. A page will open where you can choose your story template. You will notice small air bubbles. It also appears in the lower right corner. Click this bubble to change the background color.

3. When you find a pattern you like. Choose your story template and finish. Publish when you’re ready.

You can also use how to draw vehicles here. When you’re done creating your story. and go to a page where you can choose who can see it. Tap the three-dot icon in the top right and select Draw. All the same steps work.

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How To Share An Instagram Post To Your Story

Taking Instagram story backgrounds as an example, more and more people are changing the background color of their stories to make them look original (and fun!).

If there’s one thing that can be said about Instagram, it’s that the social network offers many ways to unleash your creativity.

Instagram offers several features that make it easy to take your stories to the next level.

There are several types of stickers to add to your story. Some are animated. Some listings allow you to mention your friends. You can hold Q&A sessions with your followers.

How To Change The Background Color On Instagram Story

Stickers are easy to use. And when you start adding them to your story. You won’t have enough stickers.

Instagram Live is a popular feature that allows you to connect with your friends. Many brands use it to broadcast important events, interviews, or plan takeovers with influencers.

What makes Instagram Live so compelling is its ability to take you into the world without the need for additional filters and timelines. Accuracy is gratifying and it’s up to you to decide how often to publish.

However, it is important to practice and understand the technical aspects of a live broadcast. Find the best angle to hold your phone. Think about what you want to say. Discover all the features you need before going live.

How To Add Text To Instagram Stories

The best part about using Direct? When you start your live broadcast, users will be notified. This means your brand can see an immediate increase in engagement.

Another way to get creative on Instagram is to share a video collage on your story. Instagram collages became popular when influencers started sharing photos together in a single Story.

Collage stories look incredibly creative. And many users want to follow the trend. To meet this request, Instagram has come up with an easy way. To create collages through layout features. All you have to do is add at least two images to your Story and customize them accordingly.

You can also create your own collage by experimenting with the background and how you want it to appear. You can learn more about Instagram collages here.

Instagram: Here’s How To Use Templates In Stories

Did you know that changing backgrounds is one of the most frequently used story features on social media?

Many of Instagram’s features start with a one-step change of your background image. Changing solid colors in a story can be easy, but you can go much further.

Changing your Instagram Story background allows you to try out new creative ideas. You don’t have to limit yourself to the same story to increase engagement.

There are three ways to change your background. It depends on what kind of background you want to add to your story.

How To Change The Background Color On Instagram Story

You can change your story by adding another color option. This makes your content more visible.

Tip: As a result of this change, the image you originally added to your Story is no longer there, so you should treat the story with the new background as a blank canvas for adding text.

Also, if you are sharing a post from your feed and want to set a background color that matches the branding of your post. You can use crayons to choose colors just like in your post.

What if you want to be more creative and don’t want to limit yourself to simple color changes?

How To Add Background Picture In Instagram Story

Find wallpapers from free stock sites like PikWizard,, or Pinterest and download them to your phone.

Tip: Your new wallpaper doesn’t have to be from freely available websites. You can create your own background with a design team that will reflect your brand. and make your story instantly recognizable as it comes from your brand.

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Your third option is to change the background color. but also add an image superimposed on it

How To Add Or Change An Instagram Background

If you miss the desktop pop-up, go to the Text function and select Paste. The image will still be displayed.

Although it seems like an insignificant feature. But changing your Instagram Story background allows you to create new ways.

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