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How To Add My Company To Google Maps

How To Add My Company To Google Maps – While Google Search is the starting point for most searches that lead to website visits, Google Maps is a major driver of clicks and steps for businesses with a physical location, such as a store or restaurant.

Google My Business is an important component of any local SEO campaign, as it is essential for ranking in local search results (map search results). Creating an account is the first step any local or small business should take to increase their local SEO.

How To Add My Company To Google Maps

Below we can see a Google My Business account in action – an Oxford based SEO consultancy with their Google My Business account appearing in Map Pack results.

How To Add A Location Or Missing Place In Google Maps

From there, potential customers can view an ever-growing list of information, including business hours and contact details, details of products and services provided, relevant images of offices or work samples, customer reviews, business updates and FAQs, to name a few. mention. .

Making your business visible on Google Maps helps drive real customers to your store through Google Maps searches and Google Search. This gives searchers additional information, such as opening hours and details of the services you offer, along with user reviews to help build trust, which can lead to sales.

This makes it very important for any local business to appear on Google Maps. But how do you add your business to Google Maps?

Google My Business is a free online platform that allows businesses to manage how their businesses appear on Google Maps.

How To Add My Business Or Location To Google Maps

It’s worth noting that a website is not mandatory for your business to be listed on Google Maps, but it will help give you more visibility in Google’s local search results, which will increase your conversions to get sales.

We’ve put together a short video to guide you through the process using web design agency as an example.

Go to and click Sign In. You can use your Google login (the account you use for gmail, Google Drive, etc.).

Click Manage Now and then start typing your business name. If it appears in the list, it may have already been created, in which case you can claim it, but if not, you can add your business name and then click the option to create a business with the name provided.

Google My Business Tutorial: How To Create An Account

Then check that your business name appears correctly. It should appear as used on your website or anywhere your business name is mentioned.

Now you need to select the appropriate Google My Business category. This should be the main category in your business. You can also add subcategories after you set up your account, so choose a primary category at this point.

Include the services your business offers. You can choose from services suggested by Google and/or add custom services.

This is an important option, as businesses that do not have a physical location will not appear on Google Maps.

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Enter your business address exactly as it appears on your website. It is important to use the same address and format when listing your business address anywhere online. This helps keep things consistent and avoid any confusion.

Then enter the Google My Business contact number (bonus points if you have a local number) along with your website address (if you have one).

Once you’ve completed your listing, you’ll have access to your Google My Business dashboard. From here you can update your business details, add opening hours, images/photos, your business description, any subcategories of your business and more.

To properly manage your Google My Business account, you must verify it, which can be done by entering a code that will be sent to the business address on a postcard.

How To Create A Profile In Google My Business? A Quick Guide To Add Your Company To Google Maps Rating Captain

Once your account is activated, you will receive a confirmation email. Your customers can now find your business on Google.

To further increase your visibility, you can import your Google My Business data into Bing Places. This is Bing’s equivalent of Google My Business, allowing your business to appear on Bing Maps and in Bing’s local search results.

You can also sync your Bing Places account to ensure that any changes made to your Google My Business listing are also updated in Bing.

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A Smart Way To Rank Higher On Google Maps

An unexpected error occurred. Your action is not over. Please try again or contact support. More and more people are using maps to discover new places to visit. This is a great tool for businesses looking to increase their physical presence or increase their brand awareness in a local area. Start reaping the benefits of adding your business to Maps with these three easy steps.

Now that your business is visible on maps, you need to make sure it is optimized so that potential customers can easily understand what you have to offer at a glance.

Start the process of adding your business to Maps by logging in or logging into My Business, then follow the simple instructions to claim or create your free business profile. Your business profile is a free business listing from My Business, which allows you to appear on local searches and maps.

You can choose and claim a short name and URL for your listing. Information that appears on your business profile is shown on maps and in search results, whether users perform a search with relevant keywords or search for specific information about your business.

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A business listing for your business may already be on the cards if previous customers have given you a review or uploaded a photo. If this is the case, you will need to claim the listing (instead of creating it from scratch) and verify that you own the business before making changes to the information displayed on your profile.

Once you have claimed your business profile, you will be asked to verify that you are the business owner. The verification process helps ensure that your information is accurate and that only the business owner or manager has access to edit and update the profile for your business.

The most common way to verify your profile is to receive a postcard to your business address with a verification code. The postcard can take up to two weeks to arrive and contains a 5-digit verification code that you enter on the My Business website or through the app. Some companies can verify their profile by phone, email or search console. If one of these options is available for your business, the system will automatically detect it and notify you during the verification process.

Let’s say a record store in South Devon wants to claim and verify their business profile. Previous customers have already uploaded a photo and left a review for the record store on Maps, so business owners can display their business name, address and website link right here in the business listing. To add more information to the cards, they must claim the list and then verify it with the postcard. After that, they can add more information to their profile and post updates.

How To Add Or Claim Your Business Profile On Google

When verifying your business, it’s important to fill out every section of your profile and provide as much information as possible. Research shows that nearly 70% of users consider companies with comprehensive listings to be more reliable, approachable and well-established. The more complete your business listing is, the more effective it will be – giving you a better chance of attracting new customers to your store or website.

After you have successfully verified your company, you must ensure that all information included in your profile is accurate and up to date. The details you provide will appear in search, maps and other services to users in mobile and desktop browsing. Start by confirming that your address, opening hours and contact details are correct. You can also claim your short name and URL and add your business logo. It is a good idea to add a cover photo and photos to the photo display on your profile so that potential customers can easily find your store and get an impression.

A business profile combines the details you provide with user contributions, such as pictures and reviews, to help potential customers understand more about your business and the experience of other users when they visit you.

Now that your business is visible on maps, it’s time to make sure it’s optimized to show users the information they’re looking for. Think about the elements of your profile – like attributes and reviews – that show what’s most important to you, that help you stand out.

How To Add Your Business To Google Maps (the Right Way)

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