How To Be Listed On Google Search

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Did you know that you can be listed even if you don’t have a separate, dedicated physical location (such as a private office) to operate your business?

How To Be Listed On Google Search

Yes, businesses that want more local clients can still appear in search results in your area (eg Cincinnati, OH) without advertising your home address or co-working space. Great news for lean service businesses that deftly keep operational costs low without having a private physical location!

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To find out how this works, I turned to my friend Danielle Isbell. Danielle has been marketing local businesses for over six years. Here’s his take on how to register a local business online with or without a dedicated business address.

Google My Business is a great asset for any local business. A Google My Business listing is a collection of information that you see when you search for a business on Google Maps or your web browser, with the map displayed on top (or “Local Plan”) coveted from a local listing.

Any business serving a specific geographic area is considered a local business. Think of your local grocery store, coffee shop, law firm, etc. Any business with a physical address can be pinpointed on a map and shown on the map and in search results via a Google My Business listing.

If you serve a local area, you still qualify as a local business. For example, trainers, decorators and photographers (but not ecommerce businesses). If you don’t have an address, you can still create a Google My Business listing.

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Currently, co-working spaces are a gray area for Google My Business listings. They’ve cracked down on virtual offices in the past, and now they’re easing it up a bit, but there are a few caveats:

PO Boxes are a violation of Google’s Terms of Use and may result in your listing being suspended. So don’t do it!

If you don’t have full-time office hours in any one location and can serve people anywhere, set up a service area business with no physical address. You can start Google My Business here. When asked about your location,

And, if you really work on your profile and get those reviews, you can even show up on local plans without an address, like this business:

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Fill in as much information as you want, add images, and start using features like posting, messaging, scheduling, and anything else that suits your business.

After setting up your business, be sure to verify it. You will enter an address in your preferred geographic location (it will not be published so you can use your home address). A postcard will be sent to this address with a code that you will enter in your profile to verify your region. Here’s what I look like:

The whole world has had to make big changes in the way it does business, and Google is no exception. They have decided to temporarily suspend many Google My Business features to focus on supporting medical and essential businesses.

You can also post special COVID-19 updates to keep your clients and customers informed about what’s going on with your business during this time.

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Danielle Isbell has been marketing local businesses for over six years. While he is still involved in all of the marketing, he is now focused on graphic design and illustration. She lives in Covington, KY with her husband and art supplies.

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Solopreneur, google my business, business address, business location, local business, service business, SEO, search results, small business, Sales Lists on Google are essential for any business, but especially important for local businesses. Because Google is the undisputed champion of online search, the information associated with your Google business profile becomes a reference point for anyone looking for your business or service provider in your area.

To ensure that the information you provide to potential customers on Google is valid and you have control over it, you need to claim your Google Profile. This article will outline how to claim your business on Google.

Search to find your profile and look for “Own this business?”. You will then be asked to log in to claim the business.

Note: If you can’t find your listing on Google, you’ll need to create a new listing. Google will take you through a series of steps to include your business information, location, and finish by verifying your business.

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After signing in to Google, you’ll go through a series of steps to claim your business listing.

After clicking ‘Done’, you will be asked to choose a method to verify your listing. To confirm that you are truly responsible for the business and that the address listed is correct, Google will ask you to verify the listing. Here you can choose to get a verification code by phone, SMS or email. Faster verification options are automated calls or text messages. If you do not have access to this phone number, please select the email option. It can take up to two weeks to send the code. After receiving the code and confirming it in your Google My Business account, you will have full control over your profile. Happy!

Once your Google My Business account has been claimed, be sure to take advantage of it:

If you have any questions or need help with your Google profile, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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As a chiropractor, good reviews on Google can help your business a lot by making you more visible and giving you more potential credibility. Here’s how to get your event listed in Google search results and ensure potential attendees can find your event. There are several ways to register, depending on your website.

If your event isn’t listed in Google search results, you may have missed the event because attendees didn’t see it. So, during the event planning phase, once you’ve set a date, get the details online as soon as possible.

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In Google’s words, “The event experience on Google makes it easier for people to find and attend events through Google search results and other Google products such as Google Maps.”

Let’s say I like jazz and I want to see live music this weekend. I can type something like “jazz concert in Portland” into Google Search and get results like this:

That’s the discovery part. When you list your event, be it a concert or a conference, you can use Google to reach a large potential audience. This works for almost any event search, like “2022 sales training conference” or “new york bridal show”.

Then there’s the instant interaction. Participants can purchase tickets directly from a Google search, which is a huge win on mobile. They can see the location of the event on a map and get directions. As Eventbrite found, while you may have great information on your website, increasing engagement with Google can increase ticket sales.

How To Claim Your Business On Google

OK, technically there’s only one way to get into the market and that’s using structured data. But since most of us aren’t web developers who can edit HTML, I’ll include 3 additional solutions that don’t require code. I believe 1 of them will work for you.

Structured data (or schema) is a standard way of categorizing web content so that Google and other search engines can understand it better. When Google crawls your page and sees structured data, it knows it’s looking at an event. Not only that, Google will also learn the details of the event, such as time, location, etc.

Listing an event is a two-step process, the first step is bookmarking your event page. I won’t go into details here because Google has a lot of details: How to add structured data.

You can see all the possible event patterns with examples here. Or you can use a schematic generator like this one to help get it right.

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The second step is to make sure Google can see your page. After adding the schema, ask Google to index your event page.

But if you