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How To Beat Automatic Bidding On Ebay


How To Beat Automatic Bidding On Ebay – This article will teach you how to win items on eBay at a low price. You might think that the best strategy for bidding on eBay is to go in as a “bid shooter” at the last minute and hope that no one else will do the same and beat you – but we know otherwise.

Everyone wants to win something they buy on, but of the 170 million active users, only one person can be the highest bidder at the end of the auction. So how can you be sure that you are that person? And most importantly, how do you do it without overdoing it?

How To Beat Automatic Bidding On Ebay

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EBay has a great feature called “Best Offer” that allows sellers to submit their “best offer” during the auction and see if they accept it. If the seller is interested but wants more money, he can accept, reject, or counter-offer. Or yours

If accepted, you can often find items without waiting at auction, saving you money. This is how people win at auctions, so if you want to save time and money, learn how to make or return eBay’s best offers here.

Once you’ve found an item you want to bid on, search for similar items on eBay (or other online marketplaces like and see what they’re selling for. You can also search for similar items that have been sold before and see what the bids were for those items (see our article on how to search on eBay. already sold).

The best way to track an item over time is to add it to your eBay watch list

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. The watchlist shows you what’s going on with the item, and if you really want to beat it, check it several times a day.

All of this information will give you an idea of ​​how much the item might sell for, so you have an “asking rate” to base your bid on. Of course, depending on how much you want an item, you need to determine how much you want to pay for that item.

You can only learn more about what you have to pay to get your item depending on the seller. See what other customers say about the seller. Notice how this seller is moving; They may have high reviews, but if all the recent reviews are negative, you should avoid them. If the seller seems suspicious in some way or keeps increasing the auction, you may want to start your search elsewhere. Learn the difference between good and bad eBay sellers here.

“Low-bubble bidding” is the deliberate opening of many items with very low bids in order to pay as little as possible in addition to the opening bid. Although this may seem tempting, there are three reasons why you shouldn’t do it:

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If you are caught low-ball bidding, sellers will start blocking or canceling your bids. In addition, if your behavior is reported to eBay, your bidding rights may be restricted. If you made a mistake on your last search or you have second thoughts about your bid, we show you how to cancel or remove an eBay bid in five easy steps (and if you are allowed to do so).

We just said that intentionally low bids in auctions are a no-no, but it’s also a bad idea to immediately bid your highest. For one thing, it provides a lot of information about what you need. If someone uses this information (along with other bid information) to determine and place the highest bid that can beat you, you are wrong.

A better strategy is to wait until the end of the auction to bid or “bite the bid” a little. It makes high bids during the auction and observes how other bidders react to it, such as how often they make new high bids and how much they raise above the current high. (See tip 9 for more on why this is helpful.)

Remember to make your highest bid and stick to it during the auction. Increase the price gradually, but don’t go above the highest bid at any time, and don’t show all your cards at once by clearly showing what is the highest.

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EBay sometimes offers coupons or discounts to save money on auctions. This is one of the easiest ways to lower your costs, so choose to do the auction while you have a valid coupon. To receive coupons, simply change your eBay notification settings to receive special offers by email. We show you how to do this in our article on how to find and use eBay coupons.

A common mistake that bidders make is that they round their bids to the nearest dollar or add a regular amount (5, 10, 25, or 50 cents exact). The problem with this is that bid increments are measured this way, making it easy for other sellers to outbid you by using bid increments as a guide.

Instead, adding a few extra cents at the end of your bid (as in $10.28 or $56.73) means you can’t be outbid by someone else, because adding a payment will beat your top prize! It may not always be the case, but a few cents can mean the difference between winning something and walking away empty-handed.

If you click on [X] Bids on the details page of a sold item, you will see a record of the highest bids placed on that item, when and by whom. Even if the customer’s username is changed to a pseudonym, each unique user will have a star of the same color next to their name.

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Depending on how high a person bids, or how many times the highest bid is placed, you can say how much you like the item or how good you think this auction is. Your best bet would be to place the highest bid at the end of the auction to beat the competition. See the “sniping” tip below for more information.

EBay offers a proxy bidding service that allows you to tell eBay ahead of time the maximum amount you want to pay. During the auction, it automatically places a bid above your highest bid, keeping your bid below the original. When placing your first bid, place your maximum bid and activate eBay. This will remain private until you reach your highest level (if you do) during the sale. To learn more about how this works, see eBay’s help page for more information about automated bidding.

If you don’t want to use the eBay bidding proxy system, you can get the same result by using the “bid nibbling” strategy. Start with a low price, but keep the high end in mind. Each time someone passes you, increase the price by a small amount. If you are someone who is alert and doesn’t mind visiting auctions from time to time, this strategy will work for you.

These tools help you optimize your efforts. An “auction sniper” service like LastMinute Auction needs you at the last minute to find out what your best deal is. Although other people may be using these tools and their bids may be higher than yours, these bids are placed in the last 5 seconds of the auction, so you usually win something! For proof, check out this review on why last minute deals work most of the time.

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There are also services like BayCrazy that help you find hidden eBay bargains by showing you items for sale on eBay without bids. You can also see the price of the item and how much time is left in the auction. You can adjust the results to suit your interests, or search for misspellings.

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