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How To Claim Company Page On Linkedin

How To Claim Company Page On Linkedin – Therefore, a LinkedIn company page can be a great way to tell your business story and introduce your products and services to your best customers.

It gives you a platform to connect with your followers, share updates and even recruit the best candidates for your team.

How To Claim Company Page On Linkedin

With more than 722 million LinkedIn members in more than 200 countries and territories around the world, Company Pages allow you to expand your reach and connect with prospects and customers in the best possible way.

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But there are millions of pages on the site. So, the question is, how can you make your Linkedin business page unique and effective among your target audience?

Well, my answer is: look for new features and keep improving your Linkedin business page with the latest updates.

However, in this article, I’ve summarized the best ways to improve your LinkedIn company page to help increase your brand’s visibility and engagement.

If you already have a business page on your website, I recommend opening a new tab and editing the page while reading this article.

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Before diving into improving your company website, you should analyze your existing website and list changes that you think are outdated or that could be improved.

Once done, start from top to bottom and follow the best practices I’ll share with you.

A cover photo is the first thing that grabs your visitors’ attention and inspires them to learn more about your company.

Therefore, your cover photo should be attractive and leave an impression of your company, mission, and culture in the minds of visitors.

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If you look at the cover image of Mailchimp’s LinkedIn page, it highlights their corporate culture, which gets a lot of attention and also reflects who they really are in the world.

Make sure to use the appropriate image size when resizing your cover photo. The recommended pixel size for a LinkedIn cover photo is 1128px by 191px, so make sure you stick to this exact size.

Overall, your cover photo should grab attention and encourage visitors to scroll down to learn more about your company, career opportunities, and company culture.

You don’t want to deceive your potential customers by showing outdated information in your business description. No one – Literally no one is interested in 5 years of awards or recognition for your company.

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People want to know where the company is now and where it was in the past. So keep your LinkedIn company page description up to date with your most recent credentials and results to build trust with your audience.

Since LinkedIn company pages are easy to use, a company description would be a great place to include your target keywords by listing your services in the professional section. Check out HubSpot’s company profile for inspiration.

A call-to-action button appears below the company name and logo. LinkedIn offers 5 CTA options to choose from: Learn More, Sign Up, Sign Up, Visit Website, and Contact Us.

The right CTA is all about what you want your website visitors to do next if they want to engage. For example, a service-based organization or consulting firm wants visitors to visit their website and connect with them, so “view website” or “contact us” would be their best CTA buttons.

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Also, for a SaaS based business, “Sign Up” would be the correct CTA button to add to the page.

If your business provides services in multiple locations, be sure to include each location on your business page.

LinkedIn enables you to add locations to your company, so if you have offices in multiple locations, you should add each location to your company page.

It increases your likelihood of appearing in search results when professionals search for nearby service providers.

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So make sure you take advantage of this feature and increase the exposure of your business to potential markets near you.

If you operate under different company names/brands in different fields, it can be overwhelming to create and manage LinkedIn company pages for each of your companies.

That’s why LinkedIn allows you to create a cover page for each company page, allowing you to put any affiliate or brand at the center of your LinkedIn company page.

Showcase pages appear in the upper right corner, which is a great place to draw visitors to other related brands and social events.

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Pro tip: Make sure your watch page is organized so your most popular brands are listed.

When you create a LinkedIn Business Page, you’ll be asked to create a unique URL for your Page. But anyway, if you missed this step, now is the time to order a custom URL for your website.

Custom URLs are short and easy to remember and easy to share with your followers and friends. All in all, it makes the page URL more SEO friendly, which increases the visibility of the resulting page.

To create a private URL for your page, go to the admin tool, select “Reddit URL public” from the drop-down menu, enter your desired URL in the space, and click the “Save Changes” button.

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Recently, LinkedIn released a feature to post a post to the top of a page feed (just like posting a video on a Twitter page).

If you use this feature strategically, it can make a big difference in your business. One of the best ways to do this is to publish one of your top posts with a magnet at the top to convert your leads.

Finally, if you’re hiring, you can use this feature to make posts that showcase your company’s culture or announce job openings.

If you use LinkedIn groups to create a community for your business and generate leads, LinkedIn allows you to display LinkedIn groups on your company page.

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These featured groups appear in the sidebar of information pages. People can click and request to join the group.

LinkedIn allows you to add 3 hashtags related to your business or community. Adding these tags will enable you to view and engage with popular posts on your business page, helping you increase your business page presence and attract more followers.

A LinkedIn company page with no or no relevance is not useful to a company. So start by inviting your company employees and other relevant contacts to follow your company page.

But this is the game, you can’t send unlimited invites to attract your potential customers. LinkedIn only gives you 250 points per month, which you can use to send invitations – 1 point per invitation.

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When someone accepts an invitation to your website, the credit is regained and added to the company’s website balance. However, when an individual declines or withdraws your invitation, points will not be regained and your account balance will be deleted. So be careful who you send the request to.

LinkedIn is #1 for professional and corporate marketing, especially B2B companies. A LinkedIn Company is how you can build a strong presence for your brand on your website. It also allows you to promote and advertise your business on LinkedIn to generate leads and brand awareness using LinkedIn ads, which you don’t want to overlook if your target audience is C-Executives and professionals.

Now is the time to make the necessary changes to your LinkedIn company page and increase organic reach and engagement.

After optimizing your LinkedIn company page, why not optimize your personal LinkedIn profile? I recommend you to read this article – Powerful Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. According to data published in the April 2022 Whole Earth Catalog, the chance of an ad reaching LinkedIn is 828.1 million. This is 10.4% of the world’s population and 16.6% of the total number of Internet users. Granted, it’s not as high as Facebook’s 2.14 billion, but it’s still significant. LinkedIn is more than a place for companies to post jobs and potential employees to leave resumes. It’s a full-fledged social network focused on career and career issues. There may not be many hamburger fins on McDonald’s LinkedIn account, but LinkedIn is the place to be for any business looking to attract professionals. So, how good is your LinkedIn profile? Maybe it’s time for a LinkedIn audit.

Perhaps more than any other social network, your LinkedIn profile is the gateway to your brand image. While social profiles are always important to showcase your business values ​​and ideas, it’s even more so on LinkedIn, where you can find many of your most valuable employees. But it’s not just potential employees who view your LinkedIn profile. It can be any other stakeholder, including potential customers. If you are in the B2B industry, your profile is very important because LinkedIn is the most popular in the community

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