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How To Create A Folder In Gmail


How To Create A Folder In Gmail – Email has become the perfect mode of communication More than half of the world’s population sends and receives large amounts of online mail every day

When you think of email, the first name that comes to mind is Gmail No wonder – Gmail is the leading online email service worldwide with over 1.5 billion active users.

How To Create A Folder In Gmail

Because we receive so many emails every day; Work, friends travel bills, news becomes difficult to handle It’s easy to get lost and miss some really important information Fortunately, Gmail has a solution for this – you can create folders to organize your emails.

Gmail: Introduction To Gmail

Note: Gmail folders aren’t really folders; They do very similar things, but are called indexes Since we are using this convenient name – folders – we continue to call this type of message storage So don’t get confused when you see a “folder” called “Tags”. In this article, we will assume these are equivalent Why do we need to create folders?

It’s good to keep things organized, and organization is even better when it’s simple Even if you don’t receive dozens of emails a day, you know it’s easy to lose those important messages in the spam

Fortunately, you can organize your inbox and keep it clutter-free It may seem intuitive to group things into folders, but labels are a perfect match for email. For example, you could put letters in a folder about travel issues and add the blue label “travel.” Now all your travel emails are blue This interesting feature makes navigating through your inbox much easier

Additionally, you can quickly retrieve tagged emails, even if they were sent a month ago You sure don’t want to fumble around looking for that flight ticket before checking in at the airport

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Canary Mail is one of the best Gmail alternatives overall Put emails in folders and keep things organized

To understand how they work; Inbox Sent Let’s look at the default Gmail labels like spam etc All labels have self-explanatory names – the inbox contains incoming emails and sent messages you’ve sent. Yes, it is. When you click a default label or one you’ve created, Gmail performs a search; Filters all matching emails and displays a set of results

You can create folders to group similar messages Tagging is like adding colored stickers to a large worksheet You just bookmark the page to stand out with others You can add two or more labels to an email to simplify navigation

Let’s start small You can create a folder in your inbox; So open a browser, go to Gmail, sign in to your account and let’s get started This will take 30 seconds:

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After creating your first index, you can add sub-indexes It works like a folder within a folder For example, you have a “Tasks” tab where you collect all your task messages To make the index more precise, you can create subcategories “Peers”, “Customers”, “Partners”.

Let’s move on to an advanced method of creating a folder in Settings Here you will find detailed instructions for customizing the label yourself

In the settings you can “Show in index list”; You can customize some settings such as “Show in list”.

Folders will appear in your sidebar, giving you quick access to sorted emails Just click on a folder and get a set of results Additionally, you can change the color of the label that highlights certain emails That’s not the end of it – add some labels to your conversation and navigation will be easier

How To Create Folders (aka Labels) In Gmail

If you prefer the mobile app to the browser version, good news – it’s easy to create folders from your iPhone, too. Note that you can only see the labels you add

Labels can be edited and deleted You can rename them and create sub-directories After such cleaning, your inbox will never be full again

So, as you can see, you can create tags as easily as you can through the Gmail app or the Gmail web platform But we should remind you that there is only one way to edit and delete labels through the web version of Gmail.

When you scroll through the Gmail menu, you’ll see the Manage Labels option Clicking on it will take you to Index Settings Here, you can customize the labels you want to show in the list of labels/messages you want to hide permanently.

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If multiple labels are used It may be useful to hide some of them so they don’t clutter your Gmail menu too much

You can easily apply labels to emails – select an email or a batch of emails; Click the Label icon on the toolbar and select the appropriate label

Moving emails from one folder to another is just a matter of deleting the old label and adding a new one.

Fortunately, in practice, this is not as difficult as it seems Follow the step-by-step instructions and you’ll understand why:

How To Automatically Move Emails To A Folder In Gmail

If you want to transfer an email from a specific label, select it and follow the instructions above.

There is a simple way to move your messages – long press on the email and drag it to the required folder. Well you can now find the transferred message in the destination index

It’s nice to be able to remove labels manually, but it only clutters your inbox if the email goes to the correct folder in the first place. Fortunately, Gmail lets you automate the process by automatically applying labels based on filters:

Gmail can be a bit confusing with its labels Don’t worry about folding your messages into traditional folders and accidentally deleting them. Try some alternative email management apps Tools like Canary Mail are better versions of Gmail They unlock advanced features of your inbox and make it more organized; Keep it private and separate

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The most obvious reason to use other mail apps is convenience – you can finally control and organize your messages It also saves you time Because such applications help you navigate through your inbox and find the messages you need at lightning speed.

Canary Mail is an inbox organization application that not only manages your messages expertly, but also takes care of your security. This mail app highlights important messages for easy access and alerts you to them when needed

You can create as many folders as you need and they will automatically appear in your mail application This saves time and provides a more understandable flow than what you get with Gmail labels

However, online communication does not end with email If you use many different messengers every day, managing them becomes a challenge – notifications, many emails and conversations. Gmail Spending too much time between Slack and Telegram significantly reduces your productivity As always, we have an answer

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Meet IM+, the all-in-one messenger that integrates more than a dozen popular messaging services into one convenient window. Imagine having easy access to all your messengers from one app

When organizing your workplace, IM+ is an essential tool that offers multiple accounts that can be easily switched between home and work. You no longer need to open a browser to check your Gmail, everything is right on your desktop

A cluttered inbox is a headache for most email users Gmail solves this problem by introducing labels that quickly organize your emails Labels are multi-purpose – with standard functions such as edit and delete; You can set any color on the label, move the message between labels

Indexes are similar to folders, but there are some differences If you prefer true folder-based functionality, enhance your Gmail experience using inbox management apps like Canary Mail.

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Custom Folders For Your Emails

Folders are essential for organizing your email inbox Gmail uses labels other than folders, but they are basically the same As with folders, you can apply more than one label to an email

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