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How To Create An Account On Google Without Phone Number

How To Create An Account On Google Without Phone Number – In recent decades, technology has developed exponentially and redefined aspects of our lives that remained unchanged for centuries. With the rise in popularity, people have started blindly trusting Internet services and providing them with personal information that was once confidential. One such internet service that collects a lot of personal data is Gmail. From your date of birth and phone number to your monthly expenses, Gmail knows you better than your parents. So it’s understandable when users are concerned about giving Gmail personal information like their phone number. To protect your privacy, read below how to create a Gmail account without phone number verification.

Huge sites like Google deal with tons of people logging in every day, most of them bots or fake accounts. Therefore, such companies are forced to add multiple layers of verification to ensure that genuine users can use their services.

How To Create An Account On Google Without Phone Number

Also, as people started owning more technological devices, it became extremely difficult to keep track of them. Therefore, in addition to the traditional email address and password, Google introduced an additional level of security with the help of phone numbers. If the company believes that the login from a certain device is incorrect, it can verify this with the user’s phone number.

Create A Google Account

That being said, if you want to keep your phone number to yourself and still want to create a Gmail account, the methods below should work for you.

When you create a new Google Account, there are three types of options: for me, for my child, and to manage my business. Accounts created to run a business require phone numbers for verification, and criteria such as age are not considered at all. In such situations, creating a fake phone number is a smart solution. Here’s how you can use a fake phone number to bypass Google verification:

4. Open a new tab and go to Receive SMS. Select one of your preferences from the list of available countries and phone numbers.

5. The next page will show you a bunch of fake phone numbers. Click “Read received SMS” for any of them that appear.

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8. Go back to the SMS site to get the OTP required for login. Click on “Update Message” to see the OTP.

Another way to trick Google and avoid checking your phone number is to list your age as 15. Google assumes that young children don’t have mobile numbers and gives you the thumbs up to continue. This method may work, but only for accounts you create for yourself or my child. However, for this to work, you must clear all cookies and cache stored in your browser.

4. You will be allowed to skip phone number verification so you can create a Gmail account without phone number verification.

Using a toll-free phone number to try to sign in to Google doesn’t always work. In most cases, Google recognizes fake numbers. In other cases, the number is already associated with the maximum possible number of Gmail accounts. The ideal way to solve this problem is to purchase a phone call recording service. These services are affordable and generate unique phone numbers as needed. Burner App and DoNotPay are two such services that generate virtual phone numbers and help you create a Gmail account without phone number verification.

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Once you’ve entered your personal information and Google thinks it’s legitimate, you can skip phone number verification. So, if Google keeps asking you to confirm your phone number, it’s ideal to wait 12 hours and then try again with valid personal information.

Bluestacks is an Android emulator software that allows you to run Android apps on computers. It supports Windows and macOS. In this method, we will use this app to create a Gmail account without phone number verification.

Note: Don’t forget to enter your recovery email address if you forget your login details for this newly created account.

We hope the guide was helpful and you were able to create a Gmail account without phone number verification. If you have any questions about this article, you can ask them in the comment section.

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Elon is a technical writer at . He wrote manuals for about 6 years and covered many topics. He likes to cover topics related to Windows, Android and latest tricks and tips. If your email address ends in, you automatically have a Google Account. You would also have a Google Account if your school uses Google Workspace (or whatever it’s called now). Does your local email address look like Gmail but doesn’t end in This is a Google Workspace account. But what if you don’t have any of these? You might be wondering how to create a Google Account without Gmail?

Your school uses Microsoft Office. I currently teach at Microsoft School. I really like Office, but a lot of my resources are on Google. Especially my Google Jamboards. I was able to create a google account for my school account.

When you try to create a Gmail account, there is a possibility that you do NOT have Gmail, but only have a Google account.

When trying to sign in to a Google Account, you can create a username other than Don’t fill it out! Click “Use my current email address” instead.

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You will set a password and verify your email address from your Outlook account. The password you create MUST NOT match your Outlook password.

Once you verify your email address, you now have access to everything Google has to offer except Gmail. Go to and sign in with your regular email address and the password you created (again, this may not be the same as your Outlook password).

If a Google user is sharing a Google Doc, Google Jamboard, or other Google Doc, you can sign in with your registered email address. It will look like your Office (or AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, or whatever) email address is Gmail…but it’s not.

Creating a Google Account for your non-Google email address makes it easier for others to share with you. It’s free and now you have the benefits of Office (if you use Office) AND Google. Win win!

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Alice Keeler is a mother of 5 children. High school math teacher. the author. Keynote Speaker/Trainer Developer for Google Certified Innovator, Microsoft Innovative Educator, Google Cloud Innovator Champion and Google Developer Expert. Founder of #coffeeEDU

Alice Keeler: mother of 5 children. He is currently a high school math teacher. Developer for Schoolytics. Founder of #coffeeEDU. Google Certified Innovator. Microsoft Innovative Educator. Google Developer Expert. EdTech Specialist. From India Today Web Desk: Gmail is one of the most widely used email services worldwide. If you want to create a Gmail account, you can create one by following a few simple steps. Before that, you need to register a Google account. To create a Gmail account, you need to enter basic information such as your name, date of birth, gender, and location. You must choose an entire name for your new Gmail address. So what are you waiting for? Follow the steps below to create your Gmail account with a quick signup process.

You can use your username and password to sign in to Gmail and other Google products, such as YouTube, Google Play, and Google Drive. Follow the instructions to create a Gmail account and start sending emails.

Step 5: After choosing a username, enter a password. Re-enter your password to confirm. (As per Google guidelines, always use 8 or more characters with a combination of letters, numbers and symbols)

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Step 7: On the next page, enter your phone number to verify your account. (This is a two-step verification process for security)

Step 8. You will receive an SMS from Google with a verification code to the specified mobile number. Enter the verification code and click Confirm.

Step 12: Read Google’s terms and conditions and the privacy policy will appear on the screen and click I accept.

Congratulations! Your account has been created. From now on, you only need to enter your email address and password every time you sign in. And every time you sign in, remember to sign out to prevent others from seeing your emails. Do you know how to get out?

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Go to the circle (in the upper right corner of the page). Click here on it and select Exit from the option below. Creating a Gmail account is easy. You start by creating a Google Account and choose your Gmail account name during the quick sign-up process. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to set up a Google Account for Gmail, add and edit contacts, and edit your email preferences.

To create a Gmail address, you must first create a Google one

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