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How To Create Multiple Emails In Gmail

How To Create Multiple Emails In Gmail – If you use Gmail to send group emails, you will encounter a common problem – the recipient list is visible to all recipients. To remove this, you can use blind charcoal or you need a special service.

BCC stands for Blind Copy. This field is placed under “To” in Gmail. Any email addresses you enter here will be invisible to the recipient. However, you must enter something in the “To” field.

How To Create Multiple Emails In Gmail

Sounds glamorous and pretty easy, right? But don’t be too quick to test the waters. Gmail is not designed to send bulk emails and fight spam. Therefore, there are some limitations. See Gmail’s guidelines for group email senders.

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In addition to the limitations mentioned above, Gmail does not offer useful tools for professional marketers. Therefore, the best way to send bulk emails without displaying all addresses is through an email service.

Promote your brand, build customer relationships, and increase your ROI with bulk emails. You don’t need to be a programmer – use a bunch of pre-made templates and other tools for free!

You don’t have to struggle with this issue when you use an email service. The recipient list is hidden from subscribers. After registering at, you can create and send free campaigns.

Your password must be between 8 and 48 characters long, contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number.

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It looks like you already have an account. If you think this is a mistake, please let us know. at [email protected] Well, now you can easily send bulk emails or circular emails in Gmail with custom attachments.

Why would you even do that? Let’s say you run a small business that needs to send PDF invoices to your customers once a month. Your invoicing software generates PDF invoices, one for every 100 of your customers. Now you need to send the right invoice to the right customer. Until now, you had to prepare multiple emails manually – compose and send 100 separate emails and attach the correct PDF to each email.

Your files can be in your Google Drive or anywhere publicly accessible on the Internet, such as your own web server, a public Dropbox folder, or a public AWS S3 bucket.

If you place your attachments on your Google Drive, our software needs permission to access your Google Drive. This is a step you should take before sending custom attachments with your bulk emails.

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You just need to give read permissions to your Google Drive! By default, it has no permissions when you sign up for an account.

Also note that all files do not need to be in the same folder; They can be spread across multiple folders as long as they are in the same Google Drive account. Finally, if you’re using Google Drive, make sure the “Edit uploaded files…” setting is turned off:

If you do not select this box, some file types, such as .txt files, will not become txt files after you upload them; They are converted to Google Docs and are not “attached” to your custom emails.

First, set up your Google Sheet. Make sure your columns are headers in the first row and you need at least two columns, one for the email address and one for the attachment. You can also include FirstName, LastName, Company, and other columns you want to use to personalize your circular. This is what your table should look like:

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The file column can be named anything as long as it starts with “Attachment”. Any of the following are valid column names:

If your files are hosted on Google Drive, the column should only contain the name of the attachment. If your files are hosted somewhere on the Internet, the column should contain the full URL of the file. This is what your spreadsheet looks like if you host your files on your own web server to mail them to multiple recipients.

If you’re a spreadsheet wizard, feel free to use formulas for the attachment column. For example, if you send monthly statements to your customers and your billing software generates monthly statements in [CustomerNumber].pdf format and CustomerNumber is one of the columns in your spreadsheet, you can set the attachment column to “=A1” +. pdf.

Finally, if you have empty cells in the “Attachment” column, it will be assumed that those recipients do not have suitable files and the emails will be sent without attachments.

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If you’ve made circulars before, the next step should be familiar. Click the Sheets Connector button, select your spreadsheet and worksheet, click the Connect button, and Gmail Compose will open. Enter your message and press the button. You do not need to attach any files to this message. Automatically identifies the column in your spreadsheet that contains the attachment files and attaches them to individual emails.

Receiver. In this case, all the files you added to the draft will be sent to all recipients, and in addition, any custom attachments set in the spreadsheet will also be sent to individual emails.

For example, let’s say you publish a monthly PDF newsletter that you want to send to everyone along with their personalized invoices. Then, after adding a PDF newsletter to the Gmail compose window, each of the group custom emails will be sent with the same PDF newsletter as the only attachment and an individual custom invoice PDF as the second attachment.

Need to send more than one custom attachment to each recipient? For example, every month you send your customers an invoice and an account statement, and if they are two separate PDF files, you might have two columns in your spreadsheet, for example:

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You can set up your campaign and spreadsheet once, then let emails send daily, weekly, or monthly on autopilot based on your business needs. Let’s say you want your email with attachments to be sent on the first of every month. Schedule your initial email to be sent on the first of the month and then set it to repeat monthly.

Now, on the first of every month, it automatically reads your spreadsheets, extracts the files, and sends emails with their attachments. All you need to do

Get new files on the first of every month in your Google Drive or wherever you host.

If the file cannot be retrieved for a particular email address, that recipient will be skipped and you will receive a report at the end of the campaign for each recipient skipped. If you want certain recipients to not receive attachments with their emails, leave those cells in the “Attachment” column blank – that way they’ll still receive the email, but without anything attached. This makes it very easy to send different emails with different requirements.

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If you host your files on Google Drive but don’t have permission to read from your Google Drive, your campaign will fail with this error:

Your Gmail account doesn’t have enough permissions to do what you want. If you try to send custom attachments, reconnect your Gmail account and then click the RESTART link.

If you want to use Dropbox to store files you want to attach to your emails, you have to do a little manual work – you have to create public URLs for each individual file you want to attach, but the files are in the same Dropbox folder. While Dropbox makes it easy to get a public link to a folder as well as a public link to a file, Dropbox doesn’t make it easy to create public links for 100 files without going through the process of creating a link manually for each one. One hundred links you need for a multi-email campaign.

To create a public link to a file, right-click the file, select “Copy Link to Dropbox,” and then paste the URL into the appropriate Google Sheet column.

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But again, you’ll have to repeat this process for each file because there’s no pattern you can follow to figure out the connections yourself. For example, if you have two files in Dropbox, doc1.pdf and doc2.pdf, and you create public URLs for them, they will look like this:

Now imagine you have 100 files that you need to generate public links to. Although you can see that the left part of the URL contains “” and the right part the filename, as you’d expect, there’s a unique identifier string inserted in the middle that prevents you from creating these URLs in your own, to copy and paste into a Google Sheet that controls multiple emails.

If you go through the process of manually creating a Dropbox link for each file, your Google Sheet will look like this:

The use of S3 is much more

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