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How To Create Your Own Youtube Channel Logo

How To Create Your Own Youtube Channel Logo – Creating a YouTube channel for your business or personal brand is easier than you think. All you have to do is follow our step-by-step instructions. Your channel will be ready in 10 minutes or less.

The guide is ideal for beginners with no prior YouTube channel experience and covers all the settings you need to adjust to optimize your channel using industry best practices.

How To Create Your Own Youtube Channel Logo

The first step to starting your own YouTube channel is to log in to YouTube and create a new channel.

How To Create A Youtube Channel That Can Grow Fast

The main difference between the two is that private channels share the same name and photo in your Google account. Any activity you do on YouTube will be associated with your personal account.

Another difference is with a YouTube brand account, you can have multiple users manage your channel. And you can customize your channel name and customize your business or brand.

Creating a brand account is highly recommended. Even if your channel has its own name.

For example, if you want to name your channel “Alex Chris”, don’t create a personal channel, but create a brand account with “Alex Chris”.

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If this is confusing, don’t worry, just follow the simple instructions. Below to properly create your YouTube channel account.

Go to YouTube and sign in with your Google account (this is the personal account you use to sign in to other Google services like Gmail). You can log in by clicking the Login button from the top right corner and selecting Account. From this personal Google listing.

You will be prompted to name your channel. However, you can change your channel name at any time. But we recommend following these guidelines to choose a good name from the start.

For more tips, you can read our How to Choose a YouTube Channel Name Guide, a comprehensive guide with lots of examples and ideas for choosing the perfect name for your channel.

How To Create A Youtube Channel For Business

Your YouTube channel is ready. But it needs some improvements to make YouTube user friendly and search engine friendly.

Click the Customize Channel button from the top right corner while on your channel home page. This will open YouTube Studio in a new tab, a free tool that all YouTube creators have access to.

With YouTube Studio, you can change many settings related to your channel. View analytics Add or delete videos Create playlists Add branding images and more.

Join our YouTube courses and get step-by-step instructions and video tutorials to create a successful YouTube channel from scratch, YouTube courses for beginners like you.

How To Start A Youtube Channel: 10 Brilliant Tips

The first thing you need to adjust is your channel description. When people search for your channel name, it will appear on the About page and in YouTube search results.

The first 150 characters matter – be sure to mention your channel topic in the first 150 characters. This shows up in YouTube search results.

Think of this as the “meta description” of your channel. In addition to YouTube search results, the first 150 characters will appear in Google search results for searches related to your brand.

Use keywords – It is recommended to use keywords in your channel description. But do not overdo it. Mentioning the keywords you want your channel to rank for a few times in the description is enough to let search engines know what your channel is about.

How To Add A Logo Watermark To Your Youtube Videos

Think about the terms people might use to find your YouTube channel and use them in your content. Maximizing keywords in the content is an added advantage.

Ask users to register – even if you don’t have permission to add a link. In the description field (text only) you can also ask users to subscribe to your channel. Add a call to action or even your website URL.

Write an attractive description – Your description should not be too long. But it should be long enough that your keywords in the text are natural and interesting so that people can follow or engage with your content.

Visit your favorite YouTube channel and click the “Info” button to get some ideas on how to make your description stand out.

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The next step is to add a channel icon. Your channel icon is one of the most important elements of your channel. As seen on the homepage of the channel in your opinion under the video and in many other places

Choose an icon that represents your brand – Channel icons are an effective way to increase brand awareness for your channel. People can easily recognize your brand when they see your logo in search results or YouTube comments, so make sure your choice is one that reflects you and your channel brand.

If you are building a personal brand on YouTube, putting your face as a channel icon is the best option. Here’s an example from Marcus Brownless, the YouTube influencer behind MKBHD.

Use your logo if you represent a well-known brand. This is an example from a global brand.

How To Create A Youtube Channel

Use the right size – Your channel icon should be square with a size of at least 98×98 pixels. The image format must be PNG or GIF and the file size must not exceed 4MB.

For best results use an image at least 400×400 with enough space around the logo. Cut in a small shape and rounded, it looks shiny and sharp.

The next element to add to your channel is a banner image. Also known as a channel cover, your channel cover will appear at the top of your channel page.

It’s the only place in your niche where you can “visually talk to users” and explain to them what your channel is all about.

How To Set Up Your Youtube Banner With Canva When You Want To Lead Change Online

Nike brands around the world use images that match their current campaign. No words, but they are impressive and representative of their brand.

Many well-known brands use the same approach. That is, they customize the banner based on the message they are promoting through other marketing campaigns. (Offline and Online)

Encourage users to subscribe by setting clear expectations about what to expect from the channel in terms of content. (A new video every Monday)

Here’s another example from Gordon Ramsay. Channel cover sets expectations and is a clear call to action. (Order the book today)

How To Create Multiple Youtube Channels • Lickd

The recommended size is at least 2048×1152, but for best results. You must upload a large image with an aspect ratio of 16:9. You can use this calculator to find the exact width and length you can use.

You can also decorate your channel cover with links to your website or other social media profiles. It will appear in the lower right corner as shown below.

LINKS tab and scroll down Add links to your website, homepage and other social media profiles and scroll down to the LINKS banner.

Note that the label will only appear for the first link. So add your most important links first.

Need A Youtube Logo/icon

You can use tools like Photoshop to hire designers to create beautiful banners. (You can find designers on Fiverr for less than $20) or use an online graphic design tool like Canva.

Just go to Canva (sign up for a free account if you don’t already have one) and search for your YouTube channel cover. Select the template of your choice. Adapt and upload to YouTube

When you go to the front page of the channel you will notice that the video appears at the top of the page. Under the banner

Here is an example of a specific channel or video. A channel preview video will be shown to people who are not subscribed to your channel. And the selected videos will be shown to your existing followers.

How To Make A Youtube Logo And Upload The Design To Your Channel

Therefore, one of the two videos will be displayed at all times. (not both) depending on the user’s location. (Followers and non-followers)

And select Videos section for channel preview and Videos section for featured videos.

Channel previews are for people who are visiting your channel for the first time or haven’t subscribed yet. The video also plays automatically once the user enters your home page with audio. (unless the user has muted the sound for the video)

Use relaxing background music – Visiting websites that play auto-tuned videos can be very distracting. So make sure you use soft, relaxing background music to avoid scaring people.

How To Create A Playlist On Your Youtube Channel

A good soundtrack will make your video more interesting to watch and listen to. Instead of talking to someone with no background

Keep it short and to the point – your channel preview shouldn’t be too long. Tell potential subscribers what kind of content you create and what viewers expect from your channel.

Keep it short, 60 seconds (or less) is enough to get your message across. Provide only the information that new users need to know.

People of desire

Youtube Success: How To Start Your Own Youtube Channel

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