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How To Earn Free Money By Playing Games

How To Earn Free Money By Playing Games – Looking for the best money games for kids? I have personally reviewed dozens of fun money games for kids and financial literacy board games for beginners and my favorite food.

I began my search for the best cash games for kids by reaching out to dozens of retailers and asking them to send what they could.

How To Earn Free Money By Playing Games

And you know what I found? There are lots of nuggets to teach your kids about money in a fun way – money games.

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Before I dive into this list of educational money games, let’s review the criteria I used.

First, I had to physically play the money game. How do I know if it’s good or not? You can only gather so much information from a website.

Pssst: Do you have a money game for kids that you want me to try out for inclusion in this post? Get in touch via my contact form.

FYI: These are in no particular order, but I’ve categorized them according to the money lessons they focus on.

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This includes money games to teach children how to count and solve money math problems.

The coins in this game are very alive! I love it – absolutely

There will be some changes when it is released. I’m sure you can use it elsewhere, like a cash register or game store.

In the end, the player with the most money wins, this game is not really about collecting money. The real money lesson is coin counting and change.

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This game really tests their knowledge of calculations/changes as many of the spins involve withdrawing money from the bank without using a specific currency. For example, you may earn $0.40 but want to pay without using nickels.

From time to time, a player finds himself in the Change It Up! space, which means they have to exchange their lower value coins for higher value coins.

If you’re tired of the card games UNO or Go Fish, check this out – it’s as fun and fast as your kids want it to be, but also teaches coin recognition and money math!

There are two separate decks – an “answer” deck and a “problem” deck. Each player receives 5 cards from the “answer” deck and is dealt a problem card after each turn. Players race to be the first to get the answer to the problem. An example is the image of 4 quarters on problem paper. The first person to answer this question for $1 gets the card. The winner is the first to get five matched sets by placing the correct answers on the task cards.

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Of course, multiple players can have the correct answer at the same time, so the fastest person to identify + their correct answer card wins the game!

Okay, okay – technically this is a free group date created by Dating Days. But you know what? I think it would work well for a kids/family group date too!

It can be fun to see how much your child thinks common household items are worth at the store. What would they recommend for a bottle of Advil? How about a can of Campbell’s Chicken Soup?

Each player takes his card and must guess the price of each product on the card. Then go to Walmart, Target, or shop online to find the actual products and save the actual price. See who it is without getting too close!

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It’s a great way to make your child aware of the value of the things they use every day. And you know what else? It can double as a great way to keep the kids occupied (re: occupied) while they’re on their next grocery run.

This collection of budgeting money games for kids includes key lessons about saving money, budgeting, and managing money.

What makes this game so interesting: Each player is given only one life according to the resources obtained during the game, but everyone remains in debt.

Players choose one “live” card and three “debt” cards to start the game. For my round I was given the following:

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Pssst: However, when I had my exit interview with the financial aid department, I didn’t realize that I had about $36,000 in debt (finally paid off in September 2010).

And the “life” this game gave me was an engineer who makes $106,000 a year and is married with three kids. My salary is $4100, our mortgage is $1700, our utilities are $600 (which sounds really high!) and our food costs are $500 (which seems a bit low for five kids).

Following Dave’s Total Money Makeover Plan (a good read, by the way – part of this plan was my own real-life experience), each player is given $1,000 as an emergency fund and a starting salary. .

After that, it’s up to each player to allocate the money earned during the game between each of their envelopes (budget categories like food, utilities, and mortgage/rent). Along the way, players may also end up in a place where they have to select a “Save”, “Give” or “Developer Says” card (full of dev nuggets and “stupid payment”) and watch what’s on them.

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The philosophy behind the game – how to use your three resources, energy, perseverance and money every day of your life – results in this deck building game.

Players are tasked with discovering the secrets of health, wealth, and wisdom through daily decisions (you draw 5 cards at a time and show you the resources you need to use for one game round, which equals one day).

You then use the cards in your hand to draw cards from the pool or get money. Points (which determine who the overall winner is) are earned by balancing things like persistence and money.

Each type of business (trader, owner and investor) uses different energy sources to operate and also different payments. Players can level up with education and experience cards, ultimately increasing their earnings and winning potential.

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I love how making a fortune isn’t about collecting as much money as possible in this game. Instead, happiness refers to something other than direct monetary value (which includes many other values), such as education, character traits such as perseverance, and virtue.

This game is designed to teach your little ones how to manage their allowance by choosing between two games. Yes, there are actually two games – Allowance Game and Managing My Allowance Game.

With a sports grant, athletes work to save for their college education. Each player must also buy products – one from each of the four categories – while saving money. The winner is the player who made a purchase from each of the four categories PLUS has the most savings in their college savings account (ha! I love to reinforce the concept of saving and especially the concept of saving for college! ).

In managing my grant, the result and basic premise are the same, but with one addition: teach kids to sell (buy regular-priced products). In this game, the player with the most college savings and the most store savings wins.

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The player who has deposited the most money into their college savings account wins

In this game, each child can have their own banker, or you can choose a banker to deal with. Speaking of banks… I love how this game allows your kids to earn interest on the money they keep in the bank!

The allowance is $3.00 (each time you pass the “home” space) and there are many ways for your child to earn more at each turn – opening a lemonade stand, washing cars, etc. — and ways to spend your money. money (as in a mall).

The ways you earn and spend money are very kid-friendly, meaning there’s no actual budgeting here. For example, you get money for a birthday, $1.00 for a revised report card, $1.00 for losing a tooth, or you pay a $0.60 library fine, or you literally lose your $1.50. However, this means that your little one can really relate to the options on the board.

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Their goal is to work widely and make enough money to make $20. That’s how you win!

This is one

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