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How To Find Your Pins On Pinterest


How To Find Your Pins On Pinterest – A quick tip for bloggers to see Pinterest repins and individual pin performance on Pinterest even with the new stats!

Aid! It’s driving me crazy that Pinterest doesn’t show repins, I need to see how many repins I have on Pinterest.

How To Find Your Pins On Pinterest

As of October 2017, you can no longer see Pinterest repins individually, you can now only see “engagement stats” for each pin.

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It’s 2020 and we’re still adapting to this change! Not only that, but Pinterest just made a big announcement in February, encouraging pinners to pin fresh, high-quality content that wasn’t previously blocked on Pinterest. This means high-quality pins for new posts, but it can also mean creating new images for existing posts and pages to target new audiences.

This makes information about reproduction EVEN more relevant. If you need to create new pin images, you really need to know how your existing pins work and if they’ve actually moved!

This replay information can help you decide what type of new content will perform well in the future. With this new focus on new content, content creators need to know what types of pins will inspire pinners to interact, save and click on your pins!

Right now, if you open one of your Pinterest pins, click on it, whether on mobile or desktop, you’ll see aggregated engagement information, including:

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In theory, the “save” statistic is equivalent to what was once called a “repin,” but this information on Pinterest can be misleading, inconsistent, and often inaccurate. Also, it’s not based on a single pin, but gathers all versions of the same pin (probably).

BUT that’s why I don’t use Pinterest stats to see repeats – I don’t think that’s true and it’s really confusing!

I looked and clicked on the stats for the pin and it shows that it has had 8 saves in the last 30 days. When I view this same pin in my feed, it shows 146 saves.

Pinterest’s literature says that ALL of these stats should be aggregated stats for all versions of the same pin that share that image and URL, but then why don’t the numbers always match?

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Is the number always in my feed? If so, why do I have other versions of the same pin with a different number?

Does it represent some other time period? That’s how many times the lefty saved this pin? Honestly, who knows!

We want a single count of iterations so we can see what a particular pin looks like on a particular board or group board. You CANNOT get this information with aggregate statistics.

If Pinterest not showing repins is driving you crazy, the easiest way to see Pinterest repins is with Tailwind.

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So, if you’re still wondering, why doesn’t Pinterest show the pin number anymore? I did some digging and found the answer for you.

To see the number of individual repins now, I suggest you sign up for Tailwind (you can try it with the free trial for 100 scheduled free pins) because right now it’s the only place where you can accurately see Pinterest repins. I’m an approved Pinterest affiliate and I’ve googled and googled and googled some more and honestly, this seems to be the only solution to this problem!

If you’re testing Tailwind and want to see your replay stats, click “Publish” in the dashboard menu on the left, then select “Published Pins” below.

This screen will show you individual pins, when they are blocked, what board they are blocked on, and how many iterations that particular pin has.

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And it’s normal repin like before! Not aggregated. Not “engagement”. Copies only! Ask!

I love Tailwind for so many reasons, firstly you can save time by batch scheduling your pins. They also have additional Tribes features available through boosters where you can find cool pins and share your pins from other bloggers, as well as a SmartGuide feature to help you optimize your Pinterest business and get fresh new content.

More importantly, their stats are very good. And best of all, with the recent changes from Pinterest where you can’t get accurate pin playback information anywhere else, I’m so glad they still have this information.

(And really, I wouldn’t recommend it if I hadn’t used it myself. I’ve had nothing but good experiences, and as Pinterest continues to change and change and change things, I’ve found Tailwind to be comfortably stable. While my personal achievements it was good, Tailwind also publishes standard results for Tailwind members every year so you can see exactly what the average growth rate looks like.Also, I’m not a blogger who blogs about blogging, generally this is just a matter I found a solution and I wanted to share it, I hope it is useful, and if you like crafts and beautiful knitting patterns, stay here!)

How To See Pinterest Repins (despite The New Changes)!

New pin stats are only visible to the pin owner (that’s you), but there’s a problem with that too!

It looks like you can no longer see Pinterest Pins on other people’s Pins. They were presented to everyone, which was an easy way to see how popular each pin was.

If you no longer have this information, it can be difficult to gauge how your pins are performing compared to others in your niche. Someone recently asked me this question, I did some digging and I’m happy to report that Tailwind solves that problem too!

You can see replay data on other people’s pins by joining Tailwind Tribes, available through boosters. If you go to a clan you’re a member of, you’ll see all the pins that other clan members have pinned.

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You can search by keyword at the top of the tribe page if you’re looking for replay information on a specific topic or pin type. And then if you look at all the pins below, each one has a little blue fire in the top right corner. When you hover over the blue fire icon, you can see how many times that pin has been repinned on Pinterest (it also gives you Facebook data)!

This can help you get new ideas for all that new content, see reruns for popular pins, explore what high-performing pins look like, or just compare and contrast other pins with your own! It’s a useful tool and I’m glad someone asked me about it.

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Pins are hidden so users can edit the content they see in the original feed. You can only hide individual pins from your home feed. This allows Pinterest to learn more about what you’re not interested in. Hiding and showing pins also works on advertiser pins. Paid ads on Pinterest are called Sponsored Pins. Advertisers use interest and behavioral targeting and choose who to show Advertiser Pins to. If a Pinterest user decides they don’t like a Sponsored Pin, or maybe they see an ad too often, they can choose to hide the Pins.

Sometimes Pinterest Pinners accidentally hide a pin. It’s very easy to accidentally hide a Pin when using a mobile app. To hide a Pin in the Pinterest mobile app, tap and hold the Pin image, then drag to the “X” icon. Unfortunately, this button is next to the button that saves the Pin. So, you may find that your pins hide that you didn’t want to find often enough.

This is a big deal in a mobile app. As you scroll through the images, if you linger too long while reading another image, the one under your finger disappears. Pins you haven’t even looked at are hidden, and the result is that a whole bunch of pins disappear even if you’ve never seen them. There should be a “discovery” feature, but there is

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