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How To Get Higher On Google Search

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Then you are in the right place. In this article, we explain how to create SEO friendly posts and get your website on the first page of Google.

How To Get Higher On Google Search

In fact, we followed the same SEO tips. As a result, our blog posts rank higher on Google and outperform our competitors.

Ways To Instantly Improve Your Google Rankings

You will probably choose the second option. That’s why it’s important to identify niche topics in your field and create content around them. In this case, a particular topic can be a way to increase sales through digital marketing.

Let’s say you create content about hotels. A quick search on Quora with the keyword “hotels” reveals that people like to read about expensive and prestigious hotels. Why not create a blog post about it?

When researching what to write about marketing automation, we looked at the “see also” section on Wikipedia. It turns out that demand generation, lead scoring and other topics are also something people are interested in.

Let’s say you plan to create content about digital marketing. Google’s suggestions at the bottom of the search results page can give you tips on where to focus. Namely: digital marketing courses, PDF materials and industry salary.

How To Rank Higher On Google Search With Contextual Relevance

Log in to your Google Ads account, go to Tools and select Keyword Editor. You’ll get tons of keyword ideas and search volume trends.

If you install any SEO software, you can also use it to get keyword suggestions. This is what MOZ suggests when researching the keyword “business marketing automation”:

Ask your salespeople, customer support and other colleagues what the most common requests from your customers are. The company’s customer-facing people know first-hand what’s in demand and what’s trending.

Obviously, the longer the keyword, the fewer Google results and thus the less competitive it is. This makes it easier to lift long tails.

How To Improve Your Rankings In Google

Adding relevant keywords to your blog post titles will help Google index your site faster. This way, Google will determine within seconds how relevant your content is to the search query.

Having important keywords that appear in the first 100-150 words of your blog will help Google quickly understand what your site is about.

Buyer personas can help you better understand your audience’s needs and create more engaging content.

Posting long-form content is beneficial from an SEO perspective. First, longer content tends to garner more backlinks. Second, long-form content outperforms short blog posts in terms of sharing.

Search Engine Optimisation (seo)

In general, you want to make sure your page load speed is as fast as possible. A good way to start is to analyze your page speed with Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights.

Google doesn’t just search for images. Searches for images with unique text. Therefore, it is important to add relevant keywords to the image name and meta description.

We use the SEO features in LianaCMS to add meta descriptions to the images we use in each blog post.

Dwell time is the time that elapses between when you click on a search result and when you return to the SERP (search engine results page).

How To Rank Higher In Google Search Results

This time should be as long as possible, as Google considers dwell time to be an important ranking factor.

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave a website after viewing just one page.

The lower the bounce rate, the higher Google will rank your site. Basically, low bounce rates tell Google that users find your site interesting and therefore deserve a higher ranking.

A good way to reduce bounce rates is to display a banner with downloadable content when the user leaves your site. Wordstream does this like this:

How To Use Google Search Results For Keyword Research

Google search results with high CTRs are pushed higher in the SERPs. But how do you make sure your blog posts have a high CTR?

Featured snippets are selected search results that appear at the top of Google’s organic results below the ad box. Like this:

To earn featured highlights, you can make a combination of all kinds, such as the best tools, the best hotels or the best restaurants for the New Year party. Here you can find some effective ways to overcome embedded fragments.

Of course, the second URL helps Google crawl the page faster. Since the second URL has no sub-folders, it is clear that its content is related to SEO. Therefore, keyword-rich short URLs can give you a huge competitive advantage.

On Page Seo Techniques To Rank First On Google Search Result Page • Crunchify

The good old Skyscraper technique is a great way to collect more links and increase the effectiveness of your blog.

In short, this means finding trending and successful articles, turning them into insightful and engaging content, and reaching the right people to achieve your goals.

Publishing high-quality content is part of your SEO journey. The next step is to reach the right people to promote your articles and gain links. Two of the most effective ways to raise awareness are:

Have you linked to another company’s blog post? Call them and ask them to share your piece with their audience.

How To Rank Higher On Google Search In 7 Ways

I recently published an extensive article about the top 21 digital marketing trends of 2018 and I mentioned you almost at the beginning. Your video content statistics were very important to my topic! Thanks for creating such great research and content. I would appreciate it if you could check it out and share it with your audience. https:///news/liana-technologies-news/article/21-digital-marketing-trends-for-2018-infographic.html

We are happy to add a guide to our article. So it was a success: we enriched our article with relevant and valuable content, and they got a backlink.

If you ever get a request like the one above, you can always take advantage of it. Simply ask to share your article on social media by adding their link. This is exactly what we asked for.

Mentioning your content on other blogs can greatly improve your search engine rankings. However, sometimes companies mention your publications without linking to you. By tracking what you say online, you can easily find companies that have mentioned your content offline.

Seo For Hotels: Rank Higher, Get More Bookings (free Checklist)

If you see a similar situation, you can always contact the company and ask them to add a link to your site. See the example below:

If you have enough resources, you can find online media that would be interested in publishing your guest post and linking to your website.

As a result, if you type “marketing automation Middle East” into Google, you’ll find our article ranking first in the organic results:

Google says that one in five Google queries are voice searches. The future of SEO is voice search.

How To Rank High On Google

For example, this blog post might be perfect for a traveler looking for a restaurant in New York.

Google loves fresh content. You can also fix broken links and improve the user experience as you update your content. Since your previous SEO data, such as pageviews or CTR, is saved, it’s easier to promote an updated blog post to Google than to write a new one from scratch.

Add a note and the date of your update to let your readers know that you’re offering updated content and want to make it more relevant to them.

Time to finish. Don’t forget to share the article with your colleagues to ensure the whole team stays on top of the latest SEO trends.

How To Use Local Keywords To Rank Higher On Google

LianaService offers SEO as a service. Our digital marketing experts can help you with SEO audits, website and online store optimization, and creating a long-term SEO plan. Don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation with one of our experts to see how we can help you increase traffic and increase your website’s search engine rankings.

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How To Get On The First Page Of Google [interactive Guide]

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How To Bring Your Brand Name Higher In Google Search?

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