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How To Get More Clients As A Realtor


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Calling yourself a home owner is a dream that many of us have. It gives us peace of mind and social status and at the same time it is an excellent investment. As the famous writer Mark Twain said:

How To Get More Clients As A Realtor

Being a real estate agent means that you sell more than properties, you sell dreams. While it’s a great feeling, getting customers in real estate isn’t always easy. To make it a little easier, you need to find the best marketing strategies to attract more customers. Before doing so, you should familiarize yourself with the trends in the real estate industry that can help you in your efforts.

Easy Real Estate Video Ideas (plus Templates)

Since the last decade, our world has developed in terms of technological development and the real estate market has not been left behind. According to Digital House Hunt, 90 percent of home buyers use Google to start their search. Similarly, searches related to the real estate industry have increased by 253 percent in recent years.

Due to the high level of competition in Google’s organic results, your first strategy to attract customers should be to do so using Google Ads. This will allow you to place your ad in the first Google results through a simple but very successful technique: pay per click.

Google Ads work for real estate agents because it allows you to target your ad to a specific and local audience, which will be discussed in more detail later. Follow these simple steps to effectively use Google Ads to get more customers while spending less money.

As a real estate agent, online competition from powerhouses like Zillow and Trulia is fierce. By avoiding the use of generic terms, you can set yourself apart from the competition. If you use generic terms, you’ll find yourself in the middle of the competitive pack and won’t attract the customers you want.

Tip The Scales With Reviews & Recommendations

Creating videos of your properties will help you stand out from the competition and connect directly with customers. According to a study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), only 11 percent of sellers use videos to market their property, yet 61 percent of home buyers consider videos a useful feature to use. . When searching for their ideal home.

To get the best results using this tool, create short and simple quality videos to grab the attention of your viewers. The shorter and more direct, the better.

Become a real estate superstar by creating quality, engaging content to keep potential buyers interested in what you have to say. It is quite common to see videos with multiple messages. While this may seem effective, it actually confuses and alienates viewers. Don’t make these mistakes again!

Break up your content into different videos, making sure you have an overall theme in each one. Consider these popular types of real estate videos:

Steps To Get More Customers As A Real Estate Agent

Consumers want to know you so they can decide if you are the right person to guide them through what will be the most important purchase of their life. A biographical video is a great opportunity to do this.

According to Alice Sohn, marketing manager for Puller to Post Home Inspectors, the branding experience is literally how a customer lives and experiences your brand and how they feel when interacting with you. With an introductory video, you can make your brand representative an integral part of the customer’s real estate buying process.

Use video time to explain who you are, background, certifications, accomplishments, sales history, mission, etc. See it as an opportunity to connect with the customer on a more personal level.

When viewers can hear your voice and see your face, they automatically feel more connected to you and your brand. In fact, it’s so important that searches like “find an agent” are growing 46% annually on YouTube. An example of a good video presentation is this one from Julia Warren:

A Day In The Life Of A Realtor

At just one minute and over 5,000 hits, this introductory video shows viewers what kind of person Julia is, makes her watchable and shows the passion and effort she puts into her business.

Create real testimonial videos that highlight positive stories from clients who had a great experience working with you to buy property.

These types of testimonials can do more to show that you are an ideal choice than any written review, as they can visually analyze how genuine the person giving them the review is. This video will help your potential customers understand what they can expect to experience while working with you based on real customer experiences.

Highlighting a happy and satisfied customer is one of the best ways to promote your business. Obviously, you shouldn’t force a client to review, but if you’ve managed to establish a good working relationship and the client is happy with their results, you can ask them to review yours. would like to help

Starting Your Career

Prepare questions that show their positive experiences and show potential customers why they should choose you.

Ask questions like, “Why did you choose me as your agent when you bought your new home?” “How was your experience with me?” and “How did I help you find a home?” These questions will ensure that the testimonials convey the message you want, guiding the videos so they don’t run too long or contain too much irrelevant information.

This video by Greg Gento is a great example of how a video testimonial should be. It uses music to create positive emotions, is short but direct and manages to capture the joy of shoppers and build confidence for potential customers.

In the video, his previous clients highlight Ginto’s features that made their real estate experience more than satisfactory.

Home Buying In Six Steps

An important factor that home buyers consider when making the final decision to purchase a property is its location, i.e. the neighborhood and community surrounding the home.

A property for sale may be perfect in every way: it may have a kitchen with marble countertops, spacious rooms, a large garden and a swimming pool, but it is useless if the surrounding community meets the needs of the target customers. don’t do

A video showing a desirable neighborhood is a great way to advertise a particular property. Create a clear picture of the location in question, where you cover all aspects that may be important to your customers, such as nearby attractions, schools, nightlife or transportation, to make potential buyers imagine living there.

Take the opportunity to provide interesting facts, including history and architecture, transportation options, etc. The viewer can then explore what their daily life might be like in the neighborhood.

How To Differentiate Yourself As A Realtor With Your Sphere Of Influence And Past Clients To Get More Referrals

Richard Silver, a real estate agent in Toronto, made a great video about the popular neighborhood of Rosedale. In less than two minutes, it shows what the neighborhood has to offer. This includes the type of families who live there and local businesses and schools. In addition, it manages to be easily accessible to one of the most famous neighborhoods in the country.

The way he addresses the viewer is gentle and friendly, making customers feel that he not only knows what he is talking about, but that he is an open and caring person. His approach to potential buyers and his good use of digital marketing have made him one of the best agents in Toronto.

Finally, you can create a video showing the property you want to sell. Investing in a high-quality video to showcase your listing to potential customers will set you apart from the competition and is a great opportunity to show buyers the key aspects and features of the property for sale.

Many real estate agents think that selling property is like selling a lifestyle. Partners Trust Los Angeles Realtors understand that the success behind a good listing video lies in a great story. In this video, we can see how they use this marketing technique like some do in the real estate industry:

Best Real Estate Blog Posts Of 2019 From Recession Proof Realtor®key Real Estate Resources

They have created what can be considered a professional short film, with aerial shots and impressive drone movements and slow-motion scenes that tell a great story. The video not only shows the essence and beauty of the property, but it can also bring the lifestyle and status.

They create an opportunity for potential buyers to introduce themselves to the moment they open their doors for the first time and imagine themselves as homeowners. It is a wonderful production, full of wonderful visual and emotional content. I use YouTube’s video information section to describe the property type, location and design, then play the video.

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