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How To Get More Listens On Soundcloud

How To Get More Listens On Soundcloud – You got here because you’re tired of some SoundCloud shows. You see your favorite artists getting a lot of shows and fans and you think, “How the hell do they get so many shows and fans?”

Don’t worry, we won’t sell you something that doesn’t work, and we won’t offer you unrealistic strategies that take up all of your time.

How To Get More Listens On Soundcloud

Before we start, let you know. If you’re serious about succeeding as an artist, you should read The Ultimate Guide to Success as a Music Producer.

Soundcloud Introduces Fan Powered Royalties

He’s helped artists get their first records, blogs, get on Spotify’s biggest playlists, and start getting the shows and fans they deserve.

SoundCloud is one of the biggest players in the music streaming industry, but if you’ve been on the platform for a while, you’ll know there’s been talk of this boom.

That was in 2017 before a new investor bailed it out. Although it’s started and grown steadily since then, we wanted to mention it because you should be aware that putting all of your energy into one thing isn’t always the best idea.

It’s ideal to use the strategies on this list in conjunction with Spotify’s advertising plans so that you can diversify your fan base and still have something left if one of them drops.

Top 10 Most Streamed Soundcloud Songs Of All Time In 2022

Spotify and Apple Music are where you’ll find most of your listeners, but they’re not as heavy as SoundCloud.

In our experience, Soundcloud followers are more likely to purchase your sample packs, synth packs, and music-related merchandise because many of them are producers as well.

It’s also much easier to market your stuff and give away freebies to generate leads on SoundCloud.

If you’ve been on SoundCloud for a while, you know that remarketing and chains are probably one of the best (but also worst) things about SoundCloud.

Effective Ways To Gain Soundcloud Plays

Repost chains are networks of like-minded producers who help each other out by reposting when a new piece of yours drops.

By joining a chain, you grant the chain owner access to the reposting, liking, and commenting features of your account. And in return, they’ll get your music out to thousands, if not millions, of users.

I was also able to get over 10.8k views for one of my other songs using remail chains and marketplaces.

Before I use the repost and trading chains, I get about 400 plays and almost 0 followers per release.

Ways To Greatly Increase Your Soundcloud Plays

I gained over 100 new followers using them on my last post. It’s pretty awesome from a few minutes of work!

They repost all kinds of music genres, repost loads a day, destroy your feed and scare potential followers away from you in the future.

Be sure to ask how many times/day they repost and what genres they repost. Ask to see the artists in the lineup – listen to their music and decide for yourself.

As I said before, getting a quality repost chain is essential to maximizing your SoundCloud plays and following.

How To Host Your Podcast With Soundcloud

Repost marketing is another essential strategy for growing Soundcloud plays. Not only will this increase your plays, but it will also get you more SoundCloud followers.

It works by agreeing with another artist to repost each other’s music, reviews and how to expose their music to the other person’s fan base.

And it’s similar to repost chains, but instead you have complete control over what you repost on your profile.

This is a huge bonus as it means you can customize it to match the theme and style of your profile and take advantage of the reposting options.

How To Use Soundcloud Tags

It takes a lot more time than using repost chains, but it’s worth it if you’re willing to invest the time.

You can find deals by messaging new artists you like on SoundCloud and asking if they want to trade with you. You can also extend it by asking people on Discord.

If you’re still stuck and want to fuel your growth, check out everything you need to know in The Definitive Guide to Generating Success as a DIY Musician.

In it you will find a dedicated list of Soundcloud trading servers and chats for your message templates, how to create a chain, effectively use the current trade and repost as a host.

Soundcloud Adopts ‘fan Powered Royalties’ That Will Pay Artists Based On Listening Habits Instead Of The Number Of Streams

To get your music heard by the right people, I recommend using a combination of remail chains and remarketing deals.

This will get your music more exposure, your Soundcloud profile will get more followers and start to grow.

There are tons of channels, playlists, blogs, and other promotional services you can contact to help get your music out there.

Channels like these are constantly looking for new and great music to share with their audience, and your future could be theirs.

How To Get More Soundcloud Plays, Listens, & Views (i Have Over 41,957 Followers)

Few people know music marketing better than you, and many of them republish your songs for free!

In addition to repost marketing, this strategy will bring your music to new audiences and gain you many fans.

It’s also worth noting that you want to make sure you send a channel that covers your style of music.

Sending a future bass track to a dubstep promo channel just won’t work and is a waste of time.

Buy Soundcloud Likes To Increase Listeners For Your Tracks

If your music is already big, connecting with established communities is a great way to expose your music to other artists and new fans.

I personally recently got into a playlist and then collaborated with an artist who has over 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

It’s harder to make this strategy work, but when it does, it pushes you into areas you never thought possible.

If you’re having trouble finding blogs and other music marketing channels, here are some places to find them:

How To Download Music From Soundcloud

Publishing to labels is a great way to get noticed because it exposes your music to a large following who respect the company’s music choices and are likely to enjoy yours as well (if you get accepted).

However, there are downsides to releasing music on labels, and I think it’s worth mentioning here.

And whenever you submit your music to a label, you have to remember that you’re benefiting the label more than they’re benefiting you.

The new followers, likes, and plays they get are at the bottom of your bar (along with great marketing), and often even with major labels, the return on your music in the form of new fans is negligible.

Get Your Music Heard On Soundcloud

They wouldn’t be where they are if they didn’t have music first. Even artists won’t, but these days it’s easy to learn music marketing and do it yourself.

If you post music on your profile, the percentage of followers you get is much higher. If you can make it work, releasing your music independently is much better.

If you’re going to release with a label, I recommend getting the bigger ones. Labels under 5k on Soundcloud aren’t worth it in my opinion.

It’s much, much more work. However, if you’re willing to do it, the payoff is much greater than sticking with the company.

How To Get More Plays On Soundcloud: 5 Legit Strategies (2022)

By effectively building your email list and using download portals to encourage people to join, even if SoundCloud crashes, you’ll maintain your follower database.

This means you can send out emails with every release and get people to hear your new music or tell them about your new sample pack, live shows, etc.

If you’ve ever been on your favorite Soundcloud user profile, you’ll have noticed that most of them offer free song downloads or sample downloads in exchange for a like, comment, share, or something.

Personally, we think the best way to grow your SoundCloud through download portals is to use Toneden.

Soundcloud » How To Land A Spot On Our #getmoreplays Playlist

Once you have your emails, you need software to send mass messages to your newly acquired target audience.

There are many email platforms. They all do the same thing, but some are a little better than others.

I personally use Mailchimp for all my email campaigns. They offer up to 2,000 contacts and many monthly shipping credits for free.

They are definitely the best email marketing service I have ever used. But I might switch to active campaigns soon as I hear it’s much better.

Premier Monetization Faqs

When you’re emailing your fans, you want to keep things interesting and write subject lines that get people to open your emails.

Offer free content, tell a story about your music, or offer to learn how you made your music and the process.

The idea is to maintain an active list and activate your fan base when they see a new email from you.

Building a database of music promotion channels is also a very useful tool when trying to increase your Soundcloud playtime.

How To Grow Your Soundcloud And Promote Your Music

When promoting your music, it’s important to create a list of

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