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How To Get More Views On Airbnb

How To Get More Views On Airbnb – Listing a property on Airbnb is an important step for all hosts and property managers. Although some hosts use their own direct booking sites, more than 90% of bookings today are with the top OTAs. Follow this guide to list your place on Airbnb and start building a successful business.

Creating an Airbnb listing is an important first step for any vacation rental host. Although some hosts use their own direct booking sites, the role of the OTA is crucial in keeping the booking flow smooth.

How To Get More Views On Airbnb

Vacation rental sites like Airbnb, are trusted by countless travelers and continue to be some of the most popular platforms when it comes to vacation rentals. In fact, more than 90% of bookings are made on the leading OTAs today.

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If you want to create your first listing on Airbnb or update your existing listing for additional bookings, explore our guide below.

To create a listing for your property, go to and click the “Create New Listing” button in the upper right corner. You will then see a form asking you to provide the following information about your rental:

The first thing that guests notice when looking for a property to live in is the picture. That’s why investing in great photos is critical to increasing your bookings.

Your property photos should reflect the unique style and character of your property. Adding small touches can emphasize the comfort and elegance of your short-term rental and create the desired atmosphere. For example, some decorative pillows and blankets will warm up your living room and add color and style.

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To make the interior of the dining room fresh, set the table and place a vase of flowers. In short, your Airbnb photos should show the kind of experience your guests can expect if they book with you.

It goes without saying that real estate images should be of high quality and consistent in style. Chances are you choose a professional photography service to make sure your photos stand out. But if you have a passion for photography, you can take beautiful photos yourself with just your smartphone.

Be sure to enable the grid setting on your smartphone to balance the composition and shoot on a sunny day. To edit your photos and repaint, you can also use mobile apps like Lightroom, Snapseed or VSCO. Along with uploading a photo of the property, add some photos of the neighborhood and the street where your rental is located. This will help potential guests visualize their stay.

Don’t forget to add photos of each room in your Airbnb listing, including your most unique photos.

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When creating an Airbnb listing, every host should be a bit of a marketer. Your strategy should start by defining your target audience. Then you need to identify a unique selling point that can entice this guest to book with you.

For example, people working from home will look for a comfortable workspace and stable Wi-Fi. Vacationers traveling by car will find accommodations with free parking. Families will narrow their search to child-friendly accommodation options. Once you’ve decided on your target audience, focus on your key selling points in your tenant’s images, descriptions and headlines.

While it may be tempting to focus only on the advantages of your property to stand out from other local Airbnb hosts, you should be open about its disadvantages.

Is your Airbnb property in a busy tourist area? Or part of the old building? Be sure to add these attributes to your ad description.

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For example, the lively area can be seen as useful for some guests who like the lively streets and nightlife. And vintage fans will be happy in the old property.

The next step in creating your Airbnb listing is to set the house rules for your guests. Choose the rules that apply to your property from the list recommended by Airbnb.

The platform recognizes the possibility that each host may have its own property rules. Be sure to add additional rules that your guests must follow.

If there are features in your home that guests should be aware of, you can let them know by selecting what applies to your rental from the list below:

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Before you start hosting your first guests, you should decide how often you want to rent your home, how much notice you need before your guests arrive and determine minimum and maximum occupancy requirements.

Airbnb’s minimum stay requirements set the minimum number of guests that can stay in your home. Allowing overnight stays can mean more bookings for your Airbnb listing, but it can also attract unsuspecting guests. A rental that requires a one-night stay is at risk of being converted into a guest house.

In addition, staying overnight causes more difficulties and more work for the host. You should keep your property in top condition. However, it will be a challenge with high guest revenue.

Therefore, most hosts prefer the 3-night setup. It helps maintain good occupancy rates and get bookings from trusted guests.

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When it comes to determining the maximum investment requirement, it is necessary to check the local regulations first. In some areas, Airbnb may prohibit stays longer than 28 days, while in other cities specific legal rules apply. Long-term residents can be considered tenants by law and then the landlord/tenant rules apply.

You can block and unlock each day and even the whole month. Keeping your calendar up to date is important to get bookings and avoid double bookings. If you manage multiple vacation rental properties, managing your rental availability can be a real headache.

Fortunately, vacation rental software like this one can come to your rescue by allowing you to sync all your bookings from multiple platforms and manage them in real-time from a single interface.

While Airbnb will recommend using Smart Pricing, it’s best to do your research before setting your rental price. Compare similar properties in your area and use Airbnb’s calculator to find the best price for your Airbnb listing.

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To get the most out of your property, you should adjust your price according to factors such as the season, events in your area or market price fluctuations. This will help you optimize your strategy for maximum income.

To attract early bookings, please add a discount for your first guest. Airbnb will place your ad higher in search results, ensuring an easy start for you on the platform.

To encourage longer stays and reduce guest turnover, you can set weekly and monthly discounts. Your weekly discount applies to bookings of 7-27 nights. Your monthly discount applies to bookings of 28 nights or more.

To adjust your weekly and monthly discounts, go to the pricing settings for your ad and click edit next to length of stay. Enter your discount and click save.

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If you have multiple Airbnb listings, you can use rule sets to manage availability and pricing. For pricing, you can add the following rules to your rules:

By introducing discounts into your strategy, you can grow your business. As the average guest is looking for the best value for money, discount options will generate more interest.

To choose a cancellation policy, go to your list and select the desired item. Then go to Subscription Settings and click Edit next to Policy.

You can choose between the following policies: flexible, moderate or strict. To improve their qualifications for more bookings, hosts and rental owners avoid strict cancellation policies as they can discourage guests. When starting your hosting journey, it’s important to follow the flexible cancellation policy to get booked quickly. This policy is the most attractive for travelers as it provides the most relaxed refund options for guests.

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Airbnb also recommends choosing a flexible cancellation policy to accommodate additional bookings during the Covid-19 outbreak. Guests’ travel plans may change unexpectedly if there are new restrictions in their country or city. Offering a free cancellation option will impact your tenure and help maintain revenue.

To avoid going into the red and make sure their income can cover expenses, hosts can add additional fees to their Airbnb listings. To do this, go to your ad and click on the price at the top of the page.

Next, click on the Edit option next to Additional charges. Here you can set your cleaning fee and extra guest fee, as well as enter the deposit amount.

While Airbnb’s hosting warranty protects your property, it only comes into play in “rare cases of damage.” A security deposit is required in the event of minor damages incurred by guests. you while they are at your property (such as broken wine glasses or large stains Yours

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