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How To Get More Views On Google

How To Get More Views On Google – Last year our channel had 170,000 views from Google alone. And that’s not luck. We optimize our videos to rank on Google using video optimization. What exactly is being done to achieve this? Let’s see what you have in this blog post.

Ranking and getting clicks on Google is always easier to do with a video than with a traditional website.

How To Get More Views On Google

So how do you do it? How is your YouTube video ranking on Google? Let’s dive into this topic.

Create A Business Site For Free With Google My Business

Before we attempt to rank a video on Google, we first need to find out which video ideas have good search and traffic potential. Because not all video ideas are compatible with Google search.

The algorithm determines whether videos generally make sense for that search term. So before starting, make sure that Google has already displayed the videos.

So for this search period it would be questionable if not impossible to rank on Google with video. On the other hand, if we click on “book review”, several videos will appear. Or if we put a “folding notebook”, we will only see videos.

So it is beneficial to create a YouTube video for these search terms because we can rank on Google. But displaying videos for a specific search term isn’t the only thing. Before creating a video, you should always check how many people are searching for the search term and make sure there is enough traffic. You can use the ideas feature to do this.

Ip Geolocation Views & Maps

Using the suggestions feature, you can enter any topic, brand or product, put it in the target language and get suggestions for available videos. For example, let’s type in “YouTube channel” and see what videos people are searching for on the YouTube channel.

After loading the page, we see that the keyword “YouTube channel” is getting 1.2 million searches per month, but it still has very high competition. But the very interesting thing is that we have Google Videos.

So this is an interesting topic to rank for Google, not only on YouTube, but the topic can be more specific and less competitive. So let’s look at these questions and topics that are also given to us to filter this list for questions and topics.

We can also find interesting questions. For example, “how to start a YouTube channel”? It takes 2000 searches so it’s a lot less but we get a lot of product reviews. The competition is not high enough and we can still rank on Google. So this tool is very clear and intuitive to find interesting topics for YouTube and Google.

Seo For Youtube: How To Get More Views On Youtube For Free

Ok, we found a good search term and created a video for that search term. How do we rank on Google?

Google knows about your video and will rank it, but you need to work harder to rank high and provide the right search queries. To optimize your video for Google search, you must first do the same things you already do when optimizing your video for YouTube search: long watch time, good click-through rate and long duration, etc.

If you don’t know about all these things, check out our list of videos on how to optimize your videos for YouTube. However, if you want to rank high for a particular Google search query, it’s useful to do other things.

First, give Google as much information as possible about your video, as well as what search queries you want to rank for. You can of course put the title text in the description of your video. However, you should start even earlier and put the text in the video script itself, especially in the first sentence of your video, but also several times.

How To Use Google My Business & Generate Local Leads [2022]

And then after uploading the video, check if these topics are correct in the translations; if not, create your own subtitles and put them in those keywords so Google knows your video is made for those keywords. You can even try ranking for multiple keywords with a single video. To do this, first put all the keywords in the video description.

But then there is an even more important matter, which is the use of partitions. Google often shows parts of YouTube videos when you search for a specific search term. So put your keywords in the parts of your videos that you’ll find under these headings. And then there is a way to rate the same video multiple times for a search term. Google My Business (GMB) is a way to increase your visibility on Google. It’s a tool that helps you manage and improve your Google Business Profile. Your business profile is the term used for your business listing on Google, and these profiles appear on Google Maps and in Google local search results.

After creating a business profile, customers can submit reviews, ask questions and add photos. A business profile alone does not give you the ability to control the information you submit or the impressions you receive. That’s when it’s important to make sure you have a Google My Business account, and then you’ll have free access to, edit, improve, and manage your business profile.

The My Business service on Google is therefore a tool in which you can improve your business profile and thus increase visibility and efficiency. Here are a few ways that using Google My Business can help your profile and make it a better local marketing tool.

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A standard business profile contains only a limited amount of information about your business. With a Google My Business account, you can access your dashboard and add hours, website link, add products, prices, features and other details to make your business unique. You can also edit and update as needed as your business changes.

We all know that Google has algorithms to rank your ads and website, but you also benefit from ranking business profiles. From the Google My Business dashboard, you can add keywords and other SEO to your business profile to help you rank better in local SEO results.

There are many ways customers can interact with your business profile. You can communicate with these customers using your Google My Business account. Responding to reviews, answering questions, setting alerts, and even direct messages all work. You can even post to your business profile like we do on Facebook and other social platforms.

Google My Business also allows you to get key insights about your audience and local search performance through the dashboard. Here, the Analytics tab allows you to view the queries that customers are using from your business profile file. or through Google Maps or Google Search to understand the actions taken on your listing and how your photos are doing compared to other profiles in your category.

Tips To Increase Google Ad Views

Google Business Profiles are dynamic, so they change their appearance depending on the platform on which they are viewed. They also prioritize parts of your profile based on the search terms used. Just as a CMS is used in WordPress to optimize your website for search engines, Google My Business can be used in the same way to expand your reach.

Make sure you are adding relevant keywords to your business profile. This will help Google decide what you want to rank for. Then use it in your description, responses to reviews, when answering questions, and in the posts you publish.

The status of your business profile is also affected by its completeness and accuracy. Provide information on all required parts on the control panel.

Keeping information current and accurate as your business changes, writing and responding to a constant stream of reviews, adding new photos and posting content to your business profile signals to Google that you’re active.

How To Get More Views On Youtube?

If you don’t have an account, go to and click “Manage Now,” which will guide you through the necessary steps to create an account.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you are satisfied with it. YouTube’s privacy policy is constantly changing and evolving. Long gone are the days dominated by funny videos of cats and dogs on skateboards. Today, YouTube is also a place for marketers.

Over 1 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube every day – that’s more video than Netflix and Facebook combined.

But here’s the kicker… 62 percent of businesses use YouTube as a channel to publish video content – which is crazy!

Google Play Store Replaces App Permissions With Developer Reported Information

This is great for you – because when used effectively, YouTube is an extremely powerful business tool. But to increase your sales, you need to get more free views on YouTube.

In this article, you will learn 18 ways to get more views on YouTube, build your brand and increase sales.

Before you start creating a YouTube video, you need to plan what you want to upload.

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