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How To Get Your Company On Google Maps

How To Get Your Company On Google Maps – If your business profile is incomplete, contains incorrect information and does not have pictures of your business, chances are you will not be featured.

Google is still the king, queen and joker of online search. Sure, Facebook and Amazon are trying to carve out their piece of the search pie, but as of July 2019, Google dominated 90 percent of all search queries. When someone searches for a product or service on Google, they are showing interest and motivation. The beauty of intent-based search is that this traffic can be free. Paid keyword advertising works, but it’s not the only way to get clicks and customers. Have you noticed that some businesses and businesses always appear under paid ads on Google Maps, while others don’t at all? Choose to do four things in their business resume better than anyone else.

How To Get Your Company On Google Maps

Before we get into the four specific roles, it’s important to know that your business won’t show up on Google Maps unless you set up a Google My Business (GMB) profile for each location. Google the words “Google My Business” to find a direct link to set up your GMB profile. It is connected to your Google account.

Ways To Get Your Local Business On Top Of Google Maps

When you set a new location, you choose between a service location and a physical location. A physical location is a physical office or retail location where people go, such as a doctor’s or lawyer’s office. Customers will come to you. A service location is a place where you serve a neighborhood or city but do not have an office or retail location. Examples include a plumber, a realtor or an HVAC service technician. You go to the customer. In either case, you’ll need an email address so Google can send you a verification postcard. You “claim” your listing and start managing your online presence.

With that foundation in place, let’s look at these four quick and easy ways to show your business on Google Maps when people are searching for a (fill in the blank) host like you.

Have you ever looked at a business profile and wondered if the location is still in business? You can tell when a business profile looks like a desert. The first dead giveaway is when the only business profile picture is a Google Maps street view.

You must upload appropriate images. This cannot be emphasized enough. People eat and buy with their eyes. You don’t need to hire a professional photographer. The camera on most smartphones is sufficient.

How To Get Your Business To Appear On Google Maps

Take as many pictures of your work area as possible. Be sure to rename each image to include the name of the business and what is in the image. A filename when given to an image usually looks like: “1074738img.jpg.” Rename the file “Dans-Plumbing-Front-Off-Office-1234-Mockingbird-Lane-Anywhere-Ca-90210.jpg.” By doing this, you’re properly labeling the image according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines, which is a good intention in itself, and you’re helping Google better understand what the image is about, which makes it easier to rank. to provide more accurate results.

Some photo ideas include clients, customers, products, food, before and after. Remember, you can’t have too many images as long as they are relevant to your business.

Google loves it when you use their tools. One of the quickest and easiest ways to signal to Google that your GMB profile is getting traffic is to take advantage of existing traffic to your site. Embed a small Google Map on your website. Every time someone visits your website they are inadvertently viewing an embedded Google property. Google picks it up even if they don’t click on the map.

Find your business on Google Maps. When you find it, click the “Share” option and select “Embed Map”. Copy the code and paste it on your website just like you would embed a YouTube video.

Google Maps Marketing: Tips To Optimize Your Listing And Local Ranking

The more clicks your profile gets, the more Google will be able to rank it as a result of the Google Maps search engine. The more reviews you have, the more likely people will click on your profile. This is called social proof.

You should be good at asking for feedback from your customers, clients, parents, friends and family. Getting reviews is an art form. The more you do the better you will get. Don’t be surprised or annoyed if you have to ask someone for a review or testimonial more than once. Studies show that you are more likely to get feedback after a customer uses “more.” This usually happens after shopping or a good meal. When you and your team need to request an audit.

Make sure your business phone number, website and hours of operation are up to date. Use a guest browser and test the mobile and website links. Are they correct? Are they working as intended? Is the phone ringing the right person? Does the site link to the home page or have a relevant product or service? These are all things you should check. It’s all about customer experience and the more customers you put on your GMB profile, the more valuable you are in Google’s eyes.

Google wants to provide customers with the best and most relevant search results. They have a world of online tools and signals that help them decide which search engine results to use. The more competitive your business niche is, the more complete and professional your GMB profile will be. If your business profile is incomplete, has incorrect information, and doesn’t have any photos of your business or photos of you at work, chances are you won’t be featured.

Why Ranking On Google Maps Is Important For Your Local Business

Use these four quick tips to update your Google My Business profile and Google Maps to get more exposure. Let me know how these free and easy tips help your business! While Google search is the starting point for most searches that lead to website visits, Google Maps is also a huge driver of clicks and events for businesses with physical locations, such as a store or restaurant.

Google My Business is an important part of any local SEO campaign, as it is important to be listed in the local package results (ie map package results). Creating an account is the first step any local or small business should take to increase their local SEO.

Below, we see a Google My Business account in action – an Oxford SEO consultant with his Google My Business account showing Map Pack results.

From here, potential clients can view a growing list of information, ranging from business opening hours and contact information, details of products and services offered, related office photos or work examples, customer reviews, business updates and FAQs Occasionally, to name a few. .

Seo Tips For Local Maps Optimization To Help Your Business Be Found On Google

Getting your business visible on Google Maps will help bring real customers to your store through searches on Google Maps and Google Search. This provides searchers with additional information such as opening hours and details of the services you offer, as well as helping to build trust and consumer feedback, which can lead to sales.

This makes it very important for any local business to be featured on Google Maps. But how do you add your business to Google Maps?

Google My Business is a free online platform that allows businesses to control how their business appears on Google Maps.

It’s worth noting that having a website is not necessary for your business to be listed on Google Maps, but it will help give you more visibility in Google search results, which will increase your chances of making a sale.

Set Or Change Your Home & Work Addresses

We’ve put together a short video to guide you through the process using web design agency as an example.

Go to and click Sign In. You can use your Google login (the account you use for gmail, Google Drive, etc.).

Click Manage Now and start typing your business name. If it appears in the list, it may already be created, in which case you can claim it, but if not, you can add your business name and then click the option to create a business with a specific name.

Next, make sure your business name is displayed correctly. It should appear as used on your website or wherever your business name is mentioned.

Google Ranking Checker

Now you need to select the appropriate type of Google My Business. This should be the main type of your business. You can also add subcategories once your account is set up, so choose a main category at this stage.

Include the services your business offers. You can choose from services recommended by Google and/or add custom services.

This is an important option, as businesses without a physical location will not appear on Google Maps.

Enter your business address as it appears on your website. It is important to use the same address and format when referring to your business address

Key Factors To Get A Business Found In Google Map Search Results

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