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How To Get Your Website To Show Up On Google

How To Get Your Website To Show Up On Google – Google News is a huge source of website traffic. This is a way for websites to get more traffic to their website that doesn’t depend on being on the first or even second page of Google’s internet search results. In order for Google to display your site in Google News, you must first perform a few steps. To do this, you need to go to the Google Publisher Center to submit your website information so that Google can display your website/posts in Google News.

This way you can drive more traffic to your website so you can better build your brand and hopefully make more money from things like affiliate marketing or advertising revenue through ad networks like Google Adsense or Ezoic. The extra traffic you can get from Google News also means you can rely less on buying traffic through online advertising campaigns using services like Google or Bing Ads.

How To Get Your Website To Show Up On Google

Step 1 – After going to the Publisher Center, click the “Add Post” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

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Step 2 – Enter your website name, URL and your location in the world. Then click on the “Add post” button.

Step 3.1: In the General tab of the post settings, enter your information about the Post Name, the language of your target audience, your location, etc.

Step 3.2 – On the Visual Styles tab, upload a logo to your website. The logo can be a square or rectangular logo. Whatever you choose, your website logo and the one you upload to the Google Publisher Center should look the same.

Step 4: Return to the publisher center dashboard and click on the “Google News” section in the middle of the next page.

Tips To Make Your Website Show Up In Google

Step 6 – Enter information about your website description, content category, and where you want your content to be distributed, along with your Google Analytics ID (this is used for the purpose of tracking Google News traffic).

Step 7 – Add the various parts of your website that you want to appear in Google News. (You also have the option to restrict content to specific access groups for testing purposes).

Step 7.1: For the purposes of this website, we will use the URLs for each Main Menu category using the Feed or Web Location option (whichever allows your content to be displayed). Then click on the “Add” button.

Step 8 – Once you’ve added all the sections to your website, in the Preview section, click the Reload button to make sure Google News displays all of your content. You may need to click the “Review” button next to the “Content” section in the post status section of the Google News app.

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Step 9: Click Test next to Review our Terms of Service and enter your information. Then click Submit. (If you have any issues with your content not updating properly, please download and install the plugin, the GN Publisher WordPress plugin. There are some helpful tips to see if there is anything that needs to be fixed before your site is live in Google News. It will also automatically ping Google News to update the feed there whenever you publish or update a post).

Step 10 – Review all sections and make sure they are complete in the Google News app post status box. Once everything is done, click on the “Publish” button. Google will then review your site. The testing process takes 2-4 weeks. You will receive an email when your post is published or if there is a problem.

As mentioned in step 10, it can take about 2-4 weeks for Google to review your site and approve it for Google News. They will most likely approve you faster or, if not, email you with any issues with the pages and content that need to be fixed before they can be approved. Once you’re approved, you’ll notice your page status change from “Under Testing” to “Live.”

If you have a Google Search Console account, you will now notice that you now have a new section specifically called Google News that will allow you to track how much of your website traffic comes from Google News.

Reasons Why Your Website Doesn’t Show Up On Search

To make sure you can track the traffic you’re getting from Google News, the best thing you can do is upload a news sitemap to your Google Search Console account. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is to use an SEO tool like Rank Math SEO, which is what I use, which can automatically link to your sitemap URLs. You can simply copy and paste these URLs into Search Console, making it much easier for Google to find, index, and crawl any page on your site that receives traffic from Google News.

I’ll walk you through the steps from getting your sitemap URL to uploading it to Google Search Console.

Step 1: For Rank Math SEO, make sure the Google News section of your dashboard is enabled.

Step 2: Go to the “Sitemap Settings” section and once there, go to the “News” section.

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Step 5 – Enter your new sitemap URL in the search box under Add New Sitemap. You may need to refresh the page to check and see if everything is working and you can see that Google has accepted the sitemap without any problems.

Google can now more easily track all of your content that ends up in Google News, and now you as a website owner can benefit from increased traffic now that you have Google News as a potential traffic source instead of relying on search alone. movement.

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Because if we just told you that more is better when it comes to every part of the process, you’d be spending a lot more to market your practice. Our goal is to focus on the results that matter to you. For pet clinics, mobile vets and animal hospitals, it tends to come down to your bottom line.

We have seen so many veterinarians talk about unnecessary and expensive marketing services for their practice. Companies will talk about metrics that don’t translate into actual revenue using vague terminology like building their brand. While this may be important for a franchise or product you’re selling nationwide, it’s often less useful (at least on its own) than simply putting your vet’s website on Google. So what do we do?

We work with Google

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