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How To Have A Sponsored Ad On Instagram

How To Have A Sponsored Ad On Instagram – More than one billion people use Instagram every month, making it one of the world’s leading social media platforms with more engagement than Facebook and Twitter. Instagram continues to attract new users and is the fastest growing social media platform in Canada. This makes it an ideal platform to reach your fans with advertising.

Not sure about the best ways to advertise to your fans on Instagram? We share some helpful tips for you to consider:

How To Have A Sponsored Ad On Instagram

Instagram offers a seamless experience with ads, as each of these ads is integrated into the user’s feed and stories.

How To Create Instagram Stories Ads

These ads appear when Instagram users view stories. With over 500 million accounts using Stories every day and 1/3 of the most viewed Stories coming from businesses, it’s a great way to reach fans with ads. In fact, 62% of Instagram users say they are more interested in a brand or product after seeing stories. These ads are full-screen, interactive ads that appear between user experiences. These include phrases and call-to-action buttons. Event ads can be very interesting because they take full advantage of the phone screen and offer a non-distracting canvas for the business. Instagram lets you get really creative with your ads in Stories, as you can use all of the Story features, including face filters, video effects, and text. You can choose from a video (up to 15 seconds), an image (5 seconds), or a carousel ad (video and images), where you can run up to three pieces of content in one ad.

Image ads appear when users scroll through the Instagram feed. They come with a call-to-action button with different captions to choose from (eg learn more, download, contact us).

Like image ads, video ads appear when users scroll through the Instagram feed. However, video ads have additional sound and motion features. In-roll video ads can be anywhere from one to 60 seconds long. Instagram users love video content. Did you know that people pay 5x more attention to videos than static images?

Do you have a lot of content to show your fans? Carousel ads appear on a user’s Instagram feed and stories. These ads allow users to swipe (scroll) or tap (events) to view additional images or videos within a single ad. Carousel ads have many possibilities. They can showcase multiple products, share a multi-part story, and display multiple videos or images. Carousel ads on the scroll allow you to view up to 10 videos or images. In contrast, Stories carousel ads allow you to display up to three (for local Stories banner campaigns) or up to 10 (for expanded Stories banners). If you want to show off the versatility of your content, carousel ads are great for showcasing a variety of creative assets.

The Shift To Instagram Stories Ads And Facebook Messenger Ads

These ads appear in the user’s Instagram feed, allowing them to buy products directly from the ad when they see the ad. These ads are very effective because they are a single ad that combines images, videos, and direct marketing.

These ads appear on the Instagram Explore page. However, they don’t appear in the discovery grid themselves, instead they only appear when the user taps the discovery post and starts navigating the discovery feed. These ads can be in photo, video or IGTV format. Fan advertising on the Discover page is a great option, as many users visit this page to discover new accounts, people or brands.

The more branded and flashy your Instagram story content looks, the worse it will perform. People want to see real, engaging Instagram stories from real people.

Also, Instagram requires all ads to have a “sponsored” tag, so the more interesting and original the ad, the more likely it is to get results. Successful campaigns rely on highly branded creative.

Instagram Ads To Inspire Your Next Campaign

When it comes to advertising on Stories, it’s best to grab your fans’ attention quickly. Events move quickly, so aim to get your message and brand across right away. Keep it short, sweet and sharp. Instagram recommends breaking up your story into short, snappy posts. In fact, the best ads have shorter and shorter scenes. Videos grab our attention more than still images, so it’s a good idea to use video for your ad campaign. It is also important to ensure that the brand and key messages appear at the beginning of the video.

Create powerful and engaging ads by enhancing your message with voice or music. However, you should also consider using captions in your video ads, as some users may be speechless when browsing Instagram.

When people use Instagram, most are on a mobile device. That’s why it’s important to consider the in-app and browser experience when creating your ads. When a user clicks on a call to action in an ad, they typically only spend three seconds on the landing page before clicking. That’s why it’s so important that your landing page content matches what your ad is showing. For example, if your ad is about earrings, make sure your landing page shows them instead of a large collection or something else unrelated to your ad. The more optimized your ad is, the less money you will spend per click.

Making your ad interactive is ideal for attracting fans. Did you like these cool stickers from Instagram stories? 83% of Stories stickers actually enhance video ads and stories. Interactive stickers like thumbtacks encourage people to stay longer with your Stories ads. Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, found that a survey of hashtags promoted 3-second videos in 90 percent of beta campaigns. However, when it comes to stories with static images, you should avoid using unnecessary stickers. Facebook found that using two stickers actually decreased productivity. They recommend avoiding stickers unless they’re visually distracting and don’t help convey or reinforce important information about your brand or product.

Getting Started With Instagram Ads In 2022 (guide)

Ad captions on your channel are important for engagement. Your ad title only displays a few words before users click “more”. Therefore, you should keep it short and sweet and write the most important part of your message in the first 8-10 words.

Is this ad suitable as an extended post or a dark ad? It’s important to remember the difference between featured posts and dark ads.

Promotions: These ads are created by promoting one of your posts on your Instagram feed. They look authentic and organic because they come from your Instagram feed. They collect reach and engagement metrics from both organic post periods and paid post support periods, which are always more than paid advertising. Using a custom post approach can result in cheaper distribution metrics such as CPMs.

Black ads: For these ads, the link and call-to-action are more prominent in the ad, so since the CTA is directly above the image, it can sometimes be an important driver of “immediate action.” By scrolling, the user usually has to find a non-clickable link in the main text or go to the link in the bio of the Instagram page. You have a title too. Therefore, copywriting has more creative control.

How To Promote Your Instagram: 13 Ideas That Work

Not sure where to start with Instagram ads? Contact us for a free consultation on how to turn Instagram ads into conversionable beats for your fans.

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This website uses cookies and other technologies to customize your experience, for advertising purposes, and to understand how you and other visitors use our site. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Whether you’re scrolling through Instagram stories or your timeline, sooner or later you’ll see an ad with the “Sponsored” tag. If you want to stop seeing ads on Instagram or customize your ad experience by hiding and blocking them, this app will help you.

Some ads help you with information about new products, services, apps, websites, and more. For example, when I move to a new city, I often see ads for new restaurants that I want to check out. And around Valentine’s Day, I see great ads for custom woodworking design and gift sending services. I love these commercials.

Instagram To Roll Out Carousel Ad Platform

On the other hand, I have seen very annoying and bad ads. Some are pure scams or at best just plain wrong!

Do you want me to believe that I can become a millionaire and own a Lamborghini by selling your limited two-hour course at 97% off?

The easiest way to stop seeing Instagram ads is to use Instagram in your browser instead of the official Instagram app. I accessed Instagram from my iPhone’s Safari browser and after using it for a few days, I didn’t see any ads from the browser. But when I switched to the official Instagram app, I started seeing a lot of sponsored and featured posts.

I also logged into Instagram using Chrome.

Ads From Influencers You Don’t Follow Are About To Hit Your Instagram Feed And Stories

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