How To Import Bank Transactions Into Quickbooks Online

How To Import Bank Transactions Into Quickbooks Online – Our strategic team of accounting and financial software professionals work to solve our growing clients’ biggest challenges in retail, distribution, real estate, hospitality, travel and more. We labeled it “biggest challenge” because it doesn’t exist. not only do they get in the way of keeping your cash flow under control, but it’s also an important test of how accurate the accounting software’s transaction records have been. Every day we get requests from business owners, CEOs, accountants, etc. on how they can speed up their bank reconciliation processes, especially when dealing with backlogs and payment transactions.

A few weeks ago, one of our customers who recently purchased QuickBooks experienced a major setback. He wanted 2015 (the year he started the business) to be the year of the opening balance. They already had two (2) years of transactions recorded in Excel through invoices, receipts and checking bank statements. About the actual year the business started and its transactions, the need to reflect the bank statement, a large private company that wants to invest in their company and the need to review their transaction history. There was no way to convince (investors) to use their current opening balance, so we had to start the process of developing our own bank transaction import software known as Bank Statement Pro.

How To Import Bank Transactions Into Quickbooks Online

Order our accounting software service For over 5 years, we have implemented QuickBooks and Sage 50 for a variety of businesses: Retail, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Real Estate & Construction, Travel, Hospitality, Legal, Co-op, NGO, Finance and Services. The sectors

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Bank Statement Pro is a flexible bank transaction import application specially designed to help you save time and improve productivity. You can easily attach bank statements of any bank in Nigeria to Excel, match the corresponding column in Excel with the corresponding headings in QuickBooks and synchronize all transactions with the corresponding account. Even non-accounting beginners can use the software as it requires no special accounting knowledge or skills.

The software does not integrate your bank statement with QuickBooks, but is designed to track all inputs and outputs from your bank statement, match them to their corresponding account titles in QuickBooks, and eliminate the need for month-end reconciliations because all transactions is already done. was taken care of.

Reconciliation is a task that all profitable business owners, CEOs, accountants, and financial managers must perform if they want to truly understand their cash positions, track actual profit or loss, and create a reliable financial statement. Imagine having software that already records your bank account deposits and withdrawals on a daily or weekly basis? Do you think reconciliation is still necessary or necessary? No! That’s what Bank Statement Pro will do for you, and that’s why we developed Bank Statement Pro.

Whether you have one or more banks that you import transactions from, Bank Statement Pro can help you save time when importing high-volume transactions.

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We are still improving the financial app to connect directly to your bank via API. Currently, you can only import a bank transaction summary from Excel. This means that every time you want to import bank transactions, you need to download them into Excel from your online banking application or contact your account manager to send you a weekly statement.

Bank Statement Pro is here to help you import your GTbank, Skye, FCMB, Fidelity, Eco Bank, First Bank, Heritage, Diamond Bank, Unity Bank, Union Bank, Wema Bank, Zenith Bank, UBA or Stanbic IBTC Bank into Accounting . software!

Bank Statement Pro works with every version of QuickBooks software from 2013 to today to accommodate older versions. If you are using an older version, we recommend that you upgrade. This is to ensure that you do not miss the latest data files and security updates from Intuit Inc.

This is Bank Statement Pro, a simple application that can read the customer deposit payment column and verify payments from your bank statement and automatically post them to QuickBooks accounting software. Here we have selected a statement for the FCMB client and performed an import.

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This is a preview of your bank statement ready to import directly into QuickBooks. What other method would you like to use to save time on multiple bank reconciliations other than calling our expert bank statement support on 08105090001?

We’ve helped clients in the retail, wholesale, manufacturing, financial services, non-profit, hospitality and tourism, legal, media, real estate and property, oil and gas and co-operative, insurance brokerage and consulting sectors find a better way forward. to track cash flow, reconcile bank statements, and get financial statements right using QuickBooks. Contact us at [email protected] or call us at 08105090001

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