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How To Keep Men's Private Area Clean


How To Keep Men's Private Area Clean – Let’s talk about excitement. You probably already know that there are many ways to set the vibe before sex. Your sex playlist, where you go and

How you relate to your partner plays a big role in your overall sexual experience. But what turns one person may not work for another, which is where things get complicated. The good news is that while everyone is different, when it comes to hooking up with a guy, some common male triggers can really turn them on. like,

How To Keep Men's Private Area Clean

Body philosophy is because many of the body’s erogenous zones—areas that your brain finds pleasurable to touch—are universal. And this universal hotspot is a kind of awakening shortcut, says Kanel Barrett, dating coach and author of Dating Success But You Don’t. If you find your partner’s E-Zone, you can take them from scratch

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True, every zone on a person’s body can be stimulated if properly treated, but there

Proof that some areas need more attention than others when it comes to happiness. Because some of these spots are filled with nerves (like your ears), others are hot because they are often easily overlooked (when was the last time you *kissed* the front of your partner’s neck?).

And while most men have similar erogenous zones and arousal triggers, Barrett notes that everyone is different, so curling your toes might not work for your partner, and vice versa. “What makes people’s attention so much fun,” he explained. “It’s like discovering a tactile treasure that your partner doesn’t even know about, only it’s hotter.”

To help you achieve your happiness, your S.O. We’ve rounded up 40 expert-backed areas to check out when you’re trying to find places that feel mysterious. Barrett suggests exploring different areas where there’s no pressure, because if your partner is hot enough to join you, they’ll have a good time. But if you’re feeling stuck, try the tips we’ve included for every male attention trigger that will help you really go above and beyond.

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Some people are circumcised (that is, when the foreskin is cut off) and some are not, and not well. But for them

For the uncircumcised, there is one advantage: the foreskin is a bonus E-zone of about 15 square inches. “The foreskin is full of nerve endings, and stimulating the thin skin in this area gives a very pleasurable experience,” says Mia Sabat, sex therapist at AmJoy. There is also sensitivity

Try this: Use your hands to move a man’s penis up and down from the head, Sabat suggests. During oral, you can focus on using a combination of your hand, tongue and lips. Due to the sensitivity of the foreskin outside and inside, moving the foreskin during sex is also very pleasurable.

Another nerve-rich area is the lower abdomen, most concentrated near the genital area, Sabt said. Give them the area below their belly but above their pubic bone or private parts to show them your affection and attention.

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Try this: Teasing and stimulating the area with kisses, gentle bites, and temperature play can be fun, Saturday says. You can also experiment with some light pressure play, “but be careful: it’s best to test [pressure play] with an empty bladder,” Sabat adds.

According to Sabat, the thin, smooth skin on the inner arms makes this area very sensitive. Think about it – how often do you pay attention to your inner arms?

Try this: Many of the erogenous zones can be stimulated by kissing or tongue, but gentle, controlled movements of your fingers are especially great for the inner arms. Stroke the skin on the inside of their shoulder and gently move up to the inner elbow, Sabat says. If you and your partner are both into BDSM and have talked about trying it, pulling off the swing while your partner’s hands are tied (in a fixed T-shape or with their wrists above their head) can be really sexy. Also, Sabbath adds.

Moving down the arm, stimulating the delicate, thin skin inside the wrist can also be very pleasurable for your partner. Not only that, but feeling your partner’s heart rate rise as you reach your pulse point is a turn-on and very empowering.

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Try this: the inner wrist is a large erogenous zone that you can both stimulate in a public (gross) way. Smacking or kissing your partner’s inner wrist is a great way to show you’re feeling sensual, Sabat says, and it’s a cute move overall.

Fun fact: Hands are actually some of the most sensitive and responsive parts of the body, says Sabat. This area is full of nerves – if you’ve ever been stabbed with a teenage papercut or felt like someone cut off your entire finger, you probably already know.

Try this: “Take your partner’s palm in your hand and gently trace the edges and lines of their palm with your fingertips,” says Sabat. Therefore, turn it on by “kissing their palms and fingertips or gently take a finger in your mouth to lick, swirling your tongue around their finger and moving your lips along its length.”

Not only is the skin thin and sensitive, Sabat says, it is full of nerves. Plus, it gets points for being so careless because really, have you ever thought about paying more attention to the area below the knee? I know

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Try this: The back of the knee is a very versatile erogenous zone, as it can be teased in public without being rude, but also a focus for sex when you’re back in private. Try gently rolling your fingers over the area, or engage in this physical real estate during penetrative sex, toning down the intensity a bit by touching, stroking or pressing, says Sabat.

You may have heard that the prostate is a pleasurable area for men with male genitalia, but playing backdoor with your partner can be fun even without a prostate. There are a lot of nerves in the anal area, and once you talk and discuss anal drama, it can make both of you feel really hot. Remember, in all things bat play, the importance of love, patience and ongoing compliance cannot be emphasized enough. The anus is not as self-lubricating as the vagina, so this situation requires a lot of lube.

Try this: For those who want to explore anal drama and are not sure if they want to penetrate or receive a cock, don’t worry, you can completely stimulate the anus without penetration. Sabath recommends starting by massaging your partner’s bottom. “Move the entire area and place your hands on the creases where the legs and hips meet, and slide your fingers from the inner thighs to the outer area before you begin to grasp the outside of the anus,” she suggests.

Then, if you and your partner have talked about what you both want to do about penetration, only then can you consider using your fingers or toes.

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“Some of the best erogenous zones are places where we can flawlessly make love in everyday life, and the thighs are a great example,” says Sabat. The groin is similar to the groin or inner thigh, but less intimate, so you can openly interact with this area without any problems.

Try this: Sabat recommends light touching or squeezing and gentle hand massage while sitting next to your partner. Specifically, zone the space between their knees and halfway up their thighs, Sabat says, because the teasing motion makes them want more. When you are private, both of you can cover this area with small smiles, kisses and even small bites.

Because the inner thigh is so close to a man’s genitals, “without the sensation of touch, just being in that area gives your partner a better feel for what’s next,” says relationship therapist Ebony Harris.

Try this: Harris suggests taking the time to kiss and lick your partner’s inner thighs before touching your partner’s penis during oral sex. Play and experiment with your lips from light flattering kisses to heavy pecks.

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“Like the inner thighs, this area is so close to the genitals that it can be equally frustrating and satisfying to have your partner tease this area,” explains Sabat. Green, a.k.a. Where your stomach transitions to your lower body and legs, the nerve endings are full and get bonus points for being adjacent to the genitalia.

Try this: To really tease your partner, put them in their underwear