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How To Keep Tent Dry In Rain

How To Keep Tent Dry In Rain – A guide to keeping your exterior dry, brought to you by Matador, whose wet bags are the perfect packing material for your next rainy adventure!

You’re a long way from the special camping trip you’ve been planning for months, and the weather forecast is overwhelming. You want to cancel, but should you? Camping can be hard enough without a wet campsite. But if you spend a lot of time planning your trip, the disappointment of missing out can be worse than the risk of getting wet. How to stay dry when camping in the rain

How To Keep Tent Dry In Rain

For Pacific Northwest residents, rain lovers, wet weather braves, haters, and travelers alike, we’ve developed high-risk camping guidelines even when it’s raining outside. Before leaving, when the weather is wet

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If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to check the weather forecast before you go, and for better or worse, you know your camping trip is about to get rained on. If you throw a few extra items in the car and have time to change your camper setup, here are some tips on how to prepare for rain: 1. Pack items that need to dry first.

If you’re planning a rain camp, you’ll want to pack everything dry (clothes, sleeping bags, food) first, as these will be the last items to leave the car. you break it down. Similarly, if you plan to hike to a campsite, try to minimize the frequency with which you bring waterproof gear and wet items by storing them outside or on top of your pack. . 2. Set up your campsite in a waterless area.

When considering where to pitch your tent, avoid areas under water and always place your gear on a slope with the water flowing. If you are camping near water, avoid pitching your tent near dry streams or other sources of water that may overflow. 3. Waterproof your equipment.

One of the most effective ways to keep your gear dry outside is to waterproof your boots, backpacks, and other unsightly items with a quick spray or powder. Waterproofing products such as Nikwax or Scotchgard are good choices, but depending on the type of product you choose, the waterproofing process can take some time. Also, consider whether you want to make it completely waterproof or more resistant. Waterproof, applied material provides a complete seal while providing minimal ventilation. A waterproof spray will make your jacket or boots water-resistant without affecting durability and breathability. The following is a list of popular products including methods of application.

Camping In The Rain: Don’t Let Bad Weather Dampen Your Trip

A note for Gore-Tex users: If you have a jacket or pair of boots made with Gore-Tex, there are a few strategies you can use before spraying the product or salt. Dirt, oil and other contaminants can affect breathability and performance, so your Gore-Tex cleaner may fill its original waterproof membrane. For frequent wearers, advanced breathable/water-resistant materials are recommended to be washed five or six times. After washing and drying your Gore-Tex product, the water repellent can be recycled, but be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions before putting it in the dryer. If none of these methods work to rejuvenate your clothes, try a DWR (water repellent) or fresh water spray as mentioned above. 4. A dry bag is your friend.

Always pack a dry bag. Matador offers packable dry bags because they have a storage box that you can easily pack into your pack with simple tools. Similar to backpacking, dry bags should be used to store items that are not waterproof, such as food that breaks down when exposed to moisture or clothing that needs drying.

Check out the Matador Waterproof Camera Bag, the perfect solution to keep your photography skills safe even on rainy trips.

: not working. If you can swing by an outdoor branch or REI in your area, try a starter that works even in wet weather. Waterproof matches are available at REI for $8, and this compact Fire Starter Kit (retails for $14.95) includes a charming flint and WetFire Tinder that ignites almost instantly in any weather. . 6. Layer, layer, layer

Best Waterproof Tents For Heavy Rain That’ll Keep You Dry In 2022

Layers are always important when spending time outdoors, but they’re especially important in humid weather. Layering will soak you to the bone, keep you from getting too cold, and make your outing more enjoyable.

From the waterproof layer to the insulation layer, it is necessary to pack the optimal layers, which must be dry at all costs. Pack a double layer of tarp to provide an extra layer at your campsite in extremely wet conditions. 7. Bring a trash bag

It might not be the first thing you grab when the weather turns bad, but trash bags are great for protecting your clothes and gear from the rain. Whether your dry bags are full or you want to double pack something particularly fragile, it’s never a bad option to have a traditional trash bag on hand. If they’re big enough, you can turn them into bras to give yourself and your pack extra protection. 8. Clothing packaging

If you have a lot of line (a fishing rod works as a team) or a line on a lot of tampons, you can make a clothesline for drying clothes and other necessities when it rains. 9. Throw in a towel/quick dry clothes

How To Keep Your Tent Dry In The Rain

If you’re camping in your car, bring a few towels to help absorb moisture and dry out tables, chairs, and other essentials in the rain. Or, get clothing made from special, quick-drying materials (think polyester or polypropylene) so you don’t have to clean your gear or do chores around the camp. As it started to rain after your arrival

Well, not all of us are planners. Whether you forgot to check the weather forecast or it rained unexpectedly, there are a few things you can do to withstand the unexpected wetness. 1. Keep the fire away

If you’re starting a fire while it’s raining, try to keep the fire burning as long as possible by using a larger stick over the hot coals. Unless conditions are too severe, fire retardants can work when you’re trying to stay warm and dry after a storm passes. 2. Prepare the tent (but keep the inside dry)

If you’re gearing up for the middle of the rainy season, be sure to keep the inside of your tent as dry as possible. Use rainwater. In extremely wet conditions, pitch your tent without the ground to make it easier to move if the ground beneath you begins to move. Make sure your rainwater is properly sealed, as this will provide airflow during storms and prevent condensation from forming on the inside of the tent. 3. Throw away the tarp

Tips And Hacks For Camping In The Rain

If so, immediately after the rain, put on a scarf and place it on your dining room table as a temporary shelter. If you’re camping on site, try using climbing poles or poles as your main waterproofing tool. Use other waterproof equipment to protect items that need to be dried.

Use trees or paths that can serve as poles for your shelter to drape the fabric over the tent. Fold the fabric to the ground and away from your footprints to prevent excess moisture from collecting at the bottom of the tent. 4. Compromise on non-essentials

If it flows, it forces you to make decisions about what to keep instead of keeping everything. Instead of sorting through items that need to be dried at all costs, choose items and clothes that you want to soak.

: Don’t leave what you need to sleep. Having a list of essential items will help you decide how many seconds it will take for a sudden downpour.

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If worse comes to worse, at least stock up on things you need to sleep on and enough food for the next few days. Clothes, food parcels and many other items can dry and be ready in 6-12 hours depending on the rainfall.

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