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How To Keep Your Old Phone Number

How To Keep Your Old Phone Number – Can I transfer my phone number – which I’ve had for years – to a wireless cell phone?

A. If you live in the same area, you can put your phone number on a cell phone, but you must use a cell phone to ensure the company can handle it. (However, if you had a long-distance calling plan for your old home phone service, expect your new carrier to offer it.)

How To Keep Your Old Phone Number

In addition to landline transfers, the Federal Communications Commission says you can keep the same cable number if you change service providers. The agency’s website has a sales guide to take your phone number with you.

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Most wireless carriers have online guides that walk you through the process of porting (or “porting” your phone number to AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless, all of which have pages on their websites where you can enter your number to check your coverage.

Most major cell phone companies have an online tool you can use to verify that your phone number can be submitted to the carrier’s service. Courtesy… The New York Times

You should also be able to proceed by visiting a retail store operated by your destination carrier. Keep a copy of your current phone bill or other identifying information to verify that your number is yours. After the transfer is complete, it may take a few days for the complete transfer to take place, and during this time, both the phone and the phone may ring when a call comes in. When we decided to go on a year-round trip, one of the most confusing things before the trip was what to do with our cell phones. We didn’t intend to pay for an already expensive Verizon monthly plan that required very expensive add-ons for overseas use. But at the same time, we didn’t want to lose the phone numbers that we had ten years or more ago, and at least we hope that if someone tries, we’ll find those numbers. to find the text above. To contact us (and as it turns out, text verification is required to login to banks or reset passwords, etc.). After a lot of research on the internet (I couldn’t find a single explanation for this…) we found a solution that allows us to store our mobile numbers and receive text messages or voicemail in our mailbox for just $3. .de Masina – just what we wanted! Here’s how we did it in four steps:

You’ll want to be able to use external SIM cards (more on SIM cards below). The only way to use a SIM card is if your phone is “unregistered”. In the United States, when you pick up your cell phone on the ship for a low price, sometimes the ship gives you a “locked” phone, meaning the phone can only be used on that ship. 🇧🇷 That’s not always the case – for example, Verizon generally no longer sells unlocked phones (although that could change). But it will depend on your carrier, plan and phone type. To find out if your phone is locked and how to unlock it, you need to search online via your phone/plan/carrier (if locked, the process usually involves you contacting the viewer).

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Under FCC rules, you have the right to keep your cell phone number (not your carrier). The courier will therefore be obliged to provide your telephone number when requested. It’s even easier if you’re switching from Verizon to AT&T to Credo or whatever. But what do you do if you can’t find a job? If you cancel your contract now, you will lose your phone number. Instead, you must “park” your mobile number (i.e. move it) and “park” it somewhere, which means putting it somewhere online to no longer own it.

There are different ways to do this, and your choice will depend on what you want to do. For example, if you want your old phone number to call your new phone number (eg international calls), you need VoIP like Google Voice. But we wanted to be able to receive any text messages or voice messages while keeping our phone numbers.

We found the best answer on Tossable Digits (FYI, we don’t take commission or anything from them). For $3 a month per number they will “port” your cell phone number and “park” it online. They provide instant email updates of any text or audio. You can log in and respond to texts through their platform (you get a lot of them free per month). This worked well for us, especially for important situations like resetting a password or receiving confirmation via text message to access a bank account (which happens when you travel abroad because the bank will use that IP address. it won’t know where you are). is accessing your site). And in the future, we can transfer our number back to a ship at no cost if we want to.

“Toll” is the term for transferring your cell phone from one location to another. Once you “give up” your mobile number, your carrier will immediately terminate your contract and you will lose your minutes, text messages and data plans accordingly. It’s not something you want to do a month before departure if you plan on using your cell phone that month (and you probably will, as the first trip is rough and crashes and you need your phone!) You’ll also want to make sure you have an early termination fee on your boat. The process starts on the same day up to 3 business days (digital information about the shipping process).

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We stopped posting our cell numbers the day before we left. Verizon canceled our plan within hours and it took Tossable Points and I a day or two to get things up and running. There are no costs associated with shipping, just a few extra steps (and some helpful customer support from Tossable Digits).

I can write a whole post about this later, because I don’t know what a “SIM card” is or how to use it when we go on a trip – and I now do the process on three continents. Yes with many differences. country. At a high level, however, the process is as follows:

Airports are a good place to start – just look for a cell phone company kiosk, usually near baggage claim before exiting customs. Depending on the country, SIM card providers can be mobile phone shops, small newsstands or gas stations.

The process also depends on where you are. Always bring your passport when purchasing a SIM card, as a passport is usually required for the registration process. It’s best if the SIM card vendor can register you and activate your SIM card – a very difficult task to do in a foreign language. (And they often require you to register as part of the SIM card selling process.)

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After registering a SIM card in your phone, you will have a local phone number. Now you need to get information, texts or minutes for that number. Then you have to “load” your card, which means putting money on the card and then buying a plan. You usually do this when you get your SIM card, but not always. Sometimes you go to the store and buy a booklet and sometimes you can do it online. (We encountered a lot of different challenges at this stage, which are very different based on different carriers and countries – in a later post on using SIM cards, I’ll explain that in more detail. Will include.)

FYI, we use a lot of data (for travel research, especially when the WiFi isn’t great in our locations) and we spend an average of $30 per month (an additional $6) per month to park our two phone numbers with dialable numbers). Prices vary from country to country – in Malaysia we get 10GB of data for around US$3; Dubai costs about $25 for 1 GB; Ukraine has 6GB for about $2; Most of Europe is 10GB for 30 euros; And Morocco was 10GB for $10.

As you can see, these prices are better than paying for a monthly contract with Verizon, except for adding international packages to that contract!

Hope this helps and feel free to let us know if you have any questions about anything above!

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