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How To Make A Simple Web Page


How To Make A Simple Web Page – Want to learn how to build a website but don’t know how to use HTML? Follow this guide and you can create your first basic website in HTML with source code examples!

There’s no CSS or JavaScript involved, so keep in mind that the site we’re trying to make isn’t going to be pretty. It only focuses on displaying HTML and its main features.

How To Make A Simple Web Page

Want to learn HTML and CSS? For beginners, I recommend John Duckett’s book HTML & CSS and JavaScript & jQuery. The books are beautifully designed and the important topics are easy to understand. Check them out on Amazon! What is HTML?

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One thing to remember is that HTML is not a programming language. It’s sign language. Programming languages ​​like PHP or Java use logic and conditions to manipulate content.

HTML doesn’t, but it’s still very important. After all, it creates every website in existence!

You can create an HTML file on your computer and load it into your browser. It’s not on the internet, so only your local computer can see it.

The HTML files of real websites that anyone on the Internet can access are stored on computers called servers. But the basic process is exactly the same.

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To edit the HTML file, you need to open it in a code editor. Right-click the file and select Open with editor, or some editors have a shortcut menu.

Now that the index file is open in your browser and editor, let’s start writing the code!

Tags are special text that you use to label or identify parts of your website. Therefore, the language of hypertext is “symbol”.

Together, these two tags tell the browser to ignore the text between them. And so it happened.

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Now this may seem obvious, but when the browser loads the HTML, the tags themselves aren’t visible – they’re not visible on the page.

Pretty cool, right? One of the reasons I love building websites so much, it’s almost magical, is the ability to display things in your browser.

The line of text we wrote now works because we saved the file as an HTML file that your browser can recognize.

But for actual HTML on the web, we need to add a few more tags to the file.

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The first tag you need is a tag. It’s not quite an HTML markup, but it tells the browser that it’s an HTML5 file.

This tag doesn’t need a closing tag because it doesn’t contain any text, it just says it’s HTML.

Other previously used formats are HTML 4 or XHTML. But now HTML 5 is really the only doctrine in use.

After the tutorial you will have HTML tags. This tells the browser that everything inside is HTML:

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HTML I know it’s a bit redundant since I’m using HTML tags. But this tag ensures that all HTML properties inside it are inherited.

In basic HTML markup, your content is usually divided into two parts, a head and a body.

The header tag contains information about the website and also includes loading CSS and JavaScript files. We won’t cover those today, but just so you know.

The body logo is the main content of the website. Everything you see on this page is usually in body tags. So we need to move the previous statement to the body.

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Now let’s look at some basic symbols that are commonly used on the head and body.

Being over 100, I don’t experience all possible symptoms. It goes on forever.

We’ll look at some of the most commonly used pages to help you better understand the structure of an HTML page.

The first tag you should keep in mind is the meta description field. This character defines the encoding.

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UTF-8 is the Unicode encoding used by almost every website in the world. We need encoding because we need to convert the letters, numbers, and symbols we use into bytes that computers can use.

This is important for responsive websites. Responsive means that a website can display correctly on all devices – computers, tablets and phones.

The content of this tag says that the width of the website should be the same as the width of the viewing device.

For example, a mobile phone may have a smaller resolution or size than a laptop. This allows the website to be resized based on user usage.

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The initial scale determines the size of the site. Today, you can zoom in and out on your browser to make a website bigger or smaller. We want it to be 1 by default, which means scaling or no scaling.

As you might have guessed, this defines the name of the website. If the site has different pages, each page has its own name.

In the browser tab, you can see what you typed in the title tag:

Now on to the fun stuff – body tags determine what content you see.

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Most basic text tags are based on what you can do in a Word document. You can create headings, body text, lists and even tables.

In the days before CSS, using these tags helped you organize and format your content in a way that was easier for your readers to understand.

Not all of these symbols are in use yet. Some of these are no longer needed as we can now achieve the same style using CSS.

First, let’s look at the title or title symbol, which is marked with the letter H. Each H symbol also has a number after the H. They are different

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Bookmark our website. Enter the name of the website in the tag “my first website”.

Identifiers. Just like in Word, you can use paragraphs to divide content into sections. You can create a paragraph around your content

The nonsense used to fill and organize the text in the publication and design of the text.

Now, if you want to split your content into several lines, but don’t want the space that comes with a paragraph, you can use line breaks or

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If you press Enter multiple times in your content, nothing else happens on the page. Like pressing the spacebar multiple times.

The browser provides only one location, ie. To create a newline, you need to add a

Symbols of this type without closing symbols are called empty elements. They are empty because they have no content.

On the closing line. This was a requirement for XHTML, but HTML 5 does not require a line.

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Browsers will still read the tags correctly, but I still recommend writing empty elements without this problem.

The next tags we’ll look at are style tags – these tags add style to text.

They can be bold, like headings, and then italicized, underlined, underlined, and strong tags.

As we mentioned above, these style tags are now deprecated because you can use CSS to style anything.

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The horizontal ruler creates a horizontal line on your web page.

Like the newline character, the horizontal rule is an invalid element and requires only one character, not a closing character.

Identifiers. This A stands for “anchor” because the link connects the two nets in the same way a boat anchor does something that secures a boat.

The attribute it uses is the href attribute. This is a short reference for hypertension. and the value is the URL of the target site.

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URL comes from the words Universal Resource, which acts as an address that indicates the location of a web page or file to be downloaded.

A sign is a sign. This determines whether the link you click will open on the same page or in a new page or browser tab.

By default, it opens links on the same page. If you want the link to open on a new page, set the destination to “_blank”.

Let’s look at the next step. You can place an image on your website using an image tag

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Like link tags, image tags require a URL. Instead of an image link, the image tag contains the src attribute, which indicates the source of the image.

This example searches the web for an image – one of the most useful places I visit

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