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How To Make Linkedin Posts More Engaging


How To Make Linkedin Posts More Engaging – This article will show you 12 examples of great LinkedIn articles written by our CEO, Alex Boyd.

This article was updated in June 2021 to reflect the latest best practices. We’re on top of all things LinkedIn and social selling, so bookmark and check back often!

How To Make Linkedin Posts More Engaging

When you look at most examples of good LinkedIn posts, you’ll find content created for big brands that already have large followings.

Linkedin Experiment: How Comments > Likes

But what about sample LinkedIn posts for people who don’t have a million followers? Maybe a few thousand.

What if you need real, measurable leads from LinkedIn and don’t have the benefit of a name?

We don’t have a big following or a big budget. If we post something on LinkedIn and it doesn’t make it to the top, we know we made a mistake.

As of March 2021, over 33% of our new business came from LinkedIn. This ratio, which we measure, has remained remarkably constant to date.

How To Use Linkedin For Beginners

We focus on revenue and lead strategies because we work with early-stage companies that use LinkedIn as a source of revenue, not primarily to showcase our brand.

Much of the innovation in B2B demand generation and marketing relies on entrepreneurs and small, lean, nimble companies ahead of more conservative, slow-moving big brands with bigger budgets.

I will not share the Gary Vaynerchuk of the world with millions of followers. These examples of good LinkedIn posts are for people who don’t have a huge following (and need results). But we’re all for lean strategies that anyone can implement, not just big brands and individuals.

A common tip in the sales and marketing world is to avoid over-focusing your writing. It’s better to talk about your prospects and what they’re going through. Overall, this is great advice.

We’re Hiring’ Social Media Post Examples

However, this post, which started with 50% “I” sentences, got a lot of engagement and led many executives to take action.

LinkedIn posts work best when they’re personal. I usually define the best content as “professional relevant personal content”.

People are on LinkedIn to do business, connect with current/future/past colleagues, share ideas and thoughts about their industry and most importantly for this article, learn from industry leaders and their network.

This self-centered article helps startups in development, sales, and marketing because Alex’s network specifically follows and interacts with agency CEOs and founders because they want to see what’s going on inside the agency CEO and founder.

Unique Linkedin Post Ideas (+ Examples!)

His profile title and content are optimized so that people see his actual content, see if his title is relevant to their job, click on his profile, and then contact him (direct message or visit our site). ).

Here is an article about it. At the time, we (and others in our network) were having problems with Zoom, a generally great video conferencing tool. For our target audience on LinkedIn and existing network, this was a very timely (and relevant) topic given how important video calling is to everyday business in the world of startups, sales and marketing.

You don’t necessarily have to watch the news if you’re thinking of timely content. Think about what inspires you and your network and write about it.

Writing good LinkedIn posts that build your audience and then generate leads requires authentic content that people can relate to. You need to know and narrow down your audience to be as specific as possible. Then write them down.

What To Post On Linkedin In 2022

It doesn’t matter if this topic is irrelevant to most people on LinkedIn. They are not your target market. Your target market is a very specific segment of good prospects in your network and the people connected to them.

Self-promotional content performs poorly in the LinkedIn feed. Why? Because it looks like an ad and people don’t want to engage with more ads organically.

LinkedIn feeds are powerful because they allow entrepreneurs to share knowledge and ideas that are relevant to their network.

Self promotion but generating some high quality leads for us. The difference between this post and the self-promotional material is that we talk about our “compliments” in detail.

Where To Place Links In Linkedin Posts In 2021

Instead of leading people to show them how great we are.

Sometimes short posts that ask relevant, slightly loaded questions lead to good engagement. In this case, the position is “charged” only from the recruitment/interview and SDR aspect.

If you use it too much, people won’t engage with you because it looks like you’re just asking for likes/comments. However, if you’ve built an active following using more personal posts like the examples of other good LinkedIn posts in this post, you’ll benefit from diversifying the length and style of your posts.

Similarly, if you know you have an active group of people in your network who regularly comment on your posts, you can use this style to ask them questions and give them feedback.

How The Linkedin Algorithm Works & Optimizing For It

This post is similar in length to the last post, but less dependent on previous follower engagement. This article is shorter than the others, but has enough content to spark a conversation.

Familiarizing yourself with common concepts in your industry is a great way to engage your network as well as showcase your knowledge. Similarly, taking conventional wisdom and then presenting a lesser-known interpretation of that wisdom works well to encourage people to look at their industry in a way they might not have before.

In many cases, “business advice” is preferable to a more user-friendly and better-sounding phrase.

In this example, there is a popular opinion about sellers who do not accept orders. A key discussion takes place when Alex digs a little deeper into a topic and encourages his network to take a closer look at the topic.

How To Make Your Linkedin Posts More Visual

Similarly, one way to generate LinkedIn post ideas is to take common tips and phrases you see in your industry and add nuance or a different take on them.

Use events and experiences from your professional past to give people insight. These stories work because they are professionally relevant while still being personal and authentic.

In this case, it’s a professional story, but you can use completely personal stories if you somehow relate to the professional audience you’re writing for.

It is simply written without personal elements. Instead of telling the story of what happened to him, he could only give advice.

The Content Sweet Spot — Linkedinformed Podcast

But by interweaving his insights into a personal story, suddenly the article became more interesting and fun to read. It pulls you in in a way that nothing else does with the story.

When generating ideas for your LinkedIn post, you can pull these stories from anywhere: conversations with clients, phone calls with prospects, meetings with former bosses, boards, co-workers, or overheard conversations at restaurants.

While you’re at it, check out these 7 sales pitch rules on Sales Hacker.

A great example here is a LinkedIn post that directly challenges people to provide a unique, real-life-based perspective while educating them.

Top Tips To Create A Highly Engaging Linkedin Post

This post is good because we are telling people the hard truth. The colors are a little harsher than usual, but the article is still educational, so the value is there.

One mistake you can make in this type of article is to inadvertently go into complaint mode or be overly critical without being constructive. Challenging the beliefs of your audience and network requires walking a fine line between being controversial without being negative. The beliefs you want to challenge are related to your industry’s misconceptions, not society’s.

Most great business leaders are known for their willingness to challenge the generally accepted wisdom in their industry. They are clearly innovators who refuse to accept the status quo.

You may not be the next Steve Jobs, but you are known to be different in your LinkedIn network (which targets your entire industry). Think in fashion. When this happens, people will see you and your company in a different context and will begin to see and trust you.

The Science To Getting Hundreds Of Likes & Comments On Your Linkedin Posts

Each week we’ll reach out to someone whose CEO or founder told their team to reach out to us because they read our LinkedIn post. They come to us with a trust that advertising doesn’t have. CEOs don’t ask their teams to approach someone who puts out the same content as everyone else. They want to talk to people who teach them something and challenge their thinking. This applies to all industries, however small

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