How To Make More Views On Youtube Videos

How To Make More Views On Youtube Videos – People think of YouTube as a place to watch videos, but like any other social network, there are many ways to interact with other users and interact with the community. You should start friending people in your niche, send them private messages and compliment them on their own videos and leave comments where appropriate. This is a slow process and is very similar to leaving comments on other blogs to increase blog traffic, and although it takes a lot of time, it is very effective.

Thus, annotations become easier to add to Youtube, and although the biggest drawback of the system says that it does not allow linking to third-party sites (there will be a big problem of spam), annotations help you increase subscribers. Check out the last 10 seconds of our video below and you’ll see some links to our own channel and an “about us” video. Used correctly (and there are tons of creative ways you can do it), annotations are an easy way for you to quickly drive some new subscribers to your channel or other videos that might not get a lot of traffic.

How To Make More Views On Youtube Videos

If there’s one surefire way to give your videos a little boost on Youtube, it’s getting subscribers. A subscriber is someone who will be notified by email every time a new video is uploaded, and their value cannot be underestimated. Getting someone to make that kind of commitment is huge, and a channel with a few hundred subscribers is a great way to grow your views, and if the video is good enough, it should spread organically to many more than those few hundred people.

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Although YouTube has made every effort to improve video search, most searches are still done through text and tags. This means you need to be careful when filling out your description and title and make sure you add as many relevant tags as possible. Remember, Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google, and people are probably looking for your video content right now, so make sure you give them everything they need to find them.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a thumbnail is the thumbnail that appears before you click on a video. You can choose the image that will appear on the back of Youtube when your video is uploaded, and it is very important that you choose something that will attract people to click immediately. Remember, when people search on Youtube, they will be presented with 100’s of results, so for your video to stand out, it needs to be very clear.

This is very obvious, but there is a good chance that most of your views will not come from YouTube itself, but mostly from third party sites. You should definitely have videos on your own website or blog if they are relevant, and use your social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter to promote the videos. If you have friends who might be willing to push it for you that might work well, and if you think the video might be relevant to another blog or website, it’s okay to ask if they’d like to feature it. :

The old saying that people use for websites, “build it and they will come” is very true for video as well (they won’t actually come, no matter how great your website/video is). There are millions of other content online that are just as good, if not better, than what you produce, so you need to put in the effort and really spread the word about your videos. Creating links and virtual “posts” to your videos will be important. Here on the blog you’ll see a small subscribe button on the right side of our page, the Youtube logo appears on all our email signatures, and we link via Facebook and Twitter and all our social media profiles.

How To Get More Views On Youtube In 2023

This is one that works really well, but it takes time to implement. Basically any YouTube video can have a video reply (often you’ll see it at the bottom of the main video). In fact, you have to submit it as a user, and if the original video owner thinks they’re good enough, they’ll let it appear as a video reply. You have to manually review videos to find places where your videos can be accepted, but this is a great way to get you videos in front of people in your niche who are obviously interested in similar videos and who might just click on you. next. Again, if you’ve followed the first steps to effectively reach out to other YouTubers, there’s a good chance that a lot of people will accept your video response request. One of the biggest challenges people face when using YouTube Shorts is how to get more views. Many new users are wondering what and how to make a video that lasts 15 to 60 seconds and at the same time is interesting enough to excite viewers.

With that in mind, the following sections discuss best practices and share some tips for increasing YouTube Shorts views.

Relatively different from other videos, the videos added to the “Recommended” section are recommended to viewers on the YouTube platform based on an algorithm that automatically determines which videos should be liked by beach viewers individually.

To elaborate, YouTube generally recommends videos to you based on your watch history, browsing statistics, and other information collected by the streaming media giant over time. Instead, “Suggested” videos are suggested based on what YouTube “thinks” you might find interesting or useful.

How To Get More Views And Subscribers Fast On Youtube

Therefore, when a video is added as a “Featured” video, YouTube recommends it to more viewers than videos published under the “Featured” category.

Note: While there is much more to cover in the Featured Videos and Channels section, such as branding, advertising, and more, such topics are beyond the scope of this section.

Adding YouTube Shorts videos to the Featured section is pretty straightforward, and the instructions below explain how to do it:

Go to YouTube on your computer’s web browser, sign in to your Google Account, click “Your Videos” in the left navigation bar, and when the studio page opens, click “Personalization” in the left bar.

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Click ADD SECTION from the Layout tab in the right pane and click Short Videos from the menu that appears next to it to add the YouTube Short category.

Grab the short Viewbar from the move handle on the left and move it just below the Section section shown. Once the Short Videos category is in the correct place, click PUBLISHER in the top right corner of the page to save the changes. From now on, any YouTube Shorts video you post to your channel will automatically be added as “Featured” once approved.

Thumbnails are the face of the videos you post anywhere online. Therefore, it is important to remove the default ones automatically added by YouTube and add your own custom images instead.

To have your own thumbnail, you can choose any frame from the video itself, or you can upload a separate photo from your computer and replace the existing one with it.

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When using your custom image as a thumbnail for a YouTube Capture video, there are some things to keep in mind, such as:

Make sure the new photo you plan to use as a thumbnail is associated with a short video. Any image out of context can confuse the viewer and you can lose your audience and customers forever and ever.

Always use images with clear content and large text (if any). This allows viewers to easily determine if the video is of interest to them.

Avoid using confusing images as thumbnails. Although a photo like this will initially attract more viewers, people will gradually lose faith in your channel if they don’t find what they expected when looking at the thumbnail.

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In fact, YouTube Shorts videos are not much different from any other videos you publish on the platform. Therefore, the optimization process for both short and regular videos is the same.

Some things that are very important and play an important role in optimizing YouTube Shorts videos include:

As mentioned above, the video thumbnail is his face,