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How To Make Youtube Stop Autoplay

How To Make Youtube Stop Autoplay – One of my pet peeves about YouTube is how the service loads a new video down your throat after you finish the video with a “continue” feature that gives you 15 seconds to hit the “X” button. to the right of the video before the next video starts playing.

Does this sound familiar? If you feel the same, you’ve found the right tutorial because we’ll show you how to disable this feature from the YouTube website without installing any plugins, hacks, or other crazy stuff. . Autoplay on YouTube – a user’s worst nightmare.

How To Make Youtube Stop Autoplay

Especially when I have several YouTube videos open in my browser and after finishing one video I switch to another video in another tab, only to forget that YouTube is about to insert another video starting the background with the original video. Tab.

How To Turn Off Autoplay On Youtube On Any Device

Another problem with this problem is that the URL of the page changes when the video you are watching changes to a new video. So if you plan to share the video with someone after watching it, and you’ve allowed them to autoplay videos, you’ll have to waste time going back to the original video to do so.

The last thing that bothers me about autoplay is that when I use YouTube, I only want to enjoy the content I want. I don’t care what YouTube wants to show me next, and I especially don’t care about being stuck in the black hole on the right side of the site. Unfortunately, autoplay will force you to sit down or occupy yourself with something else.

Automation is never useful for watching videos, but one of the only times is when you’re listening to a music playlist and want the songs to play one after the other.

It can sometimes be a good idea to suggest YouTube songs to play next, but it can also be a bad idea because sometimes the recommendations are not exactly based on your preferences.

Stop Videos From Automatically Playing With New Autoplay Controls From Firefox

After all, if I hate autoplay as much as I do, take a deep breath and relax; It is very easy to disable the feature and we will guide you through the steps below:

Step 2: Search for a video in the search bar at the top of the website and click on one of the search results to upload a video.

Step 3: Click the “Autoplay” toggle button at the top of the column to the right of the video.

Note: Now that the video is ready, instead of YouTube trying to shove the “next” video down your throat, you should see a 3×3 grid of suggested videos to watch next, and nothing should to start playing automatically.

Youtube, Html Videos Autoplay Not Working

Google enabled this nasty feature on Apple TV. If you have an Apple TV and want to disable AutoPlay, here are the steps:

Please note! Now that a video has finished playing on your Apple TV, suggested videos will no longer play immediately.

With YouTube for iOS version 11.17 or later, the Next feature is enabled by default in the native app on iPhone and iPad. The process to disable this feature is the same as described above on the desktop. Still, if you want step-by-step instructions, here’s how to stop YouTube’s “Next” feature in the iOS app.

Autoplay on YouTube is one of the annoyances of my life, but now that it’s disabled in my browser, I feel like I can enjoy YouTube the way I want instead of shoving endless videos down my throat after watching something. I was looking for myself. Rocket Plunges to Earth Twitter Field Update Netflix Cheapest Plane Scans Black Friday Ads Best Laptops Why I Switched to iPhone Hisense U8H Google TV Review Nest Thermostats, Compared

Youtube’s Kids App Has A Rabbit Hole Problem

Matt Elliott, a technology writer for over a decade, is a New Hampshire-based PC tester and Mac user.

Just what we need, the easiest way to get into the YouTube loop without fail, only to find yourself jumping from one related video to the next after an hour with the goal of watching a video or two. YouTube has added an autoplay feature that automatically starts a new video after the current video ends. If you want to protect yourself from the time-consuming YouTube loop, learn how to disable the feature.

To disable the feature, click the blue Autoplay slider in the top right column of Upstream Videos. It’s that simple, and when I turn it off, YouTube remembers that I did it after restarting both the browser and the system.

You can also keep autoplay on and prevent the next video from starting when your current video ends. The autoplay feature loads the next video, but gives you a few seconds before it starts playing. During these few seconds, click Cancel to stop the process.

Best Fixes For Youtube Autoplay Not Working Error

Looks like YouTube just added autoplay to its desktop site. Its mobile app doesn’t seem to have adopted the feature.

It’s been a YouTube-centric week here at How To. Learn about YouTube’s new interactive maps and three ways to turn off YouTube comments and maps. Late last year, we reported that YouTube was working on a new feature that would automatically play videos on the home tab of the mobile app. Now it looks like the “autoplay” feature is rolling out to the masses. How to disable the YouTube app from auto-playing videos in your home stream…

First, open the YouTube app on your Android smartphone. Then tap your icon in the upper right corner of the interface to launch the account menu. Then select settings.

Now select the Autoplay category near the top of the list. Here you should see an option to have YouTube autoplay after you finish watching one, and a new item listed as Autoplay on Home. Tap this second option.

Please Give Us The Option To Not Autoplay Channel Trailers.

In this final step, you have three options to choose from when deciding when you want AutoPlay to work on Home: Always On, Wi-Fi Only, and Off. Take your pick.

Once you’ve selected the option you want, you should see the change in your home stream in the YouTube app. Keep in mind that if you select Always On, you will see high data usage from the app because it will always start playing videos from the home stream, even if it plays without sound.

Of course, if you like the feature but don’t want to waste your monthly data allowance, choose Wi-Fi only. That way, you’ll still see video automation when you’re at home or connected to a router, and you won’t have to worry about your carrier sending you a bill with extra charges for going over your data limit .

If you have any questions, be sure to leave them in the comments section below or contact me on Twitter.

How To Turn Off Autoplay On Youtube

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Pixel 6 Pro vs. 7 Pro: Is it really worth the upgrade? [Video] Do you like Wear OS 3 UI and navigation? November Google Play System Update: Wallet tweaks Fitbit by Google previews what’s coming next YouTube TV recently started rolling out a new feature that plays content as soon as you open the app on your TV. If you prefer the old-fashioned way, here’s how to turn off autoplay on YouTube TV.

YouTube TV’s autoplay feature is enabled by default when it hits your device. The goal is to make YouTube TV work more like traditional cable by letting you play certain types of content as soon as it’s turned on. For some users this will be a great experience, but for others it can be understandably frustrating.

Autoplay Is Coming To Youtube On Android, Here’s How To Turn It Off

To turn off autoplay on YouTube TV, you need to access the program’s settings menu. On Android TV, Roku, Apple TV and other platforms, this menu is accessed via the profile picture on the right side of the interface. After clicking on it, go to settings. Once in the settings menu, there should be a new option called Autoplay on startup. Below that option is a simple toggle to turn off autoplay on YouTube TV.

Apparently, this new autoplay feature is only available on TV apps. Android and iOS apps don’t start playing immediately when they open.

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