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How To Pay For Google Ads

How To Pay For Google Ads – When shopping online, 64% of people click on at least one Google ad. Google Ads (formerly AdWords) accounts for 31% of all online advertising, with an average CTR of 1.91% for search ads and 0.35% for display ads. Google only allows paying for ads based on cost-per-acquisition (CPA), so you only pay for conversions.

CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) advertising means you only pay for the ad when someone clicks on it and makes a purchase. This is a form of pay per conversion advertising.

How To Pay For Google Ads

Have access to this option since August 8, 2018. In fact, since that date, we have spent almost £450,000 (£430, £380 to be exact) on PPC AdWords campaigns. This article explains how CPA (Pay Per Conversion) advertising works and what we’ve learned from using it.

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N.B. Conversion costs are only available for display ads and include eligibility criteria. CPA (cost per acquisition) advertising is sometimes referred to as cost per action.

Starting today, you can pay for conversions instead of clicks when using Display Network campaigns. Paying for conversions means you only pay when someone converts on your website or app, and you never pay more than your target cost per action (CPA). Let’s say your target CPA is $10 and you get 30 conversions over the weekend. You will pay exactly $300 and the actual cost per conversion will be $10. There is no cost for clicks and impressions.

To understand why this offering is revolutionary in the world of display and native advertising, you need to understand how Google fits into the world of digital advertising.

Here are 10 ideas that will show you where Google fits in the digital marketing ecosystem and help you create a digital marketing strategy.

Certified Google Ads Consultant

With Google playing such a large role in the global advertising industry, it’s easy to see why changing the way they manage their services could have dramatic consequences.

The ability to link ad spend directly to conversions is an exciting new offering. It remains to be seen if Google’s competitors will be able to respond.

Most ad networks advertise based on CPC or CPM. Of the four major networks, only Google Ads offers a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) compensation plan.

Until now, paying for ad campaigns based on the number of conversions you generated could only be done on alternative networks. Affiliate marketing networks like AWIN, CJ Affiliate and Tradedoubler offer exclusive performance related deals. Google Ads (Adwords) now offers advertisers the ability to pay for display campaigns based on CPA (pay per conversion).

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As Google states, even if the pay-per-conversion option is displayed in your Google Ads interface, you may not be able to use it yet.

We have experienced several cases of loss of access to the CPA system. Some of our sub-accounts do not yet have access to payment methods.

However, if you qualify for the conversion fee and have access to the system, make sure your campaign is getting strong traffic and your sales are generating revenue above your CPA target.

Watch out. If you make a mistake when setting up the payment method (for example, if the conversion pixel disappears), your account may not be eligible. You will receive a notification stating:

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“Your account is not eligible for conversion payments.” How to optimize your pay per conversion campaign.

Since 8 August 2018, we have spent almost £450,000 on Google Ads Display Network campaigns. Our campaign is targeted at 4 European countries:

PPC campaigns are managed differently than regular Display Network campaigns. You don’t need to optimize manually because the algorithm will do everything for you!

Of course, you can add new display ads. However, when it comes to displaying ads, Google will take care of everything.

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When you run a display campaign, the machine learning system will collect data. It does this regularly (and sometimes intrusively):

In our experience, the best strategy is not to touch anything. Any changes you make may break Google’s optimization system.

The process of “learning” is an important part of Google services. To make informed decisions, machine learning algorithms must gather data. If you change the settings, the machine has to relearn everything. Making permanent changes will prevent Google from optimizing your campaign.

Give Google time to figure out how to optimize your campaign, stay calm when traffic suddenly changes, and you’ll see results in a few weeks.

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After all, if your campaign is “not good enough for Google,” you have nothing to lose. The beauty of the CPA system is that you only pay for conversions.

Innovative, even revolutionary, for a network the size of Google offers a CPA option for Display Network campaigns.

If we compare the situation before and after starting to use the new system, we see the following:

It is likely that the volume of Google display ads will increase dramatically. There are no more obstacles for advertisers who do not want to risk their acquisition budget. This system also allows anyone to increase the profits of their Display Network campaigns.

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According to our analysis, only Facebook can match Google in this type of service. When it comes to automation, other native ad networks are only in Jurassic.

If you have experience using Google Ads and PPA, please leave a comment to tell us about your experience.

Jochen is the co-author of Smart Persuasion – How Elite Marketers Influence (and Persuade) Consumers. After completing his MBA from INSEAD, he started his career with Airbus. He then moved to management consulting, focusing on procurement strategies and negotiations and cost optimization projects for large and medium-sized companies in France and Germany. His experience led him to specialize in the psychology of persuasion, behavioral economics, and conversion rate optimization.

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