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How To Post A Comment On Youtube

How To Post A Comment On Youtube – If you’re an avid YouTuber, you might want to track your comments over time. You may want to delete some and edit others. This article is not about the comments that others have posted to your channel but the comments that you have posted on YouTube. So how do you do it?

To learn how to view your comment history on YouTube and get tips on editing or deleting specific comments, read on.

How To Post A Comment On Youtube

If you consume a lot of YouTube content, you’ve probably posted hundreds or even thousands of comments on different channels. You might like:

What A Highlighted Comment Means On Youtube

Either way, it’s easy to find your notes and edit or delete them as you see fit. Again, this article is related to the posts you posted.

To manage your YouTube views on a computer, the operating system used does not matter. Since you make changes using any browser, the process is the same whether you’re using Windows, macOS, Linux, or any other operating system. Follow these steps to edit comments on YouTube:

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, you can easily track and manage YouTube views using a web browser or the YouTube app for iOS/iPhone.

If you can’t find a comment in your history, maybe the channel owner already deleted it, or you forgot you deleted it. YouTube’s automation system and administrators can remove comments if they violate the site’s policies. If the channel owner deletes a video, all discussions posted under it will also disappear.

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Previously, you had to use a web browser to access your YouTube comment history, but now you can view and manage your comments in the YouTube app! Of course, YouTube is rolling out the built-in Chrome browser in the process, but you’re still using the app.

As you can see from the steps above, this process is very difficult, but it does the job! Now you can edit or delete old YouTube comments on Android.

Finally, YouTube developers have promised that you can dig up years of comments in seconds. This feature is called “History”, where you can choose to see your previous comments along with the watched videos. This way you can follow previous conversations or edit your notes as you see fit. And now, you can view and manage your comments using the YouTube app.

Unfortunately, YouTube does not offer the option to bulk delete comments. If you want to delete all the comment history and clear, you have to do it one by one.

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When you get to the “History” section of your YouTube account, use the search box at the top to find the video you’re looking for, or use it to find previously viewed videos related to a specific topic.

Unfortunately, you can’t delete your comments in the YouTube app. You must sign in to your account using a web browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may contain hyperlinks. This does not affect our editor in any way. Comments enable discussion of YouTube videos and increase the number of views. Comments show viewers that your video has something special to say. However, you may notice that viewers are not responding on YouTube.

All comments are public on YouTube. However, users must be logged into YouTube to comment. It requires users to have an active Google account. Users who do not have a Google Account must create one to comment. Although this may seem like a simple task, many viewers may not go far enough to respond.

Teach Students How To Manage Youtube Comments

50% of YouTube views come from mobile devices. Therefore, a large proportion of mobile viewers can comment on videos. Unfortunately, on mobile devices, the comments page cannot be seen at first glance. Users must scroll to the bottom of the page to comment. As a result, viewers can skip to the next video without responding.

Below is a screenshot of the video playing on mobile. The comment section cannot be seen anywhere.

On the other hand, desktop users are more likely to respond. This is because the comments section is right below the video description, and is clearly visible.

Remind viewers to comment at the end of the video. Use a simple call to action to grab your viewers’ attention and compel them to leave a comment.

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Follow the tips above to notice an increase in YouTube comments. Videos that do not have a clear call to action are likely to receive less engagement from viewers.

Viewers cannot comment on videos posted on social networks or websites. They must watch the YouTube video to be able to respond. Therefore, most viewers cannot participate in the video.

Comments encourage viewers to share and interact with YouTube videos. The key to more responses lies in your ability to get your viewers to take action. Don’t let the above deter the audience. Use effective strategies to get more views on YouTube videos.

Manasa Boggaram is a writer and has a passion for music, good news and quality journalism. When she’s not researching story ideas or writing, she spends her time reading books, discovering new music, and eating street food. How to turn comments on or off on YouTube Shorts Allow or block viewers from commenting on your YouTube Shorts video.

Cringe Youtube Comments Section…..

As you may have noticed, comments are enabled by default on Shorts and other YouTube videos. Maybe, if you’re not a creator, you might get confused when trying to turn off comments on YouTube Shorts. This is because the YouTube app offers an option to enable or disable comments when uploading a Short. Users can only adjust certain settings like title, images and audience while uploading their short films to YouTube.

So how do I turn off comments on specific YouTube Shorts? Well, you can disable comments on YouTube Shorts immediately after uploading. This can easily be done right from your mobile using the YouTube Studio app, available for iOS and Android. Additionally, you can open YouTube Studio in a browser on your computer to disable comments on Shorts.

Now we’ll see how to disable and enable comments on YouTube Shorts, both on mobile and desktop.

Well When comments are disabled in Shorts, viewers will not be able to comment on your video or see previous comments.

Managing Comments And Conversations

Tip: In the YouTube app, navigate to Library > Your Videos. Then click on the ‘3 dots’ next to the short video and select ‘Edit advanced settings in Studio’. This will take you directly to the Edit Video screen (Step #6).

However, comments on short YouTube videos are turned on by default. Also, your shorts can show comments as disabled, thus preventing people from commenting on your shorts. Well, comments on some YouTube videos can be disabled for many reasons.

The video is private – neither you nor viewers can comment if your short view is set to private. Instead, you can set the exposure to unlisted to allow comments on non-public videos.

Audience is set to Made for Kids – If your channel or video audience is set to “Made for Kids”, comments will be automatically disabled. Also, you won’t be able to manually enable comments unless you switch to No, Not for Kids. YouTube prohibits comments on content classified as directed at children to better protect children and their privacy. In addition, YouTube must comply with the Children’s Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and other laws.

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The default comment settings are set to disable comments – If you select the default comment settings as disabled, comments on new videos will be disabled.

Comments are disabled for specific videos – you can select the “Disable comments” setting. You can re-enable comments by changing the comment visibility settings.

Comments disabled by YouTube – Although unlikely, YouTube may disable comments on some videos because they take the safety of minors very seriously.

. You may be able to enable comments on your video. Note that this is not because your content violates YouTube’s guidelines.

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Interestingly, many users have noticed that if they let the video play for 30 seconds, they can then

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