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How To Post A Job On Indeed

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If you’ve never done it, you might be wondering how exactly to post a job. Popular job boards and aggregators receive 250 million visitors per month, so there’s a good chance your ideal candidate is among them. Here’s everything you need to know to post a job quickly and easily. That way, you can hire the right people quickly and get back in business.

How To Post A Job On Indeed

This review really focuses on that, but if you’re looking for other options, I recommend ZipRecruiter, which offers a free job search for job seekers and a free trial for job seekers.

Job Posting: Where And How To Post Job Listings

If you’re on a tight budget, posting free ads through your Indeed account is a budget-friendly way to advertise your open positions. Plus, posting your work is easy. The website walks you through the process by asking simple questions and you can install your ad in minutes.

3) Upload a file, fill out a file or use one of Indeed’s templates to include your job description.

5) Set required qualifications such as education, experience and availability, and state which are deal breakers. (Must be a deal breaker. Applicants who do not meet the deal breaker qualifications will not continue in the hiring process.)

That all! Your ad will be published within hours. You can edit it at any time, pause it or turn it off permanently. Wait for the app to arrive.

How To Search For Candidates On Indeed

If you have the budget, you can consider posting Sponsored Jobs. Here are some reasons:

Plus, based on real data, sponsored work is 3.5 times more likely to attract your ideal client and lead to a fulfilling position.

The process of posting a Sponsored Job Ad through your Indeed account follows the same steps as above. However, once you get to step 7, answer the questions and set your ad budget.

When you first submit a job, you may actually have to pay a fee per application. In that case, you should be willing to accept 50-600 requests per month for $3 each. But don’t worry. You will only be paid for the number of applications received and will not be charged for submissions that do not meet the deal breaker requirements set out in Step 5.

Writing A Job Posting (with Free Template Downloads)

The pay-per-click model actually recommends a daily budget based on the job title and location. However, you can set it from $5 a day. You can also specify how long you want your ad to run (continuous, 30 days, 14 days or custom settings). Based on your budget, estimate the number of applications you can actually receive during that period. You can change your budget whenever you want.

If you want more control, you can go to the advanced settings and select the maximum cost per click. In practice, you can set any amount between $0.25 and $1.50. If your daily budget is $5 and your CPC limit is set to $1, you can expect at least 5 clicks per day.

If your company already has a career website or applicant tracking system, there’s no need to post jobs manually. With your permission, we may collect your advertisements and place them on our website for free. However, aggregation is not guaranteed. To maximize your chances of having your ad selected, each job you post should have:

You must also ensure that all positions are respectful, honest, non-discriminatory and represent real vacancies in your organization (eg, recruiting to fill future talent needs planning). no). To collect job listings faster, submit an XML job feed on Indeed. To verify a candidate’s hometown, set up automatic source tracking in your applicant tracking system. If your applicant tracking system is fully integrated, you already have access to that data.

Posting On Indeed

To sponsor a position integrated from a career page or applicant tracking system, you must actually be connected. The company will walk you through the process and guide you accordingly. It really helps you decide which jobs to sponsor and the most effective budget to achieve your desired results.

Depending on your organization’s goals and recruiting budget, you can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars each month on sponsored posts.

The pay-per-application arrangement pays $3 for each application received in a given month. If there are 50 applicants, the total cost is $150.

Even with simple pricing and a pay-per-click setup, it costs about $150/month to get started. (Minimum budget $5 per day x 30 days per month.)

Best Job Search Engines & Boards For Finding A Job 2022

Advanced pricing sets the maximum cost per click between $0.25 to $1.50. A higher maximum cost-per-click may increase the visibility of your post, but it won’t change the daily budget you set. So if your daily budget is $10 and your CPC is $0.25, you will get at least 40 clicks per day.

Yes, you can actually post jobs for free. You can also pay to advertise to increase the visibility of your work.

To post a job on Indeed, log in to your Indeed account, click Post Job, and answer the on-screen questions.

To advertise a job for free, click “Post a Job”, answer the questions displayed on the screen and click “Post without Budget”.

Top 12 Free Job Posting Sites For Employers You Should Use

When you post a job on Indeed, it will be visible to many job seekers. This increased visibility increases your chances of attracting the ideal candidate. Read the Indeed Guide for Employers.

With the information above, you can feel confident about how to post your work. Job ads work faster because companies make it easy to list open positions. But it’s not really the only option.

ZipRecruiter can handle all your recruiting needs. When you’re ready to add to your team, consider posting a job on ZipRecruiter. Fresh team! Especially if you’re new to Indeed, you can receive $100 worth of free Indeed credit by sponsoring a free job.

Have you seen the Hot Off the Press eBook on Job Boards for Smart Hiring? If not, get your copy now!

How To Post A Job On Indeed: Free Job Posting

Note: During registration, select the Growth, Pro or Enterprise plan to use the job board integration. Open Freshteam in a separate tab so you can continue reading.

When you publish a job on the career portal, you will see the following message with the option to publish a job on our free job board.

If you want to post to other free job boards like Adzuna, Ziprecruiter, LinkedIn, FB Jobs, etc., you can click Post to Free Job Board and toggle to publish.

Your task is done! When candidates apply, they will now automatically appear against your job posting in the hiring section.

Free Job Posting Sites That Are High Traffic And 100% Free

You can actually post jobs using Freshteam If you’re new to Indeed, you can earn $100 in Indeed credits (free!) for sponsoring jobs. Sponsored Jobs are actually paid posts that appear at the top and bottom of job search results. This makes sponsored job ads 5x more likely to be clicked than organically posted jobs, making them more likely to attract higher quality candidates.

In fact, you can post unlimited free jobs through Freshteam. The sky is the limit – or the maximum number of jobs you can have. Just limit yourself to sponsored jobs where you can use free credits, then increase your budget as needed. You can post your career portal link in the free job posting category, but pay per impression for sponsorship.

When setting up and trying to publish a job ad, you have two options. The first is a budgeted position, the second is a non-budgeted position. If you choose the latter, your job listing will actually appear in organic search results. However, you can convert it later as a sponsored job post. It actually shows the expected number of apps for paid and free options.

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