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How To Post Instagram Story From Pc

How To Post Instagram Story From Pc – Instagram stories are very popular. From celebrities to small businesses Everyone seems to be using stories to get their message across. At least for a short time until the image gradually faded in the digital world

Because Instagram is a mobile-centric social network. many functions including uploading to computer Cannot be used outside the mobile ecosystem as Instagram does not provide an option on the website interface to post stories. So there is a simple solution.

How To Post Instagram Story From Pc

You have to use browser tricks. Use a third-party app or scheduling tool to be able to post Instagram stories from your Mac or PC, either. The process is straightforward once you get the hang of it.

Don’t Be Confused, Here’s How To Post Photos And Videos On Instagram From Pc Or

When you read the subtitles This hack may be more than you think. But this is probably the easiest way to post stories on Instagram or other media. from your computer

This solution does not require additional software or additional payments to operate. But it is only limited for you to use Google Chrome with just a few simple steps. few steps You can post stories on Instagram from your Mac or PC.

If your computer does not yet have Google Chrome, you can download it here. This browser has many advantages over the online store. To install the Chrome extension, there are endless possibilities for your Instagram account.

Open Chrome and open developer tools from the View menu at the top. You can also use keyboard commands to quickly open developer tools:

How To Add A Link To Instagram Stories [includes Pc Instructions]

Note: The image was taken on a Mac, so the layout may be slightly different on Windows, but the same steps are still used.

This assumes you have photos and videos ready on your computer. If not, you have to load them first.

Write custom captions, add outlines, and decorate your story using the same tools as your mobile device. Hit Add to Story if you like the look. This is her.

In theory, you can post Instagram stories from Safari, but your computer must allow for vertical orientation. You should be able to change display settings and post stories.

How To Send Videos On Instagram Dm On Pc & Mobile?

Alternatively, you can use Safari to send photos or videos. Here’s how:

Now you can login to your Instagram account and click on the “plus” icon to add photos and videos. as mentioned If you want to add a story Switch to portrait mode first.

Compared to Chrome, using Instagram in Safari can be easier because you have a full view of the window. Again, sending stories through portrait mode is a bit cumbersome.

Third-party applications offer various posting/searching features. And some apps are only available in paid versions. However, this app will come in handy if you use Instagram for business or want to upload in bulk.

Post Instagram Stories From Pc

Hootsuite is a popular service for many influencers and entrepreneurs. Fortunately, it can do more than schedule posts. Hootsuite gives you the ability to set up Instagram posts from your computer.

Although this is a paid service. But you get paid if you manage multiple social media accounts, posts and schedules.

An Android emulator, Bluestacks is also available for Mac and PC. You need a Google account to use it and the whole process is almost the same as the browser hack described above.

The best thing about this app is that it is free. And you can easily post stories, photos and videos. However, bulk uploading and managing multiple accounts are not supported.

How To Share A Post To Your Instagram Story

Hopper HQ is a scheduling tool designed for power users. Loads of Full automation, analytics and more. There is also a Grid Planner feature that allows you to preview your Instagram profile.

This tool is best suited for social media managers and influencers as the subscription price is quite high.

Dropbox doesn’t allow you to post Instagram stories using your computer. but it’s worth noting If you have good photo editing software on your computer Or it’s easier to work with Instagram content on a bigger screen. The Dropbox service makes it easy to transfer content to your mobile device and upload it.

If you have problems with one of the options mentioned above, Dropbox will allow you to convert content from your computer to your smartphone. Integrate easy upload options and upload data directly into the app. This is another way to post content on Instagram using a computer.

Como Postar Stories No Instagram Pelo Pc: Confira Tutorial

Posting Instagram stories from your computer is easy. and if you are a regular user No need for a third party app. Be sure to upload photos or videos to your computer before sharing.

Disclaimer: Some pages on this website may contain affiliate links. This does not affect our editors in any way. If we talk about the best photo sharing platform, Instagram will impress us first. Instagram is a free photo and video sharing app owned by Facebook. Today Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users.

Apart from sharing photos and videos, Instagram has many other features like Reels, IGTV, Stories, etc. These stories seem to be the most popular among Instagram’s features. Since then, everyone seems to be using Instagram Stories. Celebrities to small businesses to communicate their message.

Instagram has set up this system to promote the use of mobile applications. However, Instagram is a mobile-centric social network. So many features are limited to mobile apps only. For example, Instagram doesn’t allow you to post photos, videos, reels, stories, etc. from your desktop.

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Although Instagram does not allow users to post stories from desktop. But you can use a little browser trick to post your story on photo sharing platforms.

This process takes effort. But this is the only way to post Instagram stories from PC. Look at it.

4. This will open the Developer window for Chrome. Now click on ‘Mobile’ button as shown below.

8. Now you will see a camera icon in the upper left corner. Click on the icon and browse to the file you want to post to your Instagram story.

How To Post An Instagram Story From Pc/laptop

So this article is about posting Instagram stories from PC, we hope this article will help you! Please share it with your friends too. If you have any questions about this Please let us know in the comment box below if you often use Instagram Web from your computer. You already know that you cannot upload any content, be it stories or posts.

There is an easy way to use the Instagram app on your computer as if you were using your phone. And we’ll show you how.

This feature is useful for Instagram profiles if you are working on a computer. Learn how to post Instagram stories from your computer.

To add stories to Instagram from your computer You need a Google Chrome web extension. There are several things that allow you to share stories, but in this case we especially recommend this one.

Instagram: How To Repost Story

However, you can only access it from this browser. Find apps for Instagram in the Chrome Web Store and add them to your Chrome extension to get started.

It’s that simple because this tool emulates the Instagram mobile app on your computer. To upload a story You must follow the same steps on your smartphone.

When you click on the extension, a vertical window will appear. as seen on the mobile screen

If you are registered on Instagram web, this account will be opened automatically. To change user You must close the session and log in again. You can do this from the web or from plugins.

How To Post On Instagram From Mac, Pc Windows 10/11 In 2021

To upload Instagram stories to your computer You can do this using your profile picture. or if you haven’t uploaded it yet You will see a ‘+’ symbol. You can also click on the camera icon below your profile picture.

After uploading your story the Browser will open a window with your files. It’s like you’re sharing files normally.

Select the photos you want to send. Currently, you can only add images. Video cannot be added

Although the stickers are more limited than the mobile version. But you still edit the content to mention other users. add decoration or write any message you want

You Can Now Post To Instagram From A Desktop Browser! [october 2022 Update]

Got a story you want? Then click ‘Send’ and it will appear on your Instagram profile.

Is this add-on really useful? We always recommend using the Instagram mobile app as it is configured to have everything you need to manage your profile. However, we also recommend that you have the Instagram extension for the Chrome app as it is free. It doesn’t take up much space And it can be useful in emergency situations (eg you run out of mobile space or your battery is dying). Another way to manage your Instagram: Instagram Web.

Not sure if the Google Chrome extension is linked to your account? You will not be able to upload stories or post them.

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