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How To Post On Instagram And Facebook At Same Time

How To Post On Instagram And Facebook At Same Time – While many people continue to migrate from Facebook to Instagram, others haven’t left Facebook yet. And some continue to use Facebook and Instagram. If you are also among them, I am sure that the idea of ​​cross posting from Facebook to Instagram must have crossed your mind at least once. We will tell you how to send from Facebook to Instagram at the same time in this post.

Cross posting is useful when you want to post the same content on both platforms regularly. Imagine the hassle of opening each app, searching for the image and uploading it. Yuck! Fortunately, Facebook allows you to post directly to Instagram, albeit with some limitations.

How To Post On Instagram And Facebook At Same Time

If you can. However, this feature is only available for Facebook Business Pages. You cannot post your personal Facebook profile to Instagram.

How To Post From Facebook To Instagram At The Same Time

This feature is currently limited to the Facebook website only. You can’t cross-post from the Facebook mobile apps.

No. Stories are not supported yet. Currently, you can only post directly from Facebook to Instagram.

To post Facebook content to Instagram, you need to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page. Only after doing it successfully, you can cross the post. Please note that this will prevent you from posting from Instagram to Facebook. For this, you must connect them in the Instagram app. After connecting, you can post from Facebook to Instagram using two methods mentioned below. Let’s see how to link Facebook page to Instagram account first, followed by the two methods.

Step 1: Launch the Facebook website and open the Facebook page on your computer to which you want to connect your Instagram.

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Step 4 – Click the sign in button next to “Add to Instagram” and log in with your Instagram credentials.

In this method, you must select Instagram every time you create a post. Don’t get confused. Here are the steps in detail.

Step 2 – Click the Write Post/Create Post field. Hopefully you will see the option to post on Instagram.

Step 3 – Add a photo and check the box next to Instagram. Finally, press the Share Now button. Your photo will appear on both Facebook and Instagram.

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In this method, you will use Facebook Business to cross posts from Facebook to Instagram. Facebook Business Suite offers a variety of tools to manage your Facebook and Instagram accounts in one place. You can view Facebook and Instagram posts in one place, create posts, view information and much more.

Step 1 – Connect your Facebook and Instagram account, as shown in the Connecting Facebook page to Instagram section above. If that doesn’t work, you can also join Instagram from Facebook Business.

For this, open Make sure the correct Facebook page is visible in the top left corner. Use the little arrow next to the page name to switch between pages if you have multiple Facebook pages.

Click Instagram Connect on the left sidebar and log in with your Instagram account to connect using the Connect Account button.

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Step 2 – Once the accounts are linked, click Start for Facebook Business, located on the left sidebar.

Step 4: A new window will open. Add your photo or video using the Add Photo/Add Video buttons. Make sure the box next to Instagram under Locations is selected. Finally, click the Publish button.

Since the above methods are not supported by Facebook mobile apps, you can try another way or hack to cross post.

Open any photo posted on Facebook by clicking on it. The image will open full screen. Then tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner and tap Share Externally.

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From the menu, select Feed. The photo will open in the Instagram app. You can even select stories to post on Instagram Stories. Finally, post it on Instagram.

Although the above method is not the correct way to cross-post, it has its advantages. For example, it works for both personal profiles and company pages. Also, you don’t even need to log in to Instagram in the Facebook app to use this method.

If the above methods don’t suit your needs, you can try a third-party service like Hootsuite. It offers a free plan where you can add up to three social networks including Facebook and Instagram. You can even cross-post to other social networks, but that would require the premium version.

To reiterate, here’s what to keep in mind when using Facebook’s built-in cross-posting feature.

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As you have seen above, the Facebook to Instagram cross post feature is currently limited in many ways. However, things are noticeably different for cross posting from Instagram to Facebook.

Basically, instead of using Facebook as your primary means of posting, you should start with Instagram and use its ability to post to Facebook. Doing so will give you the ability to cross-post from mobile apps. And not only posts can be published, but the feature is also available for stories.

Moreover, you can also use it for personal Facebook profiles. That is, you can post from your Instagram profile to your Facebook profile.

Although cross-posting is very useful, it has its disadvantages. For starters, the audience is different on Instagram and Facebook. You should only use it when the post is suitable for both audiences. Second, cross-posting sometimes fails. Although you can see a confirmation message, it is not displayed. To avoid this, you should always check Instagram for cross-posting from Facebook or vice versa.

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Next: Are Instagram and Facebook stories the same? What is the difference between them? What features do you get in each? Find the answer next time.

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Whether you’re a savvy business owner or a jet-setting influencer, there’s only so much time you can spend creating posts and stories, timing and double-clicking to make sure your account gets the engagement it deserves. .

How To Unlink Facebook From Instagram

What if we told you there is a way to simplify some of​​​​these steps while doubling your stake?

Cross posting between Facebook and Instagram will save you a lot of time and also attract those sweet, sweet followers, views and likes.

Say hello to more time for your other marketing efforts (or your margarita attempts) and say goodbye to app breaks and struggling to keep up with Facebook posts… or abandoning your Facebook page altogether!

We don’t want to waste your time… Here’s how to silence your social media manager by automating your posts between the two networks in five easy steps:

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Step 1 – Open your Instagram app, go to your profile page and tap on the three lines or the gear icon in the top right corner.

Step 2: Tap “Settings”, “Account” and select “Linked Accounts” from the menu. You will see a list of social networks you can connect to, such as Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

Step 3: Select Facebook and a new menu called “Facebook Options” will open. Here you will follow a series of instructions to give Instagram permission to post to your Facebook account.

Once you’ve connected your account, you’ll return to Instagram’s “Sharing Settings” page and Facebook will appear in blue with a checkmark to show you’re connected.

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Step 4: Click on Facebook again to adjust your sharing settings. Under “Share with,” you can choose to post your photos to a personal Facebook timeline or page you manage.

Step 5: Wow, wow! Your accounts are officially linked and you are no longer a member of the time-sucking social media club.

The next time you’re ready to share your latest plugin, make sure Facebook is selected in the “Send to” section after you enter your title.

From now on, all your Instagram posts and stories will automatically appear on Facebook with the click of a button.

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Step 1: Log in to Facebook and go to your company page. Click “Settings” at the top of the page.

Step 2 – Find Instagram on the left sidebar and select it. Click the “Login” button and follow the instructions to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page.

Step 3: Go to the “Write a post” section of your Facebook page and upload a photo. For now, cross-posting on Instagram is only possible if a photo accompanies the post.

Make sure your image is 1:1 or 4:3 for Instagram. If it is larger, the app will automatically crop it.

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Step 4 – Once you have typed your text, click on the cross post option on Instagram and

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